Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 27, 1955

O. C. Lambert, The Veteran Exposer Of Catholicism

Wm. E. Wallace, Akron, Ohio

What will it take to awaken the church? The church seems to sleep "the sleep of death" on more than one issue. Every hour the evils of Catholicism increase and continually endanger the American way of life, and the New Testament order of things. It seems that comparatively few men in the brotherhood seem willing to speak out where they can be heard, beyond the church building: fewer are capable of meeting the issue. Catholicism is such a complicated, involved mess it can be attacked at any angle; yet as vulnerable as it is, we seem to lack the power of initiative necessary for a sustained attack. Many brethren have launched out in an attack on Catholic organizations with charges they were unable to substantiate — such things as the purported Knights of Columbus oath have been used to the ultimate embarrassment of the attacker. Our preachers need to be better equipped to meet Catholicism at very angle. It is true that we can cut their doctrine asunder with the sword of the Spirit, yet the Catholic Church is such an involved politico-religio monstrosity it must be attacked not only from the doctrinal aspect, but from the political as well.

Brother O. C. Lambert has published a new book, just off the press, entitled "Roman Catholicism Against Itself." This book is literally loaded with quotations from approved Catholic books, publications endorsed with the "Permissu Superiorum," Nihil Obstat" and "Imprimatur." Brother Lambert has in his possession the books from which he quotes. While many brethren have been embarrassed because they could not produce the official Catholic publication, Brother Lambert stands ready to deliver the evidence. Many brethren have been called in question, some into court, over their charges against the Catholic Church — O. C. Lambert has not, for they know he speaks the truth. If and when the hierarchy sticks its neck out to question his veracity, Brother Lambert stands ready to produce the books from which he quotes. Every preacher will want his new book, in fact every preacher ought to have it. It sells for $4.00 and may be ordered only from O. C. Lambert, Winfield, Alabama.

Brother Lambert has devoted forty years in diligent study in Catholicism. He has traversed the country buying Catholic books by the scores. He has built up a library that is invaluable, a library that should exist in trust as a perpetual service to the church. Many of the books Brother Lambert has are out of print; many of them would be destroyed by the Catholics if they were to get their hands on them. Brother Lambert seeks to make arrangements for the library to be placed in a permanent location where brethren can have access to it after he is gone. It would be fine if some brethren blessed with an abundant amount of this world's goods would arrange for a suitable edifice to be erected in which the books can be placed for the use of succeeding generations.

The Thayer Street Church in Akron recently conducted an eight day session with lectures by Brother Lambert. We advertised extensively and the lectures began amongst great interest. Each night we had a large audience with Catholic people present. Brother Lambert forcefully presented the truth concerning the Catholic doctrinal error, its corrupt moral standards, its political aspirations and its position in the sight of God. The things he presented could not be denied, he preached from Catholic literature, approved Catholic publications. His experiences with Catholic authorities, from priest to Archbishop, have provided him with a storehouse of illustrations and examples. It was a great session, the other congregations in Akron were inspired; they supported the meeting well in their attendance. Even though some congregations where Brother Lambert has lectured are "sleeping the sleep of death" and fail to advertise and follow up the work of Brother Lambert, his labors are accomplishing much.

For several years Brother Lambert was handicapped with severe physical ailments, but after a series of nine major operations he is enjoying good health. This is a man that needs to be employed by congregations all over the country. He is a man you can place confidence in, having no fear that he will go out on a limb. Brother Lambert will serve you well in the battle against Catholicism. If congregations will work up interest in extensive advertisements before a meeting of this type, and then follow up with continuing attacks on Catholicism, much good can be accomplished.

The church is small in number in comparison to the great Roman Monster, but "If God be for us, who can be against us?" David slew the giant of the Philistines, Samson broke the might of his enemies, multitudes fled before Gideon and his three hundred, thousands yielded to the message of the twelve apostles, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"