Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 29, 1953


Yours in Him, R. D. Simmons

"By their fruits ye shall know them." Only the blind can fail to see the marks of apostasy among us today. The brotherhood is being sold down the river by a few ambitious brethren among us. The old paths are rapidly being forsaken, and heresy is crumbling the "restoration movement" to the ground.

Too many preachers are scrambling for the spotlight. If a brother can't make a big name by setting up a centralized missionary board; if he is ambitious enough, he is going to make the "Who's Who For Preachers" somehow.

I know of several influential preachers who are advocating "something new," "something revolutionary" in nearly every religious journal that comes out. They are causing so much doubt and unrest in the minds of those who take them seriously. Why is there always somebody in the brotherhood trying to start something new?

For example, I have on my desk a lengthy booklet written by a certain prominent brother, explaining how it is all wrong to call "belief, repentance, confession, and baptism a Plan of Salvation." He said these things should be called "conditions" of salvation. I have another article before me from one of the gospel papers stating that it is sectarian to call the Lord's church "the church of Christ." The brother says it is Christ's church all right, but it is less offensive to call it "the church." Less offensive to whom we might ask?

Another brother declares, "The expression 'speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent' is an infringement on people's intelligence." Just a few weeks ago another brother told me that at last he had got to the place where he was able to "preach the gospel and let other people alone."

Still another preacher stated that, "If it were not for the old cranks in the church, it would be all right for the girls to wear shorts." Last winter two preaching brethren argued with me that it is right to drink beer so long as it is done in moderation. I know of another preacher who IS letting his daughter take dancing lessons. I know dozens of younger preachers who can talk for thirty minutes on psychology, Communism, sportsmanship, democracy, "how to win friends and influence people," Emily Post, "how now, brown cow," and everything but the gospel of Christ — and still claim to be gospel preachers.

We need to heed the admonition given by Paul in 2 Timothy 4:2-4.

— Guthrie Dean Judsonia, Arkansas

"Child" And "Children"

The title above is copied from the Gospel Guardian, and the "Overflow" page. The note concerned the qualifications of an elder. The passage cited to prove that "children" can mean "just one child" was Genesis 21:7. The passage reads, "And she said, who would have said unto Abraham, that Sarah should have given children suck? for I have born him a son in his old age." I have never declared myself arbitrarily opposed to a man's being an elder who just had one child, but I dislike, as much as anyone, seeing an idea abused or a passage twisted to teach a thing it does not teach. Hence, I feel constrained to reply to this item in the "Overflow" — which should have "leaked out" instead of "Overflowing."

1. This passage would certainly make the claim that a man can be an elder without being married sound foolish. How could Sarah have borne Abraham a son if Abraham had not been married? Could Abraham have fathered a son without being the "husband of a wife"?

2. The word whence "children" in Genesis 21:7 comes is "ben" which means "Son (produce)." (Young's Analytical Concordance) Thus the word is singular and is masculine gender. It simply meant that she would give her "produce" or "Son" suck. Again the Hebrew Old Testament by George Ricker Berry says the word is "singular" and that it is so translated into the Greek or Septuagint and that it means "a child." (Page 69) So the word "ben" in Hebrew appears in the Greek by "teknon" and not by "tekna" which is the word for children used in 1 Timothy 3:4 and Titus 1:6. To say the least of it the word is singular in the original which destroys it as being a parallel usage in the discussion of the plurality of children an elder is to have.

Brethren: We should be careful in our efforts to prove a point that we do not abuse an idea or try to force an ill-advised conclusion on a passage.

Three questions I would have the scribe who attempts to answer this article answer.

1. Could Abraham have had Sarah bear him a son legitimately without having her for a wife?

2. Is it true that the word whence "children" comes in Genesis 21:7 is singular ?

3. Where is the use of the word for "children" in 1 Timothy 3:4 and Titus 1:6 used in such a way as to admit the singular?

— L. W. Mayo 81 No. 8th

San Jose, California Dear Brother: In your last issue of the GUARDIAN (Overflow section) you mention the Baptists and their seven million dollar project in Wyoming. You wonder where you could find a "fine" group of elders who would undertake a similar project for the churches of Christ so that we could keep up with and not be outdone by our "spiritual" neighbors. Brother, where have you been? You are behind the time.

A group of "fine" elders has not been found, but a "committee" has. And due to the "lack of initiative" on the part of anyone else this enterprising committee of four has called a meeting of the churches of Christ in Northwest Arkansas to determine which of two locations is to be obtained.

Never let it be said, my friend, that we are behind the times. Never let it be said that the churches of Christ in Northwest Arkansas are going to be outdone. We will have a playground because we must have a playground. Let's see you try to stop us. Haven't you heard? Nearly 150 children have obeyed the gospel in the last six encampments! There is now a felt need for a place of our own!! The opportunity has now come!!

I predict we will have a playground meeting place without missing one single snuff, puff, or chaw. Want to bet on it? Be at Monte Ne "Club House" next Monday the 7th and see. Despite the protest of some who esteem themselves to be faithful gospel preachers (you really can't listen to them, they're just born in the objective case) and despite the fact that some churches of Christ in Northwest Arkansas are "agin" it — we must have an encampment, a playground meeting place for the young people. We must! We just must!

In the fight with Christ, L. L. Weaver

Dear Brother Cogdill:

Am interested in the Pickup-Dunne discussion on Roman Catholicism and would like to subscribe to the GOSPEL GUARDIAN beginning with the first issue in October. I do not want to miss a single installment of this vitally important debate. Enclosed is a check for $6.00 to cover my own "sub" and the renewal of one of our members. This brother has engaged in secular work for over two years and is eligible for retirement on a Social Security allowance this January 1, 1954. He has taught the Bible and been a gospel preacher among the churches of Christ for nearly twenty years. He came out of the digression of the Christian Church early in 1935. He was trained and ordained by the Presbyterians from whom he voluntarily withdrew in 1925. He has university and seminary degrees, and is capable of defending the truth of the scriptures against all sectarian errors. He is anxious to get back into full time gospel work, and is well qualified as instructor of a Bible chair at a college or university center. However, he would also consider locating with a congregation giving his full time and talents to the gospel ministry, where his past training, talents and experience would be an asset to the cause of true Christianity. This brother is well prepared, has had a varied and rich experience in gospel work, and the sound judgment that comes with mature years and ripe experience. He has the commendation of the brethren here as to his character, conduct, and fitness for gospel work along the line above suggested, as well as the unqualified endorsement of the brethren where he has previously labored. Anyone interested, write, wire or phone me (Phone No. 4283) and I will put you in direct touch with this brother.

Yours in Christ J. Loyd Rice

Casa Grande, Arizona Dear Brother Tant:

Would you please announce in the GG that the "Way of Truth" radio program is back on the air again. This program ran for 13 months, July 1st, 1952 through July 31st, 1953, at which time the lack of funds caused us to stop the broadcast. On September 28th we began again with the hopes that Christian friends will come to our aid in a financial way to help us keep this 15-minutes on the air, over this powerful daytime station.

A number of congregations, and individuals; have already contributed to this work. Some of them have pledged a certain amount each month in order to insure our continuance of this good work. This we appreciate very much. Our need for radio time each month is $618.00. Pledges have reached $370.00 per month. We are in need of additional pledges in the amount of $243.00 per month in order to insure the uninterrupted series of lessons being delivered each morning, Monday through Friday each week. We appeal to our Christian friends to help us raise this amount. We do not want to solicit money "on the air," for we feel that cheapens any religious endeavor.

Here are some of the facts about the program. You may wish to use any, or all, of them in giving us a little publicity.

1. Goes out over the nation's largest independent daytime station — KWBU-50,000 watts, 1030 on the dial.

2. We received mail from 31 different states, Old Mexico and Canada.

3. During peak months we received between 400 and 600 cards and letters. About 40 percent were from those not members of the church.

4. The time-6:30 a.m. has proven to be very effective. It enjoys more listeners than the evening time programs.

5. The following churches are supporting the program at the present time, with a regular amount each month: Woodsboro, Argenta, Kingsville, Bogata, Texas City, Portland, Bishop, Robstown, Edna, Freer, Dilley, all in Texas.

6. The regular speaker on the program is R. D. Simmons. We plan to have a guest speaker one week out of each month. The first one is Brother Perry Cotham of Nashville, Tennessee, who is speaking for the week of October 5th through October 9th.

7. Every congregation can use this program as their own by advertising it in their own locality. Some have done this. Announce it in your worship services; put a notice in your local church bulletin, and in your home town newspaper.

8. This station (KWBU) never advertises alcoholic beverages of any kind. They do not demand a manuscript but allow us full freedom of speech, without any restriction. We expose denominational teaching regularly.

Thanks for any publicity you may wish to give us in connection with this radio program. With very best wishes, I remain,