Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 24, 1952

My Rule

W. W. Otey

A rule of my life has been never to say anything about a man that I would not say to him if I had the opportunity, and never to say anything privately or in a letter that I would not say in a publication if it was of general interest.

After G. C. Brewer at Abilene, Texas, thirteen years ago made his famous (?) speech urging elders to put the support of schools in the budgets to be supported from the Lord's treasury, I said to a group of several young men: "In my opinion G. C. Brewer is the Isaac Errett of this generation, so far as his influence goes. But fortunately he does not have the strength of influence that Errett had. Each of them has led every liberal trend away from the gospel. I wish some of you would tell him what I have said. I would like to talk over these things with him."

Fortunately now many believe that brother Brewer's influence is growing beautifully less as the years pass.