Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 3, 1951

He Has Departed From The Faith

James R. Cope, Tampa, Florida

Readers of the Gospel Guardian are acquainted with the fellowship views espoused by Ernest Beam of Long Beach, California. He has insisted that the line of fellowship should be drawn at baptism and that members of the Christian Church and premillennialists should be received by faithful brethren everywhere. In my criticisms of his views I have insisted that he and his followers could not but form another sect.

While this editor and preacher has been calling for fellowship of the sects his own congregation has publicly withdrawn fellowship from him. A recent communication from one of the elders of the Eastside church in Long Beach states the following: "Enclosed you will find a handbill that Ernest Beam passed out in our part of the city yesterday. You can use it as you wish . . . He is causing Central a lot of trouble, threatening to sue them for their building." Below is a copy of the handbill announcement.


At American Legion Hall Lew Davis and Clark — Lakewood

(Note: Building will soon be available for regular MORNING hours as well as evening.)

Members Of Churches Of Christ And Christian Churches Need A Lakewood Church Home For Ourselves And Our Children.

The glory of the great restoration movement is that all baptized into Christ are held by His grace, together learn his truth, and are one body. ALL BELIEVERS regardless of present church affiliation invited. All non-believers invited.

A Card or telephone call to B. L. Boies, 3837 Stearnlee, (5-4639) for additional information gladly given.

HAROLD CLARK ERNEST BEAM Congregational and Evangelist Special Songs What more need be said? Here is another preacher whose influence for pure New Testament Christianity could have been great who has denied the faith once delivered and has identified himself with the sectarian bodies of earth. When men become wise above that which is written their inevitable end is to glory in their own wisdom and be absorbed by their own kind. Sad as this story may be it should serve as a warning of the liberalism among us and help us to be on guard lest the spirit of disregard for holy writ engulf our souls.

It may be that some who have been reading my criticisms of Ernest Beam's liberalism have felt that I was giving too much attention and prominence to this man. I have been fully aware of this point of view. From first to last not a line has been written against the man personally and nothing said has been intended to promote him to a place of personal prominence. Ernest Beam's state of mind as observed in his writings and actions reflects a definite attitude toward truth and error. It is my conviction that what he has written is the true sentiment of a host of others who have not yet summoned the courage to give expression to their real feelings. I believe this compromising liberalism is dangerous to the purity of the gospel and the safety of the church; hence, the attention I have given to him who, I believe, stands as a tangible symbol of a school of thought which, if it had the influence and means, would destroy the church. Beam has now taken the step the true logic of his views on fellowship have demanded since he first announced them. None of us can know the future but if I sought to prophesy I would call attention to troubles galore in the church within this generation which will be the inevitable result of the liberalism espoused by the school of thought Ernest Beam represents. Other kindred spirits will serve as abettors to any who will carry their own banner to the destruction of the fellowship which comes from walking in the light.