Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 24, 1951

"An Uncertain Brother"

Glenn L. Wallace, Abilene, Texas

In the Gospel Guardian of April 26, there is an article entitled "An Uncertain Sound" by Luther Blackmon, which deals with an assumed gift of $1,000.00 by Central Church in Cleburne to A.C.C. It is unfortunate that brother Blackmon has to be so "uncertain" about his sounds and creates a noise about nothing. He admits that he does not know what the $1,000.00 was for in the Central budget, but it scared him when the budget read "Abilene." He asked, "Does that item mean that Central is contributing to A.C.C.?"

I want to make it possible for brother Blackmon to be a little bit more certain about his sounds, so I can tell him that the answer to his anxious question is NO. It might create a more "certain" sound from brother Blackmon if he would find out what Central has done in the past. I preached for that church nearly five years, and I have very good evidence that the church in Cleburne has never, as a congregation, contributed to A.C.C., G. C. Brewer to the contrary. Many Christians in that congregation have in the past given to A.C.C. and they continue to do so. Even if the church has given as a congregation from their budget to the school in the past, will not brother Blackmon give them credit for being able to state what they NOW believe and practice? Would brother Blackmon like for some one to be charging him constantly with his past?

The money in the budget marked "for Abilene" that worried brother Blackmon was for the new church building for the college congregation. The check was received today. Thanks brethren.