Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 3, 1951

The Overflow


A Good Example

Brother Homer Hailey is using "God's Prophetic Word" by Foy E. Wallace, Jr., as a text-book in some of his classes at Abilene Christian College. He says, "I consider it the greatest book produced by any member of the church of Christ without our generation." It is without doubt the final and authoritative work on the millennial errors. What Kurfees did for the music question, Wallace has done for the millennial question. We recommend brother Hailey's example to other teachers and gospel preachers.


Patron Saint

Pope Pius XII has named a patron saint for radio and television — the Archangel Gabriel. Doubtless the papal authority felt the appointment would be appropriate in every way, but we have no way of knowing Gabriel's reaction to this signal "honor." Radio listeners will now need to curb their exasperated language when blaring static drowns out the program — that static might turn out to be the "last trump," you know.


Articles On Institutionalism

We begin this week a series of three articles by brother Bryan Vinson on the subject of "institutionalism." Read them carefully. Following this series, we will publish an article by brother G. K. Wallace, which will set forth the editorial position of the Guardian on the specific question of orphan homes.



The editor of this page will be in a meeting at Medford, Oklahoma, when this issue reaches you. Schedule for the next few weeks is: Indianapolis (Irvington), Indiana, May 13-23; Lebanon, Indiana, May 24-June 3; Sheffield, Alabama, June 10-20; Menard, Texas, July 5-15; Mulvane, Kansas, July 22-29; Nolanville, Texas, August 3-12; Brownfield, Texas, August 19-26.


California Christian

Our California friend and brother, James Lacy Lovell, has decided he wants to have his own say in his own way, and in his own paper. He will shortly begin publication of the "California Christian." Best wishes to you, Jimmie, in your venture. We want to receive the paper. We'll be particularly interested in seeing what you have to say about brother Ralph Wilburn participating in the Catholic Festival of "Good Friday" jointly with a number of sectarian "Reverends" of your area; also we're curious as to what you'll have to say about the now undeniable apostasies of your fellow - Californian, Judge Ernest Beam.


Quotation Marks, Please

Brother Willis Jernigan of Spur, Texas, calls our attention to the fact that one good brother who has recently had articles in the Firm Foundation, the Gospel Advocate, and the Gospel Guardian sometimes lifts as much as two-thirds of his article verbatim from the little known works of some of the pioneer preachers of the restoration movement. No mention is made of the source, and no quotation marks are used. "Tain't ethical, brother. How about some quote marks now and then?


A Matter Of Official Record

"Due to the numerous problems that arise from the use of mechanical instruments of music in weddings, etc., in buildings owned by the church of Christ, the elders of the Southside Church of Christ hereby rule unanimously that there will be no mechanical instruments of music used for any purpose in the new building at 108 West Gibson Street, Austin, Texas." This is a quotation from the minutes of a recent elders' meeting in Southside church. We think it puts the matter on exactly the right basis. Our congratulations to a group of wise elders, and to their very efficient preacher, John T. Overbey, who concurred fully in the above decision.


Are Mormons Our Brethren?

We call your attention to an article in this issue by brother Jesse M. Kelley of Nashville, Tennessee. Of course, when one has scriptural faith, and is scripturally penitent, and is scripturally baptized, he is a Christian and our brother in Christ. But we would certainly agree with brother Kelley that joining a denomination does not make a Christian. The Mormons, for instance, believe in Christ, and baptize for the remission of sins. But theirs is an unscriptural faith; for it includes such prodigious errors and perversions as to nullify and void their "faith" in Christ. They accept Joseph Smith as being equal with Christ, relegate the Bible to a place inferior to the Book of Mormon, and believe in a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit at baptism. We doubt not that most, if not all, of the denominations listed by brother Hargrove have errors equally grotesque and vitiating to the truth. They are not Christians unless they have a scriptural faith and a scriptural baptism. By the same token, a Baptist who believes Baptist doctrine cannot be scripturally baptized, for he has an unscriptural faith, and makes an unscriptural confession at the time of his immersion.


Start The Year Right?

With this issue we begin Volume III of the Gospel Guardian. How about starting the year right by sending the paper to a few of your friends? Also, if your own subscription is near expiration, you will want to renew. Check your address label.


Concerning Elders' Authority

"Many things are said in scripture about the work of elders, but there is not a hint of their having had authority as elders outside their own local group . . . Elders were to exercise authority in a local sense only. They had no authority as elders outside their own local membership, and for many years not one of them assumed it."

— Rue Porter (F. F., 1945)


Glad To Oblige

A recent writer in the Firm Foundation, critical of those who have warned against some of the present dangerous tendencies in the church, wants somebody to give him just one single New Testament example of any church that ever supported a man in a foreign field by itself ALONE. We're glad to oblige the brother. Paul wrote the Philippians that when he had gone from them into Thessalonica, "no church had fellowship with me in the matter of giving and receiving BUT YE ONLY." Philippi ALONE backed Paul in his work at Thessalonica. Does that satisfy our brother on that point?