Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 1, 1953
NUMBER 34, PAGE 13-14


S. Marvin Phillips, Box 343-A, R. D. 2, Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania, Dec. 4: "Two young people were baptized here today. He had bought a copy of Tomlinson's 'Churches of Today' at an army PX while in uniform, and came to the Shillington church while on leave some time ago. That was his first information concerning the New Testament church. His wife had been sprinkled a Methodist, but learned better. They were baptized upon their fourth visit to a church of Christ at worship. If there is an Army, Marine or Naval Station near where you live, won't you see to it that some good books are made available to the men stationed there?"


Ted Norton, 2701 Ave. F., Snyder, Texas, Dec. 15: "Eight Sundays in the work here have seen four baptized, thirteen place membership and six restored. Five have moved away. We miss the good folk in the 39th and Flora church, Kansas City, Missouri, where two and one-half, pleasant years were spent. Preceding, that, eleven pleasant years were spent with the S. Emporia Ave. church in Wichita, Kansas — making more than thirteen years spent in the mid-west. It is a pleasure to follow Brother Boyd Fanning in the work here. He is held in the highest esteem and his ministry has been very fruitful here. Work is now started on the building for a new congregation in the southwest section of the city. The auditorium capacity is 550 and with it there will be room for thirteen classes. It should be ready in July or August. Until then, two morning assemblies are held. We like the work here very much! This is an evangelistic-minded church, supporting two preachers fully and three preachers partially. This evangelistic spirit is what is so thrilling to me!"


OSCAR McGINTY By Willis G. Jernigan Oscar M. McGinty, faithful soldier of the cross of Christ, finished his earthly course while yet a young man (53), having laid his armor down at the Phillips-Dupree hospital, Levelland, Texas, after an illness of about thirty days. Death came on December 1, 1952.

Brother McGinty was a man among men. He served the Spur church faithfully as one of its elders for about four years prior to his death. He had served for many years as a deacon in the congregation before his service as an elder.

At the time of his marriage in 1934 to Miss Montle Draper, Brother McGinty was not a member of the New Testament church. Under the prompt and effective teaching of his faithful companion he obeyed the gospel of Christ and developed rapidly in the work of the Lord, and thereafter until the day of his death was "steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord." Oscar McGinty read his Bible daily; was a man of prayer, great faith and consecration. He will be greatly missed by the entire congregation at Spur as well as the entire community by which he was held in very high esteem indeed.

Those left behind include his faithful wife, two fine Christian sons, Donaldson and Rush, and a small daughter, Beth; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion McGinty of Plains, Texas, and four brothers. He was a nephew of Brother J. B. McGinty of Terrell.

Funeral services were conducted at the Spur meeting house on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 2, with Brother Frank L. Cox of Mineola and the writer delivering funeral talks. Others taking part in the service were Brother Harry Johnson, present Spur minister, and Brother Ralph Russell, former associate minister at Spur. Music (vocal) was furnished by a double quartet from Abilene Christian College.

The large number of people from far and near attending the service, including several gospel preachers from a distance, reflect the high esteem all who knew Brother McGinty had for him.


Robert H. Bell, 672 Nineteenth St., San Diego, California, Dec. 19: "Brother Clarence C. Gobbel closed a good meeting with the Central congregation last Lord's day evening.

Three confessed sins; two identified, and the church made stronger in the faith by his powerful preaching, was the result. The cooperation and fellowship of the other congregations in the city and their respective preachers was of the very best during the meeting. Our work continues to be very pleasant, and we trust, profitable for the cause of Christ. We are at peace among ourselves, and with our brethren. May it ever continue to be so. When in the city of San Diego you will find a warm welcome at the Central church-18th and "G" Streets."


November 3, 1952 Box 354 Booker, Texas TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

About two months ago we had some gospel preachers and other Christian men in our home. In the discussion, one man informed us that he had heard the Lubbock, Texas, Broadway church building had a piano in it. Of course, we were all disturbed, knowing the instrument came in the last time through the basement of the buildings. Our informer said he had forgotten who told him, but that whoever it was had actually seen it or knew someone who had.

In talking to others, I have found the story to be rather widely circulated. So I determined to make a personal investigation to check the validity of the report.

Last Friday, October 31, I asked Brother Mont Whitson, of the Texas Tech Bible Chair, to show me through the building. Brother Young was out of town. I told Brother Whitson I wanted to see every room, because I was looking for a piano. He laughed at me, as if I were joking. He told me of one story that had been spread that "Card parties" were held in the building. After making a diligent search for the piano, I found absolutely nothing — not so much as a harmonica. So, "to you that are afflicted" with such rumors, "rest with us," and if "there be those that trouble you," "comfort one another with these words."

Brethren, these untrue stories told about certain congregations are nothing more than sinful gossip. Have no part in spreading them, but rather check the facts to "see whether these things are so."

Someday, we may really have a "wolf" creep in among the flocks, so let us not cry "WOLF" until we actually see one. But until then, let us "Be slow to speak," so that when the day does come, we can be "swift to act" upon such digressions.

Your brother in Christ, Bill Fling


Thomas Allen Robertson, 610 La Deney Drive, Ontario, California, Dec. 18: "It has been some time since I sent a report to the Gospel Guardian, but it has not been because there was nothing to report. From September 29th through October 11th I was in a very pleasant meeting with the church in San Bernardino, California. Brother Wright Randolph is the faithful gospel preacher there. This meeting resulted in three baptisms, one restoration, and two placed membership. From November 23rd through December 2nd I was in a meeting with the church in Chino, California. Brother Burnell S. Rawlls is working with this congregation. The church in Chino is only a few months old so the brethren here in Ontario sent me to hold the meeting without cost to the church in Chino. This meeting resulted in two baptisms and two were restored. The work here in Ontario continues to go forward in every way. There have been three baptisms, three have placed membership, and five have been restored here since our last report. My next gospel meeting is in Santa Barbara, California in February."