Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 3, 1952

Roman Catholic Tolerance

R. Ervin Driskill, Columbus, Georgia

Since we began condemning the errors of Catholicism, in the Ledger, and pointing out the teaching of the Word of God on the various subjects, we have received many words of thanks, as well as many phone calls, cards and letters, (some of them anonymous) and reprimanding us for our "lack of tolerance and love." This is the usual Catholic response and also of some 'supposed Protestants.' The questions raised are: "Do not Catholics, and everyone else, have a right to believe what they want to believe"? The answer, friends, is YES! legally speaking, but NO! scripturally speaking. God is our creator and therefore HE ALONE has a right to our belief. "The whole duty of man is to fear (reverence) God and keep HIS COMMANDMENTS." (Ecclesiastes 12:18) The law of the land gives us the right to choose our religion (what we believe) and I thank God almost every day for this liberty. God, also, allows us to choose error or truth but He will hold all of us accountable, one of these days, for the choice we make. Now, no Christian will be intolerant of people, but neither will he sit idly by and tolerate sin and error. Catholics accuse us of being intolerant and boast of their "toleration." The average member of the Catholic Church does not know the designs of the Roman Hierarchy and I propose to show, from CATHOLICS, that they believe in tolerance, for Catholics, ONLY. Here is a statement from "Masonic Mercury," Nov. 11, of an incident in Somers, N. Y. "...Monsignor Edward V. Dargin, pastor of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church here, threatened that Roman Catholics would boycott baccalaureate services of local PUBLIC SCHOOLS (cap. mine) if a Protestant clergyman were permitted to preach a sermon." He further wrote, the school board, "...Catholics are forbidden by Canon 1268 of the Code of Canon Law of our church to actively participate in the religious services of non-Catholics." REMEMBER, friends, this is some of the tolerance, preached by Catholics.

Again, here is a reprint taken from the Gospel Advocate, of Nashville, Tenn. We do not have the date of this periodical but it can be secured. "Let's Wake Up America"! is the title of the article and here is the article: The following article appeared on page 13, February, 1951, issue of The Vindicator, a religious paper published by E. C. Fuqua, 3111 Grover Street, Fort Worth, Texas. Please give this your careful consideration. Additional copies may be had by writing to Box 411, Cushing, Okla.

"The following is a quotation from a letter by Father Patrick O'Brien of Rochester, N. Y., which was printed in La Aurora, a magazine put out by the Italian Baptist Publishing House of Pennsylvania:

"'We, the Hierarchy of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, expect all loyal children of the Church to assist the President with all our strength to see that individuals comprising the United States Supreme Court shall obey the President's injunctions; and if necessary, we shall CHANGE, AMEND, OR BLOT OUT THE PRESENT CONSTITUTION (Capitols mine, R.E.D.) so that the President may enforce his, or rather our, humanitarian program and all phases of human rights as laid down by our saintly Popes and the Holy Mother Church.

"'We elected our worthy President by the greatest majority ever recorded in history. We are going to have our laws made and enforced according to the Holy See and the popes and the canon law of the Papal throne. Our entire social structure must be rebuilt on that basis. Our educational laws must be constructed to the end atheism, the red peril of totalitarianism, PROTESTANTISM (capitols mine, R.E.D.) communism, socialism, and all other of like ilk and stamp, be driven from this fair land.

"'The cross was planted on our shores by a staunch Roman Catholic. This land belongs to us by every right. Long enough have we compromised on every important question. Now we demand what is really ours, and we are going to have it. We will support our President in every way to obtain it, peacefully, honestly, if we may. If necessary, we are ready to fight and die for it.

"'We want cabinet members children of the Holy Mother Church holding important positions in the entire structure of our government.

"'We control America, and we do not propose to stop until America or Americana are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so, God help us'."—Quoted from "Alone."

Here is a statement taken from the 'Converted Catholic Magazine," January, 1946, and quoted in "A Concise Account of Church History," by John D. Cox and published in Murfreesboro, Tenn., a DeHoff Publication..."There is nothing incidental or accidental about the aims and activities of the Roman Catholic Church. It uses expediency to gain its ultimate aims while biding its time to entrench itself in a democratic country like the United States. Pope Leo XIII set forth this expedient policy in his instructions sent to the bishops of the United States in 1888: Although on account of the extraordinary political conditions today it may happen that the Church in certain modern countries acquiesces in certain modern liberties, not because she prefers them in themselves, but because she judges it expedient that they should be permitted, she WOULD IN HAPPIER TIMES RESUME HER OWN LIBERTY." (Capitols mine, R.E.D.) In view of the facts of history and the official claims of popes, through the years, we are made to wonder: "Does the Catholic Church believe in TOLERANCE"?