Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 3, 1952

A Recent Letter From India

Glenn L. Wallace, Abilene, Texas

(Editor's Note: For more than two years brother Glenn L. Wallace has been in correspondence with a group of faithful brethren in India. The work done there is one of the most heartening we have known of in many years. With no outside help, and nothing to guide them but their own study of the scriptures, several hundred people in this section have learned the truth, been baptized into Christ, and are serving and worshipping God as humble Christians. They observe the Lord's Supper each first day of the week, have no ecclesiastical machinery over them, do not use any instrumental music in their services, and wear no name but that of Christ. Here is a recent letter brother Wallace received.)


Dear Brother Wallace:

I received yesterday one bank draft @ $20 presumably for payment to brother Saharey on account of his work for the month of October, 51.

I avail of this opportunity to give you a brief account of some interesting events during the last 14th Inst. The Presbyterian church conducted a series of meetings lasting 3/4 days together in this locality. On a rough calculation the total number of people attending these meetings was about 2000. Among them are the top-ranking leaders (ecclesiastical group) of that denomination. You see some of the Presbyterians occupy high position in the political and social life in the State of Assam. Naturally a good proportion of them who have little idea of the teachings and practice we strive for, are led to ridicule and even to denounce against us openly. Poor people they judge this group of faithful Christians from their human standard viz. the small dilapidating meeting place, the general poverty of the individual church member and the low standard of education etc. I have personally watched carefully and seen that some members were actually shy to face those denominational people who laughed at them while going and coming from the meeting house. Nevertheless this was the very favorable opportunity for some active members of this congregation to sow the seeds of the Gospel among some of the sincere-minded people coming from places far and near round about these hills. We distributed a good number of the religious tracts "Something You Should Know." Then we had a very interesting debate with two leading members of the denomination in a Sunday evening. One of those two gentlemen was a retired judge cum high administrative officer of the local government. He is fully versed with the teachings and practice of the Presbyterian Church. I seemed to sense that the gentlemen were purposely sent by the Presbyterian Presbytery to have an idea as to whether we of the New Testament Church are at all willing to join hands in that much sounded movement to bring together all Christian denominations into one common union for specific purposes. As you know we of this movement preach and teach unity among all faithful Christians not only in this section of India but also (if possible) for us to make our voice heard all over the world. That unity must however be based upon faithful obedience of the gospel of Christ. Therefore we frankly told those people that if the Presbyterians or any other denominations are willing to do away with human creeds and obey only the New Testament teachings we will be the first people to call such obedient people our brothers and sisters in Christ. But their idea evidently is union outside of the New Testament design of unity. Then we talked of the scripturalness of the church name as divinely authorized. They fully agreed that church of Christ is the most appropriate name. They, however, argue that there is not much in a name. We had a discussion about baptism. This is the most misunderstood term among denominations in India. While they fully agree that immersion is right, they have a strong belief that sprinkling and pouring are also no wrong. They plead that baptism does not constitute a necessary condition in the scheme of salvation. We also had discussion about man-made creed of that denomination. What they stand is that before backward people can be brought to the standard of the Bible teachings some man-made laws are vitally necessary. In the face of the Bible evidences, not only these people we discussed with, but also none of the proud Presbyterian leaders can refute our stand. It was kind of those people for the spirit of gentlemanlike discussion and their attention and judgment to both sides of the arguments. Before parting one of those gentlemen requested us to publish books and pamphlets on religious subjects so that the light of the Gospel will be speedily seen by people of all walks of life.

I gave them some tracts prepared by me and also one gospel literature I received from the States.

Another autumn is on with all its attending fair weather. Wish you good health and spiritual growth in the Lord. I hope to send you another tract (in our language) on baptism for printing in my next letter.

Yours in Christ, Prenshon Kharlukhi


Dalhart's Back To The Bible Correspondence Course

John L. Maples, Dalhart, Texas: "In April 1951 we began publishing the Bible correspondence course formerly issued by Lawrence Avenue Church in Nashville, Tennessee. So many were the obstacles at first that it was most discouraging. However, we now have all the lessons mimeographed and can fill the requests within a few days after they are received. It is our desire to place these lessons in the hands of the greatest possible number of people; therefore, we are sending the course free of charge to anyone who requests it. When we first began publishing the course, it was our plan to send the lessons in any amount requested, but were forced to limit this practice to individual requests due to the financial burden it placed on the church. However, we are able to furnish the course to churches that might find it useful, for the small charge of two cents a copy, which is below the actual cost. We have mailed out over fifteen hundred copies, and have students in many foreign countries including Canada and the Philippine Islands. This is a very effective way of preaching the gospel, and many are being converted to Christ through this medium. Any information that may be desired will be gladly furnished to anyone who will write us."


H. C. Winnett, Box 785, Brownsville, Texas: "Ted Bollier of Yuma, Arizona, closed a twelve day meeting here Dec. 9th. He has a keen sense of a congregations needs and presents the truth to them in a wonderful spirit. During this meeting four were baptized."