Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 7, 1954


Elders of the Church of Christ 218 East Elm Street Hillsboro, Texas

W. E. (Bud) Irvine, 501 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, California, September 22: "There have been 25 responses at Central Long Beach since July — five baptisms, seven restorations and thirteen membership transfers. Brother Cuthbertson of Culver City is to begin a meeting with us September 29. We are anticipating a wonderful effort. Since the first of the year I have held meetings in Cottage Grove and Roseburg, Oregon; Beaumont and Baytown, Texas. These meetings resulted in 31 baptisms and 11 restorations. It was my second successive meeting in Roseburg and Beaumont. It was a pleasure being back in Baytown after working with those good brethren for almost four years. Lord willing I'll be in Shafter September 29 through October 10. I was with them last year. I begin at North Long Beach October 25. We worked with the North Long Beach congregation over three years some time ago. The work here looks very encouraging, especially the attitude of the congregation toward strong, sound gospel preaching."

Fred B. Walker, 20 N. Irving Street, Arlington, Virginia, September 20: "The Arlington congregation broke all records in Bible school attendance last Sunday with a total of 262 present and two baptisms. Our new building is going along rapidly with the roof being put on this week. We hope to be able to use some of the new class rooms soon before the new auditorium is completed. We ended a successful camp with the help of several Virginia congregations with a total of nine baptisms. Largely through the results of our Bible camp work for four successive years here, we have one of the finest and most loyal groups of young people anywhere. Four of our young men are in Christian colleges preparing themselves to preach and two or three more expect to enter in the near future. Sunday began by fifth year with this fine congregation. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us in the work here in the shadow of the nation's capital and in the entire state of Virginia. When in Washington, D. C., or this section come and worship with us."

Gorin Rutherford. 1619 Jackson, Loveland, Colorado, September 20: "On September 12 three came to be identified with the church; on September 19 two came to be identified and three to be baptized. The church in Loveland is grateful for the many brethren from all sections of the USA who worship with them. This is to inform all who are interested that plans are being made to build. Any financial help would be appreciated."

Gus Winter, Church of Christ, 751-14th Street, Douglas, Arizona, September 21: "A sister was restored to her first love at our morning service September 19. Attendance and contribution was above average with visitors from Texas, Tennessee and other parts present. We begin a gospel meeting tonight at 14th and "A" with Brother G. Dudley Stout, minister of the Catalina Church in Tucson as evangelist. He will preach for ten nights at 7:30 13.M. We urge brethren within driving distance to attend as many nights as possible. Am publishing a new, revised edition of my tract, "Is Infant Baptism Scriptural?" A 16-page booklet, illustrated cover, clear type, brief biographical sketch of author. Sample copy for one dime. In quantities of 25 or more at half price."

F. B. Shepherd. 1732 Keeaumoku, Honolulu, Hawaii, September 10: "Another young service man was baptized Lord's day evening. Like so many others who pass through here he was shipped out to Japan the next day. One more of the many reasons why we need a permanent place of worship here on our lot at the corner of Keeaumoku and Dominis. These service men are coming and going all the time. In so many cases the wives and children remain here, sometimes for seven months at a time. Friends who have been here for a 'Hitch' know the need. We are asking them to help us raise the $7,000 we still lack of having enough cash on hand to justify letting the contract to begin the building. We have accumulated more than $22.000. The congregation has gone its limit. We who are here now want to leave something permanent for those who come after us. There is also the general obligation to expand our activities and establish congregations on the other islands, besides another one or more on Oahu."

Preacher Available

W. P. Jolly, Dayton, Tennessee, September 18: "I am acquainted with a young preacher with a college education who is desirous of a change in location. He is married and has one child. This man is sincere and zealous in the work of the Lord. Write me if interested and I will put you in contact with him."

Is Infant Baptism Scriptural?

A 16-page booklet with brief biographical sketch and photo of author. Gives both sides of the defense in his own words of a noted Presbyterian scholar and rejoinder showing that both the theory and practice is unscriptural. Send one dime for single copy postpaid. In quantity of 25 or more at half price. Order from Gus Winter, 75 Fourteenth Street, Douglas, Arizona."

To All Churches Of Christ

We wish to inform all churches of Christ that Raymond A. Pape, the former associate minister (who was recently converted from Methodism), is no longer associated in any capacity whatsoever with the Church of Christ at 218 East Elm Street, Hillsboro, Texas.

On Wednesday night, September 8, 1954, the fellowship of the brethren was withdrawn from him by the elders and the congregation there present. This action was taken because of reasons stated below:

  1. Preaching denominational doctrine
    1. He preached that he has always preached the gospel of Christ, even during the fourteen years he preached for the Methodist Church.
    2. His preaching strongly inferred that he believe people baptized during his ministry in the Methodist Church were saved.
    3. He taught that God hears sinners' prayers.
    4. He preached that we should pray "Thy kingdom come"; that this does not refer to the establishment of the church, but that the true meaning is that the kingdom comes into the hearts of sinners.
    5. When questioned by the elders on these point he became quite belligerent, flatly refused to give any information on these questions, an refused to take the elders advice and counsel. On Sunday night, September 6, 1954, after services were over, he refused to recognize us as elders. On Wednesday afternoon the elders proposed that he move to Dallas and be under the supervision of one of the churches there. He refused to go saying he would not submit to the elders there.
  2. Factiousness
    1. He visited among the members attempting to discredit the elders, the minister, Herbert I Coffman, and other members of the church.
  3. Sins against brethren
    1. When confronted Wednesday afternoon, September 8, 1954, with these questions, he violently denied them, and called C. R. Rabb and J. Allen liars.
    2. That night he called all the elders a "generation of vipers and hypocrites."

He was called to repentance four times, two in private and two in public. He maintained that he had done nothing to repent of.

If he should speak or write anything, he is speaking for himself and not for the Church of Christ.

If any further information is desired we shall be glad to furnish details.


J. Z. Yates C. L. Standley

C. R. Rabb J. S. Allen