Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 24, 1955

John G. Bills Is Dead

George Welsh Tyler, 3811 Pershing Avenue, San Diego 4, California: "Brother John G. Bills, minister of the Linda Vista Church of Christ, passed away yesterday. He had preached the sermon at the morning service and was on his way home when the end came. He had been in ill health many months though continuing to preach except a few times when he was too sick to go to the services. Death was sudden and came while he was the only occupant of his car. Funeral services will be conducted by It. H. Bell, Bryan S. Brown and the writer. Till a successor is secured the correspondent and a young brother will do the preaching."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, March 10: "Last night brought to a close a fine meeting with the Seventh and College Streets Church in Mayfield, Kentucky, with seven baptized, seven identified and 54 confessing wrongs. There was not a small audience during the meeting. E. Ray Jenkins is the local evangelist and rendered most excellent aid and is a splendid coworker. He also preached at Clements Street while I was away, baptizing one. Brother Franklin Cleaver directed the singing in an excellent way. The elders and congregation cooperated to the fullest. This is truly one of the finest congregations of the Lord's body. It was an extreme pleasure to be associated with them. Everyone was most cordial. I begin a meeting at Taylor Boulevard in Louisville, Kentucky, March 27, and at Kingwood Heights in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on April 18, thence to Owensboro, Kentucky May 9. Work at Cements Street is at its zenith."

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform you that the differences that existed between two of the congregations in Irving, Texas, the West Side congregation and the congregation at Irving Boulevard and Delaware, have been settled. The congregations are now in full fellowship.

In Christ,

Don Byler,

Church of Christ, West Side, Irving, Texas

Lewis Hogue,

Church of Christ, Irving Blvd. at Delaware, Irving, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned Elders of the Church of Christ at 4th at South Bridge, Brady, Texas, have unanimously agreed that we will establish another congregation in Brady, Texas. This was done with full cooperation and agreement of all the Elders.

C. E. Kirby; R. L. Akins; G. W. Purcell; Egan Fowler; Roy D. Spears; W. W. Spiller.

The Church Of Christ Is Growing With Irving

Lewis Hogue, Church of Christ, Irving Blvd. and Delaware Streets (Downtown): "Last October we moved into our new building, seating capacity 832. Plans are now being drawn for a new building in the Sowers addition. Construction should start within the next few months. Brother Harold Fite who has been with us as Song Director for the past 15 months is scheduled to preach full time for the congregation there. The new building will seat 300, with eight class rooms. The church work here has made great improvement — three congregations already. We are looking forward to a great Gospel Meeting, April 3-10. Services twice daily, with Brother N. B. Hardeman of Nashville, Tennessee doing the preaching. Make your plans now, those who can attend this meeting. I begin my third years work with this congregation the 22nd of this month."

William R. Ward, 1021 Termino Avenue, Long Beach 4, California, March 10: "The work at East Long Beach is coming along nicely. We are in the process of appointing several new elders. During the past several weeks we have had one baptism, one restored, and two to be identified with the congregation."