Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 15, 1954


J. G. Savage, Lewisville, Texas, June 23: "Tuesday night, June 22 brought to a close one of the most successful meetings, so far as the number who heard the truth is concerned, ever engaged- in by the Lewisville Church. Brother Roy Cogdill, who did the preaching, was at his best and the singing directed by Brother John Bullock, regular preacher for the church, was inspiring to all who engaged in the song service. The meeting was closed one day earlier than previously planned in order to give Brother Cogdill an extra day of travel time necessitated by the fact that Sister Cogdill's doctor is allowing her to accompany him to Huntsville, Ontario, Canada where, the Lord willing, he is to begin a mission meeting, Sunday morning, June 27. The extra day of travel time is necessary because of the fact that Sister Cogdill is yet wearing a metal brace to support her back which was broken in their recent automobile accident and she is unable to travel so far without some rest along the way. Two were baptized into Christ during the meeting and the church was edified, strengthened and builded up in the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. With Paul of old, Brother Cogdill might well say, "I am pure from the blood of all men. I have not shunned to declare unto you all of the counsel of God." This was truly a spiritual feast for the Lewisville church and our many visitors from distant points who were present at every service. We are thoroughly convinced that so long as we have preachers like Brother Cogdill who have the courage and are unafraid to proclaim the gospel of Christ in its truth and in its simplicity that there will always be churches of Christ that are true to the New Testament pattern in spite of some dangerous tendencies which are evident today in many quarters. We have invited Brother Oscar Ellison of Springfield, Missouri for a meeting in 1956; Brother Cogdill has been invited to return in 1956 and, the Lord willing, Brother Frank Pack will be with us in 1957."

Gorin Rutherford, 1619 Jackson Ave., Loveland, Colorado, June 21: "The church in Albion, Nebraska conducted a Vacation Bible School and meeting June 2-11 in which I assisted. Paul Woods is the local preacher. Three were baptized. Forty-five miles from Albion is Columbus, with a population of over 10,000, where the church is not meeting. Plans are being made for a meeting in August. Some congregation interested in a work of this type would do well to investigate. The church in Loveland has purchased lots and plans are being made to build. There have been 26 responses in the last 21 months."

F. B. Shepherd, 1732 Keeaumoku, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 24: "There were two baptisms Lord's day and several who have just come to the island presented themselves for reception into full fellowship. It is very refreshing to have members of the Body seek the meeting place as soon as they arrive and accept some regular duty toward the carrying on of the congregational activities immediately upon becoming acquainted with us. It is our hope and earnest prayer we may be able to begin the erection of a permanent house of worship September 1st. We are still lacking $10,000.00 of having the amount that must be on hand before the contract can be signed. We are looking to the interest of the many who have lived here and know the conditions to be manifested in a practical way to make beginning as planned possible. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Honolulu Church of Christ, E. B. Layton, Treasurer."

Herbert L. Coffman, 1008 E. Franklin, Hillsboro, Texas, June 23: "The Lord has been gracious to us at Hillsboro. This week Brother Aubrey Ganus and I baptized Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Pape of Cross Plains, Texas. He, at the time, was the minister for the Evangelical Methodist Church in that town. He had been a licensed Methodist preacher for thirteen years, and an ordained traveling elder for the last year in the Evangelical Methodist Church. The elders of the church here in Hillsboro have assumed his support and oversight until such time that he becomes rooted and grounded in the faith. If you would like to have him speak on "Why I Left Methodism," please contact the elders of the church. We just recently completed a meeting in which Leon Savage of San Angelo did some excellent preaching.

There were six baptisms, four restorations, and two memberships as a result of the meeting."

Report Of Progress In Nebraska

W. W. Allen, Kearney, Nebraska Since the appearance of an article by Brother Guy N. Woods relative to the work of the Lord in this state, several responses from brethren in the South have been received and some progress has been made toward further evangelization of Nebraska.

One of the elders, B. E. Cleere, of the church in Alice, Texas, was in Chadron for a month looking over the prospects there. They plan to send a preacher there and support him, if it seems advisable.

The church in Maysville, Alabama sent their preacher, Herbert Ledford, to Holdredge, Nebraska for a meeting and while he was there sent $5,000.00 to help purchase a building in Holdredge. They are also considering support of a preacher there. This congregation is not much over a year old, and nearly all the members belonged to the church here in Kearney, but they were driving from 20 to 40 miles until the congregation was started in Holdredge.

Brother Jess Bailey, also of Alabama, was sent by two congregations in Alabama for a meeting in Hastings, Nebraska. The church in Hastings is buying a building, but they need help if they are to have a full-time preacher.

Columbus, Meeting Plans are being completed for a three weeks meeting in Columbus, Nebraska, a town of 10,000 people with no church of the Lord. Columbus has 41 manufacturing plants, and is located in the Platte River Valley, about 100 miles west of Omaha. It is a predominantly Catholic community.

This meeting in Columbus will begin August 1 and continue through August 22. The following churches and preachers have already agreed to help in this work:

Brother Harold Griffin, who preachers in Braman, Oklahoma, is being sent by that congregation for the entire meeting, and he will preach the first week. This church is also sending $100.00 to help with the cost of advertising, rent, etc.

Old Hickory, Tennessee will send its preacher for a part of the meeting. Brother Charles F. Scott, the preacher, will preach the second week of the meeting, and he has indicated he will attempt to get other help with the expenses of the meeting.

Brother Clyde Corner of Holdenville, Oklahoma, is being sent by that church and will preach the last week of the meeting.

All of these churches and the help they are sending is a result of the article about the needs in Nebraska which appeared several weeks ago in some of the papers.

For the meeting in Columbus we are renting a building which will cost about $200.00; we want to use the local radio station each day, and this will cost about $300.00; we need tracts to distribute, and plan to use the local newspaper as much as possible. So if there are other congregations interested in helping us preach the gospel to this community, we would like to hear from you. If you can't send your preacher or some other personal workers, can you help us bear the cost?

The churches of Nebraska in this area will do all we can in this meeting by our presence and personal work, and many of the preachers will spend at least a week there, but we need financial assistance to advertise properly. Let us hear from you. The church in Albion, about 40 miles away, has offered food and lodging for any of the workers who can help us. We still need the help of strong churches who will carry through in some of the. small congregations.

John Bullock, P. O. Box 484, Lewisville, Texas, June 25: "Brother Roy Cogdill did the preaching in our meeting which closed last Tuesday evening. Two were baptized. All records were broken in attendance. We are indeed thankful for preachers like Brother Cogdill who fearlessly proclaim the gospel, who believe in church government of the New Testament type, and do not compromise with error because of popularity. During the month of July I will speak in Canada at four different places, the places will be announced in a later report. The church here is growing. We thank the Lord for His blessings."