Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 23, 1951

Hogland-Gage Debate

Dr. C. B. Billingsley Ward Hogland of the Park Hill church here in Fort Smith is scheduled to meet Ralph D. Gage of the May Avenue church (Anti-Class) in a four nights discussion October 9 through 12. This debate will be conducted at Sallisaw or Vian, Oklahoma, or at a convenient place between these towns. The propositions to be discussed are: "Classes" and "Women Teachers."

Due to the militancy of Mr. Gage in teaching the "No Class" method in this section several members were disturbed. As usual Mr. Gage capitalized on weak members who had not been taught sufficiently against such error and innovations. The churches in Eastern Oklahoma called on brother Hogland for assistance in resisting this faction.

After thorough investigation by brother Hogland and myself it was decided that the best way to expose this digressive faction was by public discussion of the issues involved and that by local men.

The churches of this community feel that brother Hogland is fully capable of defending the Truth and correcting this destructive error. He has demonstrated his ability to stop the mouths of the gainsayers by meeting Baptists, Sabbatarians, etc.

We are looking forward to a profitable discussion. Provisions are being made to take care of a large attendance, which we confidently expect by the interest shown.


Brother Lyle Price, minister for the church of Christ in Kaufman, Texas, for three years, has resigned to accept a similar position for one of the congregations in Denton, Texas. He has done so entirely of his own accord and leaves with the best wishes of the brethren and community he has served during the last three years. On Sunday, July 15, brother Boyd Denman, formerly with the church in Minneola, Texas, will become minister for the church here.


E. T. Long W. L. Morriss Elders, Church of Christ Kaufman, Texas


W. Curtis Porter, Monette, Arkansas, July 27: "I am to meet John L. Causey, Missionary Baptist, in a four nights' debate at Hancock school grounds, between Monette and Caraway, Arkansas, beginning Monday night, Sept. 3. I began a meeting at Holland, Missouri, on July 2. On the same day, however, I suffered an attack of sciatic rheumatism that made it almost impossible for me to walk. This was followed by a case of influenza. A combination of both of them forced me to close the meeting when a little more than half through. I then spent several days in bed. Treatments from both osteopathic and medical physicians enabled me to move about enough to start another meeting at Union Central, near Marmaduke, Arkansas, on July 18. Inflammation in my feet and legs, which is a complication of my blood malady, then became very painful, and it looked as if I would have to close this meeting. But I am slightly improved now and think I shall be able to finish it if nothing new develops."