Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 17, 1952

T. B. Bradley

J. T. Marlin, Mayfield, Kentucky

Late in the evening January 24, 1952, the sad news went out "T. B. Bradley has just passed into yonder world." We thought how truly it might be said of him that, "There is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel." He was born June 26, 1868, in Smith county Tenn. His parents, L. K. and Mary Bradley, lived on a small farm. His mother became a Christian when T. B. was five years of age, but his father was an agnostic until he reached his 64th year. Brother T. B. Larrimore came into the community and preached twelve sermons on Heb. 11:6 and baptized him into Christ. Long before his death, which came six years later, he was taking a leading part in the little church in his community. Brother Bradley attended the public schools in Smith County; also Dixon Spring Academy two years; and completed a course in Jennings Business School in Nashville, Tenn. Then he enrolled for two years work in the Old Nashville Bible School in 1893 and 1894. Upon hearing J. M. Kidwell preach four sermons, he became a Christian on April 27, 1887. On his 26th birthday he preached his first sermon for his home congregation at Riddleton, Tenn. The same year he conducted his first gospel meeting for his home congregation baptizing 39. In 1895, he entered his first local work at Russellville, Ala., where he remained for 10 years. During these years he established nine congregations in the county and did extensive evangelistic work. December 1, 1897, he was united in marriage with Miss Minnie Young of Mount Hope, Ala. She was a faithful and devoted companion until her death in 1924, sharing with him both the hardships and joys of a gospel preacher. In 1905, brother Bradley moved to Dickson, Tenn., and began with a congregation of 42 members. At the close of 15 years labor, he left the congregation with a membership of above 700. During his ministry a fine meetinghouse was constructed, in which he took the leading part. His father before him being a carpenter, he too was one of the finest carpenters and cabinetmakers to be found anywhere. Upon leaving Dickson, Tenn., he spent three years in local work in Birmingham, Ala., one year each in Cookeville and Paris, Tenn., and about eight months in Cincinnati, Ohio. On February 17, 1927, brother Bradley was married to Miss Clara C. Strickler, the secretary to F. L. Rowe, of the Rowe Publishing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Her greatest concern was keeping the home and encouraging him in the Lord's work. She was a real inspiration to him to the end. As a debater, he was one of the best. His logic was clear, "he was capable of the very nicest discriminations; and he had the faculty of pointing out fallacy with marvelous clearness, and of turning an objection to his position to an argument in its favor." He engaged in 48 discussions in 17 states. Meeting some of the greatest denominational debaters of his generation. His evangelistic efforts carried him into 36 states. During his ministry more than 3600 were baptized. He was called upon to conduct more than 1500 funerals. He was a Bible lover and a thorough student of it. For sixty-seven consecutive years he read the old Book through at least once each year. For many years it has been a custom following the breakfast meal, sister Bradley and Sudie, the daughter, (Mrs. Bill Raspess) joined with him while they read three chapters each week day morning and five on Sunday morning. This plan carried them through the Bible year by year. He was associate editor of the Christian Leader for about one quarter of a century. Only eternity can reveal the good that was accomplished through the life of this gospel preacher. The last 25 years of his life were spent in Dickson, Tenn., where he was perhaps the best-known man in Dickson County. T. B. Bradley was loved best where he lived and labored in and out for more than 40 years. This great man of God was active almost to the close of such an eventful career. His mind was as keen at 83 as ever before. Any preacher who ever went to Dickson, Tenn., found him a real inspiration and source of encouragement. He was always true to his convictions, there was no honorable thing that he would not do for truth's sake. He believed in the gospel as the power unto salvation; and made no compromise with doctrines in conflict with his convictions. Hundreds of mourners assembled in the church building there January 26 to pay their last respect to this faithful soldier of the cross. His funeral was conducted by Bonds Stocks and the writer. May the Lord bless his devoted companion and loving daughter.


J. M. Wilson, Pettit, Texas, April 11: "The church here just closed one of the best singing schools ever to be held here. Will W. Slater of Fort Worth, Texas, was the instructor. He also preached for us on the Lord's Day. The church was greatly strengthened. Brother Slater is a great instructor and a great preacher. He'll do you good to have him with you. The work here is at its best. All is at peace."


J. T. Marlin, Mayfield Kentucky, March 31: "I have just closed a meeting with the Taylor Blvd. congregation in Louisville, Kentucky. Six were baptized and seven were restored. This is a splendid congregation where Grover Stevens continues to do an excellent work. Both contribution and attendance continue to grow here."