Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 28, 1952

Advantages Of A Christian Education

James P. Needham, Richmond, Kentucky

It has been said that, "A proposition well defined is half argued." Believing this to be true, I now define my terms. By a Christian education I mean an education acquired at the feet of Christian teachers in one of the colleges owned and operated by our brethren, in which Christianity is not forgotten, but emphasized; an education which not only prepares one for this life, but for the life to come.

Many of our brethren are bent on giving excuses for not sending their children to a Christian school. For instance, a brother once said to me. "If I compel my child to attend a Christian school, and she makes a failure in life, she will attribute that failure to me; so I think I should allow her to go to the school of her choice." This may be true, but on the other hand, if that child makes a failure in preparing for the life beyond the grave, she will attribute that failure to him also; not only would his child, but God would also. To allow a young man or woman to run off to an institution where the Bible is not respected is just not in keeping with Eph. 6:1-4. Better think seriously about this matter.

Another brother said to me, "If children have been properly taught at home, one doesn't have to be afraid of their going wrong in a state school. This is poor reasoning because I know of several young men who completed their two years at Freed-Hardeman College, and who were counted as sound gospel preachers for a time, and today some are preaching false doctrine, and some are not preaching at all. Why? You ask; because they chose to finish their education in a worldly institution. Will someone say they did not have proper instruction?

Others have said, "I am not intending to attend a Christian college because their credits are not accepted in the academic world." Often this is nothing but scandalous rumor gotten out by an enemy of Christian education. So if you have been holding back because of such rumors—"Prove all things hold fast that which is good."

To give you an over all picture of what I am trying to say, I am told that a brother made a study of the effects of modern college life upon Christianity. His findings were as follows: "Sixty percent of those who attended state schools stopped going to church." With such facts before our eyes, it is unbelievable that Christians would choose any other course than Christian education.

Therefore, brethren, if facts mean anything to you, why don't you weigh the above, and make the proper decision—attend a school where the word of God is respected, and where you can develop your character into that which will be pleasing in the sight of Almighty God. I believe that it is your solemn duty before God to support a Christian school in preference to any other school you may support. By so doing you give unborn generations the opportunity of attending a Christian institution.

If this article constrains one individual to attend a Christian school, my time will have been well spent. I have written this because of what one of these schools has done for me, and what I know it will do for others. What Christian education has done for me would fill a large volume—let it do the same for you!