Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 23, 1953

Opportunity In Pennsylvania

Roger Mills, Trenton, New Jersey

Wendell Broom of Philadelphia recently wrote a challenging article on the unusual opportunity for the church in the Levittown-Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania area. The opportunities there need to be re-echoed until all faithful Christians know about it — for to know about it is to want to do something about it.

Many folks have already moved into these communities but neither development is nearly half finished as yet. There are at least 10 families in this general area so far who belong to the Lord's church. This does not include countless other families who are members of the Christian Church who would attend our services. (This section of the country is probably unique in that there are virtually no Christian Churches here.) By the time that Levittown and Fairless Hills are completed with their combined 100,000 population, a very conservative estimate would be that 100 Christians will be in that number.

Levittown and Fairless Hills afford wonderful opportunities for the church to get in on the ground floor. Although Catholics and Jews will make up the larger groups as far as numbers go, in this place they have less prejudice than in other sections of the country for the majority of the people in these developments have moved here from some distant place and they know practically no one. They are glad to welcome anyone into their homes and make friends. A friendly group of Christians here along with an outstanding gospel preacher would have many doors opened that would readily hear the gospel from such a friend. Examples of this were found a few weeks ago when a group of 12 fine young people from Washington, D. C., and Alexandria, Virginia, drove up and did personal work in Levittown along with groups from Philadelphia and Trenton. The usual Catholic greeting to personal workers is a slammed door. However, here many Catholics, Jews and Protestants would talk a long time to these workers about the church. I have found in all the personal work I have done in this area, people were most cordial to me. The brethren in this area encourage you to read all the forthcoming articles concerning Levittown and Fairless Hills for a work can be done here that cannot be duplicated anywhere, if we as a body of mission minded people will act.

Three have been baptized and two restored since the last report of the work in Trenton.