Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 20, 1952

The Overflow


Street Names For Churches

This page is being written in Del Rio, Texas, "down on the border.' The church house here is located or the corner of Spring and Tardy streets. While it isn't true of this good congregation, we could name some churches where a location on "Tardy" street would be highly appropriate. And while we're on the subject, the church in Eldorado, Texas, divided nearly fifty years age over the Sunday-school issue. The "anti" brethren pulled off and built them a meeting-house on Divine Street. In contrast to that are the churches in Vernon, Texas, one of which is located on Paradise Street and the other on Peace Street. Then all of us know some congregations located on Do-Nothing Street!


Do You Read In Bed?

Sister Amby Watts, here in Del Rio, has been an ardent reader of the Gospel Guardian and the Bible Banner for years. She tells us she looks forward to the arrival of the Guardian each week, and as soon as it comes, she quits what she's doing, goes to bed, and reads the paper "from cover to cover!" Then, of course, there are some who go to bed after reading the paper. One of whom wrote us a card the other day. He was so mad he forgot to sign his name. The card said, "You make me sick."


Increase In Prices

The Gospel Advocate, the Finn Foundation, and Christian Worker are all increasing their subscription rate. Fortunately the Guardian is not forced to take that step yet, but may have to do it before the year is out. The time to renew--and send in some additional subscriptions — in NOW! Don't take a chance on waiting till the price goes up.


Cork Leg

We have it on good authority that for some time one of the guides in the Aimee Semple McPherson temple at Los Angeles wore a cork leg. He was asked so many times why he wasn't "miraculously" healed (like the hundreds of others of whom he told) that it got to be very embarrassing. We don't know whether the one-legged guide is still there or not.



"Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried."


Not All Sweetness

There has been much comment these last few years about most of the college lectureships curtailing discussions and filling their programs with lectures that are sweet, innocuous, and non-controversial, while avoiding some of the threatening issues before the church. Well, maybe they can keep everything sweet as pie so far as the lectures themselves are concerned, but . . . when a bunch of preachers get together there is usually fire-works of one kind or another. For instance, out at the A.C.C. lectures the other day brother Eugene Smith of Dallas, Texas, high apostle of journalistic sugar and syrup, was overheard telling a brother preacher that be was "a congenital idiot and a liar" and inviting him out into the yard where he promised to "mop up the earth" with him! The recipient of these kind words, brother L. W. (Doc) Mayo of San Jose, California, assured us that brother Smith was wrong on all counts: (1) he is not a congenital idiot; (2) he is not a liar, (3) he stands 6 feet 4 inches in height, and weighs 235 pounds, and he hopes Gene doesn't try any of that "mopping up the earth" business.


Idle Wonder?

Then we keep wondering what happened to that congregation down in Texas (was it Victoria?) which announced two or three years ago that they were going to have preaching every night "until the Lord returns." Is their marathon meeting still in progress?



We had a nice visit with brother George Pepperdine during the A.C.C. lectures. He is a Christian gentleman whose motives and desires to do good are high and noble. That his school has fallen into such disrepute is a tragedy which brings him sorrow, as it does all of us. In our very pleasant conversation he smilingly told us that he'd once suggested to Jimmie Lovell that the California Christian ought to run a regular column entitled "Yater's Tant-rums", but Jimmie vetoed the idea. Why veto it, Jimmie? If you'll run a regular column of quotations from the Guardian each month, regardless of what name you give it, we guarantee it will improve your journal!



Following our articles on Wilburn, Pullias, Tiner, et al, brother Jimmie Lovell writes us that we have "lied against them and may God help you to see your mistake." If God does help us to see a mistake, He will do more than Jimmie did; for he did not point out one single false statement that had been made. And on the same subject; brother Ralph Wilburn has written to friends in California denying what we wrote about him and his affiliation with the Christian Church. But the Oklahoma newspapers continue to reveal his constant affiliation with this apostate group. On Feb. 3 (according to the Frederick, (Oklahoma) Leader he was scheduled to preach the "installation sermon" to install a pastor in the First Christian Church at Frederick. There are two faithful congregations in Frederick, each of which is larger than the digressive church there. Yet brother Wilburn has never visited either loyal church, but has repeatedly spoken and preached on Sundays in the digressive church there. Just how far does one have to go before he can be said to have "affiliated" with the digressives?


Fat Heads

"Fat around the heart is dangerous, but fat around the brain is fatal (a fat head) . . . Your presbyterial authority article reveals an episode (elders of one church withdrawing from members of another congregation) that would be ludicrous if it were not so serious. This shows the work of a "fat head," a "simon pure egotist."

— C. L. Howard, Ottawa, Kan.


Not So, Mr. Know-It-All

"To hear him tell it, he knows more on any subject than anybody else in the group; and about ninety per cent of what he knows isn't so!" — comment of a gospel preacher relative to a well known song leader in Texas.