Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 13, 1952

Another Wild Statement

R. Ervin Driskill, Columbus, Georgia

Frequently, Catholics boast of the number of men of reason and intelligence among them (such as statesmen, scientists, historians, physicians, movie stars, lawyers, educators, etc.) and point out their "loyalty to the Catholic Faith is the act of reasonable men." It is admitted there are men and women, of intelligence among Catholics, but Catholics never say anything about the high percentage of illiteracy among Catholic dominated countries. The following will show the contrast of Roman hierarchy-controlled countries and democratic countries:

Illiteracy In Catholic Countries

Illiteracy In Democratic Countries

Argentina 54.4 United States 7.7
Brazil 85.2 Canada 11.0
Bolivia 82.9 Australia 1.8
Chile 49.9 Holland 0.8
Colombia 73.8 England 1.8
Mexico 70.7 Denmark 0.2
Portugal 69.9 Scotland 1.6
Spain 58.7 Sweden 0.2

The reason illiteracy is so high in Canada is because of the large population of Roman Catholics in Quebec. There is really nothing, in these figures, for which Catholics should boast. It has often been said that "Catholicism thrives on ignorance" and these figures prove something? These figures are taken from the Horace Mann League Letter, of recent date, and were published in the Masonic Mercury, October, 1950, Columbus, Georgia. The claims of "loyalty to the Catholic Faith is one of a reasonable man" is not based on TRUTH. Everyone knows that children, born in Catholic homes, are taught Catholicism only. They discourage the reading of the Bible and if allowed, at all, it must have Catholic explanations in it. They are not to have the "naked Bible," without explanations. When a dogma is pronounced they are to receive it without question or be excommunicated from the Church. "Good Catholics" will confess, to the priest, if they have attended services at other churches or if they have listened or read anything in opposition to Catholicism. Yet, their "loyalty to the Catholic Faith is one of REASONABLE men. They do not have any liberty to reason, at all; it is simply a blind faith which they must accept without question. Let any Catholic deny it if he will. The Bible demands we investigate (1 Thess. 5:20; 1 Jno. 4:1) but, Catholics are forbidden to investigate.