Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 13, 1951

A Neglected Mission Field

Hugh Boydston, Breckenridge, Texas

I have recently returned home from a mission meeting in Pittsburg, Kansas. Here in a city of 25,000 with a suburban population of perhaps 10,000 not in city limits, about 30 faithful members are holding on to the thin edge by their finger tips so to speak. They are meeting in a rented store building probably 18 by 36 feet in the residential area. This little band is served by Clifford Fehl as evangelist.

Brother Fehl, with at least $150.00 needed to make a standard salary, is of course handicapped to carry on. Some church or individual could certainly get into the business of carrying the gospel to all the world by supplying this amount to him each month. Some church that would like to help but feels unable to support a man fully could perhaps supply this amount to him. Write brother Clifford Fehl, 109 East 22nd, Pittsburg, Kansas.

The most pressing need at the moment is for an adequate place to meet. They own a good lot in an excellent location and have a very modest plan of building in mind. They want to build their building in units. When finished they will have three of these units. The first unit will be composed of a building one story 25 by 48 cross way at the back of the lot. This section will later be made into two story and partitioned into class rooms. The main auditorium will constitute the third unit to be joined to this original building in the shape of a T. The first unit will be left without a partition at first and used as an auditorium. Its estimated cost is about $7,000, and about $5,000 of this is needed. Of this amount four congregations are considering either giving or loaning $1,000 each. If all four of these can reach this goal the building will be assured. Only Breckenridge has promised this amount. It would save a good deal of money if some one or two other churches would volunteer to build the walls for the second story of this building. It could then be permanently roofed, and as the Pittsburg church needed it the second story could be divided into classrooms. This would save money in the long run.

Money can be sent to brother Fehl marked building fund and brother Fehl will deliver same to treasury and you will receive a receipt from the church there. Send as follows: C. F. Fehl, 109 East 22nd St., Pittsburg, Kansas.


H. F. Sharp, Box 213, Blytheville, Arkansas, Sept. 3: "Roy E. Cogdill preached in a meeting in Blytheville, Arkansas the last of August. Six were baptized. The preaching was of the best and the isms of the present day were condemned with boldness and courage. We have had one of our greatest meetings. Great crowds were there each evening. We used the back classrooms every night but two. We need more men who will preach like brother Cogdill. He was asked to return in 1954."


Robert G. Cook, 615, West Fifth, Hope, Arkansas, Sept. 1: "A fine meeting was held at Fifth and Grady Streets from Aug. 5th through Aug. 15th. Hubert Roach of Hugo, Oklahoma, preached. He is one of our very best preachers; and after he has finished a series of lessons the church and local visitors are much better prepared to know and do the will of God. Our prayer for the church here is that we may overcome self, satan, and sin, and be able to stand in the last day."