Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 13, 1951

They Are Going To Have It

Chas. M. Campbell, Akron, Ohio

Every informed person knows mechanical instruments of music were introduced into the worship of the church to its detriment and division because an element had developed within our ranks who were determined to exalt their personal wishes above the word of God. They did not search the scriptures to learn whether or not mechanical music was authorized by the Lord Jesus Christ, but they completely ignored his authority until the sin had been committed, and then they began to search for a defense of their crime. They claimed authority from the Old Testament after having emphasized the superiority of the New Testament and its all sufficiency in matters of faith and practice in their efforts to convert the denominations about them. They sought the defense of "expediency," and cried loud and long for their innocency under the pretext of "the silence of the scriptures" as a firm foundation for their unscriptural innovation.

Now the Easter bug has bitten some preachers and churches among us; and I am wondering just what their defense is going to be. This is a day of departures and digression; and so I shall not be surprised if the same tactics characteristic of the similar movements in the past will be resorted to by those who have fallen for this latest idea. That is, it is the latest among churches of Christ, I think. (They are coming so thick and fast now that it is difficult to keep up with their chronological arrival in the catalog of innovations.) Of course the idea is not new among the digressives and the denominations. And it is too bad indeed that those who must have it among us do not go all the way to the denominational position; and not appear so ridiculous before those whose false positions they have assumed.

Among those going haywire over denominational dogmas is the church in Fayette, Alabama, where G. L. Mann preaches. (We wonder what he preaches.) Or, do we? Well, here is a sample. The following was taken from the newspaper of Fayette.

"The Easter services at the Fayette Church of Christ will be held at 11 o'clock morning service. G. L. Mann, the minister, will deliver a special Easter message on "The Power of His Resurrection." The theme of the song service will be in harmony with the sermon subject and will be rendered by the entire congregation. The Lord's Supper will conclude the Easter morning service, starting at 11:45."

They are going to have it, but not without some opposition. Still, they will have it; and some other will follow their pernicious ways by whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. You will see.

Wonder why they had the Lord's Supper on the Lord's day though. They have followed the denominations in observing Easter. Why not go all the way and observe the "Lord's Supper" on Thursday evening? Did they observe "Good Friday?" Will they begin to observe Christmas? To say the least of it, in so doing they would be consistent. But, as brother F. B. Srygley used to say: "I would rather be right than consistent." What they need to do is repent.