Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 3, 1955

E. R. Harper's Advance To The Rear

Wm. E. Wallace, Akron, Ohio

When our armed forces under the great General Douglas A. MacArthur were rolling toward the Yalu River, which separates Korea from Manchuria, they were suddenly surprised by a mighty aggressor army from China. This unexpected intrusion set our forces back on their heels and they retreated to regroup. The United States Marines always reluctant to turn their back to an enemy described their withdrawal as an "advance to the rear." This "advance to the rear" was truly a heroic endeavor but fact of the defeat in North Korea was something that could not be denied.

Brother E. R. Harper bolted into action against the opposers of the Herald of Truth. Using every means available he led the attack. Not only were the pages of the Gospel Guardian exploited, the Gospel Advocate with its wider circulation was utilized in this man's great battle. He was out to kill. Several defenders (Brother Harper says six) activated themselves into the battle to blunt the attack of E. R. Harper and his captivated forces. They met Brother Harper head-on, their weapon was the Sword of the Spirit. Brother Harper suffered an exasperating defeat. His arguments were battered and ripped, and now the sage of Abilene is hastily advancing to the rear in an ignoble effort.

He has abandoned his forward attack with some slight appeal to scripture and in attempting to find shelter under which to take refuge for the regrouping of forces he rolls out the barrel of dynamite labeled: "If you can't defeat the argument, defeat the man."

Brother Harper has complained about being outnumbered but then boasts that he will eventually be "getting to" his opposers — all of them. Outnumbered he says? Brother Harper has the full editorial power of the Gospel Advocate behind him with a circulation many times greater than the Gospel Guardian. Not content with exploiting the pages of the Gospel Guardian he takes every dishonorable advantage possible. But let it be said again that he is advancing to the rear.

When the sage of Abilene retreats far enough away to be safe, maybe he will come back in a frontal attack with an article entitled "What's Wrong With the Missionary Society." Will he meet us head-on or will he resort to flanking activity?

It is possible that his attack on Brother Tant may prove to be the severest personality battle of the century as far as the church is concerned. I am sure the informed readers will be in remembrance of those first few articles of Brother Harper condemning personality battles.

Brother Harper is desperately fighting to keep the reputation he has gained as a capable gospel preacher. As long as I can remember (which isn't too short) the name E. R. Harper has spelled soundness and capability to me. But now, knowing the man only through his writings I have experienced a sickening taste. Is this man who is out to kill Brother Tant and the Gospel Guardian the man who has been described to me by one of his "followers" as a most humble, eloquent and honest gospel preacher?

Brother Tant can well handle himself in these attacks and in some cases it will be his word against Brother Harper's. But be it remembered that some men advancing to the rear will attempt anything to gain deliverance.