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May 20, 1954

Radio Work In Spanish - Speaking Nations

L. D. Lawrence. Jr... Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Yater Tant, Gospel Guardian, Lufkin, Texas Dear Brother Tant:

Please publish the following in the next available issue of the Guardian.

The churches of Christ have an excellent opportunity to have a Gospel radio program in Spanish made available to the peoples of Latin America. The major population centers can be reached with a thirty minute program each week at a cost of a little less than $500.00. This includes Franco Spain over Radio Tangier International. For instance, sixty percent of the Nicaraguans can learn what to do to be saved for $8.00 per week. Most of Costa Rica can hear the Gospel for around $12.00 per week. A good portion of the Dominican Republic can learn the way of the Lord more perfectly for $13.00 weekly. Peru's top network can be had for $50 or $60 and the entire Chilean network can be had for $100.00. Station XEG in Monterrey, NL, Mexico can also be had. We can broadcast in all Latin American countries except Argentina and Columbia, and these can be reached at least partially from stations outside of these countries.

These stations do not have to be taken as a package, and there is no discount advantage to taking them all. Individual congregations can contract with one or more individual stations. Spanish speaking brethren have expressed a willingness to speak on such a program. Also one speaker would not have to preach over all of the stations available, as they could engage different Spanish speaking brethren if they so desire. This program would not duplicate existing programs in Spanish by our brethren unless so desired. I believe that these features would overcome most of the objections by some brethren to certain radio programs in the States.

I am just collecting the information which I will be glad to pass on to interested churches. While it is true that we don't have workers in most of these countries, I believe that such a program would pave the way for future evangelists to Latin America, a field that has been too long neglected by our brethren. Too, it would serve as an indicator as to where the possibilities are greatest for planting the cause of Christ in Latin America. Please do not pass the opportunity by.

Station Data

(Gospel Radio Program In Spanish)

1. Argentina

(Not permitted — Covered by HCJB and stations in Chile and Uruguay)

2. Bolivia Stations:

Radio Condor, CP 15 in La Paz; CP 18 in Oruru Cost per program: $40.00 3. Chile


Radios La Cooperative Vitalicia, 65,000 watts and short wave, Santiago Cost per program: $50.00

Costa Rica Stations:

TIEP La Voz del Tropico, San Jose 3,000 Watts and short wave; 60 percent of people Cost per program: $6.00

4. Cuba

A Gospel program already on RHC Cadena Azul in Habana; Covers all Cuba and much of Caribbean area

5. Dominican Republic Stations:

HIN HIIN Cd Trujillo 1000 watts and short wave; 20,000 radio homes Cost per program: $8.00

6. Ecuador Stations:

HJCB the Voice of the Quito Andes, 150,000 watts and short wave; all Latin America Cost per program: $30.00

7. El Salvador Stations: YSI Radio Intercontinental, San Salvador, 1000 watts and short wave

8. Guatamala


TGED - TGEF, Ciudad Guatemala, 3000 watts and short wave Cost per program: $10.00

9. Honduras


HRLP Radio America, Tegucigalpa, 1000 watts and short wave Cost per program: 11.25

10. Panama


HOA - HP5G Radio Panamaricana, Panama City, 1000 watts and short wave Cost per program: $12:00

11. Nicaragua


YNVP, Managua, 1200 watts and short wave Cost per program: $3.00

12. Paraguay


ZP9 Radio la Capital, Asuncion, 1500 watts; 75 percent of people Cost per program: $10:56

13. Peru


OAX4U Radio America. Lima, 10,000 watts complete and short wave Cost per program: $20.00

14. Puerto Rico


WAPA, San Juan, 10,000 watts complete

Cost per program: $15.30

16. Tangier Stations:

Radio Tangier International, Tangier, 50;000 watts and short wave; covers all Spain Cost per program: $50.00

17. Uruguay


Radio Expectador Monteviedo Cost per program: $50.00

18. Venezuela


Radio Tropical Caracas Cost per program: $40.00

Total — $366.11 ... Tape recordings for above — $85.00 Coverage of major population centers in the Spanish speaking world — $451.41,