Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 11, 1954
NUMBER 39, PAGE 8-9a

Concerning Herald Of Truth -- Highland Church And The Radio Broadcast

Statements From The Elders Of The Highland Street Church Of Christ, Abilene, Texas

I. The Herald of Truth radio program is a work of the church of Christ at Fifth and Highland, Abilene, Texas. The elders of this congregation direct and oversee every phase of this work from preparation of sermons to mailing of printed copies of these sermons. The Highland elders have never delegated any authority to any person, but as a unit have directed this work.

II. Every person employed by the elders in connection with this work is a faithful member of the Lord's church.

III. Brother P. S. Kendrick, Sr., has served under the elders as treasurer, as was stated in an open letter to the editors of religious papers on December 15, 1951: "We have asked Brother P. S. Kendrick, Sr., to serve as treasurer of this particular work under our direction." However, since December 15, 1953, brethren E. L. Crawford, W. C. Smith and John F. Reese, elders of the Highland Church, have been charged with handling all funds used for carrying on the radio and television program. All checks are to be signed and counter-signed by any two of these brethren.

IV. The radio broadcast is in no wise a "machine over the church." We only have a "radio program" on which nothing but the truth has at anytime been preached. We are trying to help build the church and not a "machine."

V. The Highland Church merely asks sister congregations to have fellowship with her in this work. All checks are to be made payable to Church of Christ, South First and Highland, marked for this radio work.

VI. The Highland elders can and will drop this program at any time they see fit. They will never, however, demand or infer that any other church refrain from carrying a like work. We understand the meaning of "local autonomy."

VII. The Herald of Truth radio program is not the church or one of the churches. It has no organization of its own and instead of directing work it is a work of the Highland congregation. Since the work of the church should be distinguished from the church, a name was given to the program: the Herald of Truth, the same as naming a tract, a bulletin or an article. Its purpose is to herald or preach the truth; thus, its name.

VIII. From February 1, 1952 through October 31, 1953, percentage of funds used in connection with the office work amounted to 12.11%, an average of $4,051.14 per month, of which $2,539.07 per month were wages. See financial statement. We have not and do not pay a commission, percentage of fee to anyone to act as an agent for the program.

IX. A most unfortunate statement appears in the September Report, namely: "One thousand eighty-eight churches and numerous individuals comprise the Herald of Truth," whereas it should have been: "One thousand eighty-eight churches and numerous individuals contribute to the Herald of Truth."

X. We request that all correspondence relative to this radio and television program be addressed to: Church of Christ, Box 1858, Abilene, Texas.

XI. Brethren, we realize that we have made mistakes and for that reason we continue to solicit your prayers and help.

XII. Questions and criticism are welcomed, but since this is a work of the Highland congregation, to maintain its autonomy or independence the elders must make the decisions. As was stated in the report sent to the brotherhood for December, 1952: "Every question, suggestion and criticism of the construction and administration of this effort is given full consideration and valued highly by the elders at Highland. Changes have been made from time to time and no doubt shall continue to be made in an effort to present the gospel of Christ in its purity and simplicity." Feel free to write or come to see us at any time.

XIII. The proposed television work will be conducted in exactly the same way.

Elders s/W. F. Cawyer

s/W. C. Smith s/W. C. Foutz

s/John F. Reese s/J. M. Patterson

s/L. E. Weathers s/E. L. Crawford

s/Lewis Smith

Church Of Christ

Fifth and Highland Box 1858 Abilene, Texas

Financial Breakdown For Highland Church Of Christ Radio Program

With Average Monthly Expenditures February, 1952 - October, 1953

For Preaching the Gospel to the People

For Radio Time



For Recordings





For Printing



Mailing Supplies








Preacher's Support



Totals For Actual Preaching



Printing and Mailing


Network Time




Office Expense, Promotion, etc.

Travel Expense











Social Security






Office Supplies






Furniture and Fixtures



Telephone and Telegrams



Miscellaneous Expense








Totals For Office Overhead

Office Expense


Travel and Promotion




Totals For Preaching, Office and Overhead

Preaching the Gospel


Office and Overhead




Percentages For Preaching, Office and Overhead

Preaching the Gospel


Office and Overhead


This twenty-one months total gives you a chance to form an estimate of the cost of the work. The television work will offer more expense, of course, but the overhead will be much lower proportionately.