Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 27, 1952

Holt - Kirkland Debate

Charles A. Holt, Jr., Mt. Pleasant, Texas

On the nights of December 1-2, 4-5, I am to meet Mr. A. J. Kirkland, president of the Texas Baptist Institute, in debate. The debate will be conducted in the building of the Calvary Baptist Church, in Henderson, Texas. The Institute also meets in the building. Sessions will begin each evening at 7:30.

The first two nights Mr. Kirkland will affirm the following proposition: The Scriptures teach that all true believers are saved regardless of church membership. The last two nights I will affirm this: The Scriptures teach that salvation for all responsible people today is in the church of Christ only! These propositions were worded by Mr. Kirkland and while they are not as clearly worded as they could be to express the issues, nevertheless they will serve as a starting point. One can see that this discussion will have to do with the church and whether or not one must be a member thereof to be saved. Seldom has this fundamental issue been discussed in debate and it should prove to be most interesting. Make your plans to attend the debate every night, if possible. Mr. Kirkland says that he is going to publish the debate. If he does, I will make further announcement regarding the price, etc.