Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 17, 1952

"Yes! You Do Hear Strange Things About The Catholic Church"

R. Ervin Driskill, Columbus, Georgia

Our challenge, to the Catholic Church, has not been accepted. We predict it won't. It should, by now, be evident to all that Catholics are afraid for their propaganda to be jointly discussed in the open. I can not blame them for if my religious position was as weak, as is theirs, I wouldn't publicly discuss it either.

Catholics are not only good at keeping their doctrines under cover, as suggested above, but they are good at doing other things in the dark. A Catholic (presumably one of the local "Holy Fathers") called me on the phone but kept his name concealed. And, today, a book titled "Radio Replies" was mailed by some anonymous Catholic. The return address was, "D. Lord, Heaven Street, Paradise." I believe the public, in general (including some Catholics) will agree that any person who will call another and conceal his name and who is afraid to put his name and return address, on his mail, is lacking in intestinal fortitude.

In an article published in the Ledger_______ it is stated, "Catholics are not forbidden to read the Bible." Anyone, who has read history, knows that during the Dark Ages, Catholics made it punishable by death if one was found with a Bible in his possession. Today, Catholics are not permitted to have the Bible ONLY. Let a King James or an American Standard Version be found in the home of a Catholic and see what happens. Catholics are only allowed to have the Catholic Bible, WHICH HAS CATHOLIC EXPLANATIONS, at the bottom. Do Catholics let their members have the Bible ONLY? NO!! Yet, this is one of those so-called "strange things you hear about Catholics" which they have the effrontery to deny.

Again, the article says, "you hear it said that Catholics believe all non-Catholics are headed for hell." Well, does any of our reading public remember the many articles appearing in the papers, a little over one year ago, of two Catholics being dismissed from the faculty of Boston College for teaching this very thing? It certainly happened. I have their own book which states, "one is lost if he dies out of the Catholic Church, realizing it was the true church, but saved if he is ignorant of the matter." QUESTION: Why try to proselyte others to their church? Why not just keep, them in ignorance? Thus, they elevate ignorance on a plane with TRUTH; saved in ignorance and saved by "truth."

Third, the article says, "...some say Catholics corrupt the teachings of Jesus with the addition of pagan superstitions and practices that are nothing less than the inventions of the devil." Well, if the Catholics won't accept last week's challenge, here is another: "The Roman Catholic Church, with all of its pagan practices, is an instrument of the devil." Will Catholics PUBLICLY take the negative??

But again, the articles states, "The claim is made that Catholics pay the priest for the forgiveness of sins" but the article denies. But here is what the book, mailed [to] me, says on page 199—"A priest will accept an offering on the understanding that he will say a special Mass for the intentions of the person making the offering." And again on page 200—"When some one asks for a special Mass, offering the CUSTOMARY STIPEND, (capitals, mine) the priest will comply with the request." I should say so. Now, if there is no charge what meaneth the "customary stipend"? You do hear strange things about Catholics and much of it is true.

The article further denies that Catholics pay to get their relatives out of Purgatory but the book, mailed me, teaches that they do. Pages 200-202.

Friends, if you want to learn the TRUTH about Catholics then don't write St. Louis, but check on their various publications and you'll find more double-talk than you've ever found before. Read your Bible (God's word) believe it ...Jno. 8:37 and be baptized (immersed) for the remission of your sins... Acts 2:38 and you will be a member of the church of Christ... Matt. 16:18; Rom. 16:16; not the Roman Catholic Church. Then, if you'll live a faithful life you'll receive a crown of righteousness in the world to come... 2 Tim. 4:8. We hold no ill will for Catholics but for Catholicism.