Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 16, 1953

Hudson To Italy

Herb Swinney, Coleman, Texas

The church of Christ in Coleman, Texas, has consented to send Wyndal H. Hudson to the mission field of Italy. Wyndal and his wife, Wilma, are to leave for Italy as soon as possible since his visa expires on August 31st of this year. Brother Hudson was one of the original seven preachers who landed in Italy on January 14, 1949, and for 32 months was co-laborer with Cline Paden. He was there during the Castel Gandolfo stoning and in Monte Comparti escaped injury of a crude bomb accidentally set off by a small Italian boy who lost his hand in the explosion. Brother Hudson's work in Italy yielded 131 baptisms; 97 of which were previously Catholics and 34 were Baptists. He baptized three native Italians who are today full-time gospel preachers. They are Aurelio Nori, who is supported by the church in Winters, Texas; Sam Corazza, who is supported by the church in Sherman, Texas; and Buts Antonio, who is also supported by an American congregation.

The elders of the Coleman church are planning for Wyndal to work with the Padova church in the absence of Brother Howard Bybee for one month, after which, he is to begin work in Leghorn, Italy. This city has a population of 125,000 people with an American fort within its premises. In this city, Brother Hudson has been promised the Lutheran church building or a dining hall for religious services. An American Colonel has assured him of an American audience for religious services.

Leghorn is a northern city of Italy and an industrial center. The people there are a more educated class than in the southern section of the country. At present, there are no Christians in Leghorn. The work in the evangelizing of this city is to be begun through the Bible correspondence course; contacting prospects from house to house.

Brother Hudson along with Herb Swinney, the local evangelist, will tour the neighboring churches for additional help in this endeavor. When Wyndal spoke to the church in Coleman in its mid-week service, there were 339 people present. They were overjoyed to know that they could have a part in helping to convert souls of another land. If any congregation wishes to hear Brother Hudson, please write or call the church in Coleman, Texas.

The progress of the church in Italy has reached beyond our expectations. There are now 23 congregations composed of over 400 members who are faithful to the cause of Christ. Realizing the experience and ability of Brother Hudson in the Italian work, the church is expecting great accomplishments in Leghorn. We solicit your prayers and help as together we lift up our eyes and look upon the fields that are white unto harvest.

J. T. Marlin, 1503 McCauley, Sweetwater, Texas, April 7: "Two were baptized and one restored at Fourth and Elm Sunday. I recently preached in a meeting at Crawfordsville, Indiana, with twenty responses. Twelve of them baptized. Gene Worman has done a good work there for the past three years."