Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 17, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Effective preaching This happened in California some time ago when Floyd Thompson preached a rousing sermon on "Hell" in the Fontana church. When the sermon reached a climax and the invitation song was begun a huge cloud of black smoke poured out of the air vents down into the auditorium. The house was afire!

He is — and how!

Brother Tillit S. Teddlie has written lately in defense of the church support of institutional arrangements under the heading, "Am I Confused — And How!" His article was clearly indicative that the choice of title was a happy one. This is no new condition for our brother, however; those who have known him in Texas for half a century or more tell us confusion is the normal state of his thinking.

The unanswerable argument We read of a farmer who was approached by a neighbor who wanted to borrow his harrow. "Sorry," replied the farmer. "Can't let you have it. My daughter's getting married."

When the would-be borrower had gone, someone said to the farmer, "What on earth has your harrow to do with your daughter's marriage?" "Not a thing," answered the farmer, "but when you don't want to do something, one reason's as good as another."

This reminds us of the unanswerable argument put up by the promoters of institutionalism, "We want it like this, and we are going to have it!" There can be no reply to this line of reasoning.

Not lying, Brother Harper Word comes to us from the Freed-Hardeman lectureship that Brother E. R. Harper made a public charge there that this editor had "lied" publishing an editorial in the January 6 issue saying that he (Harper) was "closing the books" on the proposed discussion between us. What happened was this: On December 15, Brother Harper wrote us that he was "closing the books" on the debate; on December 24 we replied to him in an "open letter," which letter we turned over to the typesetter for publication in the next issue of the G.G. to be published. That issue was the issue of January 6 which was set in type and printed on December 27-28, and was put into the mails on December 30. Then on January 1 we received a letter from Brother Harper reversing his position of December 15, and saying that he would debate. Brother Harper knows that the Gospel Guardian is always printed a full week or ten days in advance of the date it carries on the masthead. Under such circumstances we feel his charge of "lying" is inexcusable. He should offer an apology.

"We shall know him"

It was a regular monthly song-fest in a good church. Brethren had come from far and near to join in the exercises of the hour. With vim and gusto one brother was leading the song, "We shall know him by the prints of the nails in his hands." A thoughtful preacher said to a neighbor, "Do you reckon we will know John the Baptist by his cut-off head?" To which the response came, "If we don't quit singing such songs as this we're liable to get a chance to know Judas Iscariot by his busted-open mid-section!"

Explanation Some months ago we published a statement that Broadway Church in Lubbock had contributed only $20.00 to the orphan home there in the month of September. Brother Raleigh Martin wrote us an article "Keeping the Record Straight" in which he listed a contribution of $4,100.00 for Broadway instead of the $20.00 we had cited. We wrote him asking for an explanation. He has sent us the bulletins for the entire year, containing the regular monthly financial statement of contributions. These bulletins show that Broadway did indeed contribute $4,100.00 in August; and did contribute $20.00 in September. From these bulletins it appears that Broadway is paying approximately one-half the cost of operating the home. In addition to the church contributions listed they have received or have in prospect several farms and ranches of undetermined value, but apparently running well up toward a million dollars. There are about two dozen children in the home.

As Catholics do it The Parish Church of Sangre Grande (Catholic) located near Waller Field Air Base, Trinidad, has a big sign erected in the vestibule of the church reading as follows: "Hours of Baptism: Unlawful Children, Every Saturday at 11:00 AM.; Lawful Children, Every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. N.B. For all baptisms at least one day's notice must be given. Unlawful Children are NOT baptized on Sundays."

Conscience Conscience doesn't keep a man from doing anything wrong — it just keeps him from enjoying it.

"Sponsoring church" advocate We know a big Texas church which until recently had an elder who was "all out" for the "sponsoring church" type of cooperation — Herald of Truth, Lubbock Plan, etc. Like others of this persuasion he no doubt felt there was great danger in sending to a preacher by the "direct" method, as this would give too great an opportunity for preachers to be dishonest, get thousands of dollars for which they gave no account, and become "religious racketeers!" Well, not long ago this particular elder was caught stealing money from the contribution. He finally admitted to having stolen $1,250.00 over the past twelve years. Brethren suspect it was many, many times that amount, inasmuch as the weekly collections suddenly increased by more than a hundred dollars per Sunday when he was relieved of his job of counting the money. No wonder he objected to sending money "directly" to preachers. He must have been measuring their corn in his own half-bushel.

Schedule We've had to revise and re-work our schedule drastically to fit the dates set by Brother Harper for the Tant-Harper debate; but as of now we have this program: Bryan, Texas, March 13-20; Brazoria, Texas, March 21-30; Gary, Indiana, April 3-10; (Debate April 11-14); Akron, Ohio, April 17-24. We are in a meeting in Homer, Louisiana, as this is being published, and expect to be in Tampa at the Florida Christian College lectures about the time the paper reaches you.