Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 24, 1951


Presenting Both Sides

"Though I enjoy other papers of the brotherhood very much, I have not seen both sides of the issue as fairly represented in them as in the Gospel Guardian. No one can complain about articles being rejected because they uphold the opposite side. For such fair play, we are thankful; and hope that you will always be able to so conduct yourself and the paper that none can successfully convict you of any personal antagonism, or of being "anti' anything, except that which is wrong... It does me good to be able to send in another subscription."

Harold V. Trimble, Haynesville, La.


Answering A False Charge

"I very much appreciate the stand you brethren are taking; in the present controversy all of us must exalt the church and not uphold any "institution" to do the work of the church.

I notice in the F.F. of March 13, that brother C. C. Gobbel makes a statement which he can't prove, and which I know is not correct. He claims that not one of those who object to the manner in which the church in some places does mission work ever held one mission meeting, nor will preach for any church which does not support generously. That is the substance of his statement. I would love very much to compare mission meetings with brother Gobbel. I'm not boasting of my work, but I'm pretty sure I have held more mission meetings and have been the cause of more new churches being established than has brother Gobbel. And I have been against this unscriptural manner of mission work which some of the churches are doing for a long, long time. That brings me in line with those against whom brother Gobbel made his charge."

— G. A. Maddux, Sulphur Springs, Texas


Caring For Orphans

"There are some things we have done, no doubt, (at the Maud Carpenter Home) that we would not do if we were starting again. Knowing men as I do, mistakes will be made; however, I sincerely believe and will confidently affirm that the church can and should provide a home for destitute boys and girls within the range of its ability. I shall be glad to defend this position, if necessary, anywhere. Too, I shall be glad, with what influence I have, to encourage churches all over the nation to take care of the children in their community rather than to send them all the way across the country to some other congregation.

May the Lord bless you in the great work you are doing in His name.

— G. K. Wallace, 'Wichita, Kansas


"They Cry When They're Hit"

"I am enjoying the articles in the Guardian very much, and think that you are doing a fine job as editor. Keep up the good work. There never was a time when the church needs straight writing and teaching as now. We who left the Christian Church can see some things; and many dangers facing the church now (which lackadaisical members do not see or do not care about) are familiar to us. There are too many soft, wishy-washy members today who will not take sound teaching, and who cry loudest when they are hit by the truth. Keep up the good work, and more power to you."

— Ira B. Sandusky, San Francisco, Calif.



"Herewith I am sending check for two dollars for the Guardian for another year. You brethren are doing a good job. Keep it up."

— John T. Smithson, Wingo, Kentucky


"Just read brother Will M. Thompson's article in the Guardian of recent date, and want to say "Amen" to it all. I have been here for nearly four-score years, and I recognize the truth of what brother Thompson says regarding the things of the past. He said he had been reading the Firm Foundation for the most of his life, and guessed he would keep on reading it. Well, I have been reading it, too, for a long time. But I'VE QUIT! I want to say to you, brother Tant, and to all the staff of the Gospel Guardian, keep up the good work; stand firm for the truth. The truth needs such a paper now more than ever before. Too many have turned soft."

— James H. Brewer, Little Rock, Arkansas


"I sat down last week and started reading the Guardian from some six months back (due to cares about other things I had saved them for this opportune time) and I want to assure you that I gratefully appreciate the timely things that have been written.

May God continue to guide you so that you may exercise wise discernment, may recognize the "signs of the times," and continue to sound out such warnings as have characterized the paper in the past."

— C. B. Shropshire, The Dalles, Oregon


The Other Side

Brother Tant:

"Would you be willing to give up your financial security, home, etc., and go to some mission point here in the United States? Are you not qualified even to go over seas? Are you willing to do that? Apparently not! You seem to be having a wonderful time trying to hinder those who are willing to make such sacrifices; you seem to be trying to follow in your father's footsteps. If so, you are missing the mark; if he were alive today, he would be fair, and also would be seeking some hard place where he might do the most good. He would not be found hindering the Lord's work as you do. I knew him, also your mother. Why she doesn't get you straightened out is more than I can understand.

From where I sit, you and some other preachers just rush from one lectureship to another. You set yourselves up as a "counsel;" and some preachers are so scared of getting into "print" that they won't even speak up at your "conventions." This is a far greater digression in the Lord's church than the self-sacrificing efforts of workers who are trying to spread the gospel of peace to a world torn by war and strife. Until some of you preachers come to your senses and change your ways and quit seeking financial security and easy paces, there is little hope for the church.

We get regular reports from Memphis and Lubbock, and they keep us well posted as to what is being done in the mission fields; we just aren't interested in what you have to say about that work. But who knows what goes on at your so-called "lectureships," and the harm being done by a lot of gossiping preachers? This is what you ought to write about, and not about the hard working missionaries on the foreign fields!"

— (Unsigned) Nashville, Tennessee


"Does the New Testament teach that you should rebuke publicly before seeing the accused or the fallen personally? You talk about brethren being like the sectarians, but would you look at yourself on that subject? You all remind me of the Pharisees—but a whole lot more! I may sound indignant, but I don't go and print in some paper of the brotherhood to let you know what I believe. You are in error, and belittling the influence of Christ. The "brotherhood" under the "fatherhood" of God should have its purpose in printing their papers to teach and enlighten—but not to bicker and fight. I believe that you all better study the scriptures on "how to restore one taken in sin." If I'm not mistaken, you won't do it! But you'll still put your sarcastic and hateful words, disregarding the scriptural way of correction. Ask yourselves this: Is Christ pleased with you? Is he pleased with the way you are carrying out his work? Please stop sending me your paper until I can read it to learn rather than to hear trash!

A disgusted Christian, Leslie Fujiwara, David Lipscomb College



"I am just a poor, ignorant barber. I have always believed that logic would force us to certain conclusions. Brother Bales' "logic" forces me to the conclusion that he is trying to prove that what Broadway is doing is scriptural, and that the Gospel Guardian and Broadway are the same kind of institution. I ain't that ignorant!

— W. 0. Flatt, Fort Worth, Texas


Would They Reciprocate?

"I couldn't do without the Guardian. Look forward to getting and reading it each week. I deplore the attitude some take of not even wanting to study up on the issues of the day, and some who read only what appears (on the controversy) in the other papers. Even if they disagree with us, they should at least be fair and open to investigation. It is sectarian to be closed to investigation! Keep up the good work. I appreciate your fairness in giving space to those who oppose. I wonder if some of them would reciprocate if they edited a paper?

— Murray Marshall, Frederick, Oklahoma