Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 28, 1952

"On What Basis Do They Want Unity And Fellowship?"

R. Ervin Driskill, Columbus, Georgia

I have just read brother R. C. Walker's letter to the Florida Christian College Board In Reply, in the Firm Foundation, January 15th issue. He speaks of brother Cope, the faculty and board going into the "camp of them who are headed into making a test of fellowship in the matters of missionary work and college support." He follows with this "sad" and final paragraph: "Brethren, the church is the most important institution this side of heaven. I beg of you to think of her unity and recall to the extent of your ability the damage that has been done, which comes under your jurisdiction."

I would like to remind brother Walker that those who oppose money (from the treasury of the church) being given to colleges, and the "centralized control" of mission work, desire unity among God's people and love the church just as much as those who favor these things; in fact, we believe we love the church more.

Brother Walker should know that people cannot walk together except they have agreed (Amos 3:3) and the only plan for unity is the scripture. Surely he knows for us to walk by the same rule (Phil. 3:16) we must walk by the Word of God. Brother Walker, how about you or, someone holding the "college-church" matter and the Lubbock "centralized" idea; give the scripture that justifies it? Do you brethren want UNITY? Then, either give us the scriptural authority for your contentions or give them up. Who is responsible for the confusion and division? Those who plead for a "thus saith the Lord" or those who insist on doing Bible things in an unscriptural way? These are not matters of judgment; they are matters of faith. If the Bible gives us examples of doing mission work and, (of course it does) brethren follow some other procedure, it is not a matter of judgment, but of faith. If we are told what the church used her money for, in New Testament times, (and we are) and you use it for other purposes, it is not a matter of judgment, at all, but a principle of faith. You brethren have been asked for scriptural precedence; why don't you give it? I would either do it or I would go on over to the denominations.

I do not know brother Walker personally, but I can say that his old "Digressive Cry" of "unity and "love for the church," when you demonstrate your lack of love for Bible principles, is nauseating. Brother Walker, can it be you have done the things you are condemning your Florida brethren (making a test of fellowship) by withdrawing the scholarships?