Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 15, 1951

Wallace-Barber Debate Published

James W. Nichols, Abilene, Texas

The Wallace-Barber debate on instrumental music is to be published soon by Beacon Press, Inc. This debate truly ranks among the outstanding discussions on instrumental music and will serve well in exposing the error.

Approximately a year ago brother G. K. Wallace of Wichita, Kansas, met Burton Barber of Ottumwa, Iowa, in six nights of debate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This debate was a fulfillment of a challenge offered to the church at Cedar Rapids by Burton Barber. It was well attended and both men did their best in the presentations.

Up to this debate Burton Barber had repeatedly bragged that none of our brethren would meet him a second time. However, up to the present time, we have not been able to arrange a second debate with Mr. Barber because of his unwillingness. Furthermore, we have not been able to get him to correct his manuscripts of this debate, in order that they might be published. He has had these manuscripts for five months and has repeatedly put us off saying that he did not have time and making demands that we deliver the tape transcription to him. He now charges that some things have been lifted from the speeches. These manuscripts were prepared directly from the tape transcriptions by public stenographers, and the transcriptions are available to be checked at any time. These charges are absurd and it appears that it is only another attempt to stop or delay the publication of this outstanding debate.

We have repeatedly received requests from our brethren for this debate, and we have delayed too long. Therefore, we are immediately setting our shop to work on publication of this book. Brother Wallace has corrected his speeches, but Mr. Barber's remain exactly as they were taken from the tapes by the public stenographer. We would appreciate hearing from all who would like to buy a copy of this book as soon as possible, in order that we might determine the number of copies we should print. Write to Box 182, Abilene, Texas.