Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 16, 1954


Ward Hogland, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Aug. 30: "Seven responded to the invitation the past two weeks here at Park Hill. The attendance has increased each Sunday for the past month, with many visitors representing several states. Brother Roy Cogdill will be with us in a meeting beginning September 24 and closing October 3. Services will be conducted each evening at 7:30. All in driving distance are cordially invited to attend. My next meeting will be in Detroit, Michigan, also in October."

Frank Trayler, Ch. (Maj.) USAF, 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, Aug. 31: "During August I baptized an Airman, two were restored, three couples were married, and one (wife of a Sergeant) was buried. Brother A. H. Maner of Grove Avenue Church will preach at the Base Chapel at Kelly Field from October 3 through 8. Singers from local congregations will assist."

Charles E. Crouch, 1729 - 5th Avenue N., Bessemer, Alabama, Aug. 30: "After two years and seven months of pleasant work with the University Parkway Church in Baltimore, I began with the church in Bessemer August 15. Walter J. Bumgardner, who preceded me here, is held in high esteem."

Ross O. Spears, Bolivar, Missouri: "I have recently held two meetings in Tennessee. At Jone's Chapel in Tipton County, six were baptized and one restored. At Cairo in Crockett County, four were baptized. We are presently engaged in a mission meeting at the home of one of the brethren near Morrisville, Missouri. Denton Neal will hold our fall meeting here."

J. T. Marlin, Fourth and Elm, Sweetwater, Texas, Aug. 30: "George W. DeHoff of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, closed a meeting here last night. The church anywhere will be strengthened by the kind of preaching he does. Our crowds were excellent; one was baptized during the meeting and another this morning before he left town. Our work continues to make progress in spite of the long drouth in West Texas."

Luther G. Roberts, Box 1258, Borger, Texas, Aug. 30: "A new church is to begin meeting in Borger, Texas on September 12, 1954. This church will be the second one within the city limits of Borger, in addition to the congregation of the colored brethren. The new congregation will be known as the Gateway Church, and will meet in the new building located at West 10th and Gateway Circle. The writer will preach for the new church which will be composed largely of members from the church which meets at Second and Deahl Streets. The new auditorium will seat some 550 and there will be 17 class rooms. The building has been erected at a cost of some $80,000.00 and much donated labor by the members of the Second and Deahl Streets Church. The writer will be the preacher for the new congregation and the church at Second and Deahl will secure another man to work with them. The mailing address of the new church is P. O.Box 1258, Borger, Texas."

R. C. Copeland, Jr., 410 S. College Avenue, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Aug. 29: "One 61 year old woman was restored from the First Christian Church this morning. We are always careful that those coming from the digressives understand Christ's teaching on baptism and singing (not playing) in worship. Future growth prospects are the brightest ever here. Have been promised a meeting where Ketchersides have sown their propaganda. Lord willing, we will do good in that meeting."

Vestal Chaffin, Box 84, Bruceton, Tennessee, Aug. 30: "I have conducted meetings at the following places this summer: In June, at Blues Hill in Warren County, Tennessee, six were baptized and one restored. In July, at Unity in Warren County, Tennessee, with one baptism. In August, at Hestand, Kentucky, seventeen were baptized and five restored. I am to be with the Northcutts Cove congregation in Grundy County, Tennessee, September 5 through 15. Then with the Mt. Leo congregation in McMinnville, Tennessee, September 19 through 29. I then will go to McKenzie, Tennessee, October 3 through 10, in an exchange meeting with J. E. Williams, who will be with us in a meeting October 31 through November 7. The work in Bruceton goes along very well. Worship with us when passing this way."

Geo. T. Elkins, Jr., 6211/2 Georgia Street, Jefferson City, Missouri, Aug. 31: "Just closed a two weeks meeting in a tent, in which one was baptized and one restored. The preaching the first week was done by Brother W. W. Tynes of Tulsa, Oklahoma; and the second week by Brother M. A. Mansur of Columbia, Missouri. This was perhaps the best meeting yet held in this city, with visitors present from many denominations. The church is planning a new building since the attendance has almost doubled in the last year. A weekly radio program is now in its second year of broadcasting with the preaching being done by George Elkins, Jr., the local minister."

O. C. Lambert, Winfield, Alabama, Aug. 28: "I am in the midst of a good meeting at Shiloh, near McEwen, Tennessee. I will lecture on Roman Catholicism at the following times and places: Southside in Fort Worth, September 2; Boise, Idaho, September 9-13; Ontario, Oregon, September 14; Eugene, Oregon, September 16; Portland, , Oregon, September 17; Hood River, Oregon, September 18; Bremerton, Washington, September 19 - October 3; Moses Lake, Washington, October 5; Calgary, Alberta, Dominion of Canada, October 10-23; Lincoln, Nebraska, October 26; Omaha, Nebraska, October 27."