Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 9, 1951
NUMBER 14, PAGE 14-15


Clinton D. Hamilton

Hardeman-Hallmark Debate

During the latter part of March brother Pat Hardeman of Florida Christian College engaged Mr. Elick Hallmark, a Missionary Baptist preacher of Orlando, Fla., in a six nights' debate at Cloud, Fla., on the questions of faith only, baptism for remission of sins, the establishment of the church, and apostasy. The debate was well attended and was held in the Spanish American War Veterans auditorium. It was conducted on a high plane. Mr. Hallmark acted with dignity. Brother Hardeman was the complete master of the situation, answering thoroughly and convincingly all erroneous arguments. Mr. Hallmark did not debate after the first four nights; he suffered a nervous breakdown. -His moderator, Mr. C. C. Hamm, also of Orlando, took his place. Mr. Hamm was not as good a debater as Mr. Hallmark. He did not know when he was defeated. From all reports much good was accomplished by this discussion.

The truth has an able defender in the person of brother Pat Hardeman. He conducted himself on a very high plane, gave himself to the arguments of the opponent, made forceful use of pertinent scriptures. I served as moderator for brother Hardeman.


R. L. Dalzell, 7347 25th N. W., Seattle, Washington, July 18: "Our work here with Northwest in Seattle is off to a good start. We are finding interest increasing almost daily and with that we take a stronger grip on the challenges before us. Northwest moved into their new building, which is located in a very fine part of the city, on June 17. In the past month we have seen two baptized and four place membership here. To launch our work from this new location we held a two weeks daily vacation Bible school in the forenoons and an evangelistic meeting each night. With the fine oversight of a splendid eldership this congregation with their new zeal and concerted efforts, we anticipate a great growth for the church in Seattle."


Gene Frost, Vallejo, California: "Brother G. K. Wallace was with us in a gospel meeting July 1st through the 12th. The design of the meeting was a study of the origin of denominationalism and doctrinal differences under the title, "Plea For Religious Unity." The city auditorium, Veterans Memorial Building, was secured to accommodate the attendance. Many religionists of the city were present each night. Two were baptized during the meeting as a direct result of this endeavor, neither having heard a gospel sermon until the meeting. Many contacts have been made, and it is possible that debate will be arranged. Much good invisible at present no doubt has been accomplished. Brother Wallace carried through in an excellent way, kind yet firm. The procedure of the meeting was conducted as follows:

1. The Beginning

"The Birth of a King"

"The King's Kingdom"

2. The Great Apostasy

"Origin of the Roman Catholic Church"

"Aims and Claims of the Roman Catholic Church"

3. The Reformation

"The Lutheran Church"

"The Episcopal Churches, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc."

The Origin of the Baptist Church"

"The Baptist Name"

4. The Restoration

"The Sabbath or the Lord's Day—Which?" "A Return to God's Rule of Salvation"

"A Return to God's Rule of Worship"

5. Some Modern Healing Cults

"Mormon Pretensions"

"Christian Science and the Holiness Cults"

6. Jehovah's Witnesses

"Jehovah's Witnesses" Does God have witnesses today? And what is their message? Who are they? How do they testify?

"These lessons were recorded and are being transcribed in hope that this meeting will live on in permanent form. The lessons will be further supplemented with quotations and a bibliography so that the book may be used as a text in the classroom as well as in the home. As soon as publication is possible, further announcement will be made.

"The church purchased 4,000 tracts covering the subjects discussed for free distribution. Over 10,000 folders advertising meeting were distributed throughout the city. A color ad nearly full page was placed in the newspaper announcing the meeting, its theme and daily topics, and daily ads appeared announcing each evening's subject. A large sign was erected in front of Memorial Hall. The city of Vallejo knows that the church of Christ exists!

"Cooperation by churches and preachers in the San Francisco bay area was good. Preacher's in attendance and congregations represented were: Voyd Ballard, San Pablo; John Burkhart, Petaluma; F. F. Carson, Richmond (colored) ; C. S. Doggett, Martinez; Everett Evans, Berkeley; Jack Frost, Alameda; Jere Frost, Vacaville; Joe Gilmore, East Oakland; Bob Guild, Fairfield; A. L. Harbin, Napa; Lloyd Moyer, San Leandro; Tillman Prince, Stockton; Ira Sandusky, San Francisco; Morton Utley, San Francisco; Peter Wilson, San Rafael; Albany, Sebastopol, and possibly others.

"We are happy to have been able to conduct a meeting of this kind which we feel has strengthened the cause of Christ not only in Vallejo but also throughout northern California. May we recommend this type of endeavor to other churches. We appreciate brother Wallace's effort and commend his good work."


ADAMS - WALL DEBATE Charles A. Holt, Jr., Mt. Pleasant, Texas It was my privilege and pleasure to moderate for brother James W. Adams in a debate with Mr. A. J. Wall. The debate was conducted under a tent in Longview, Texas, June 19-22. Brother Adams preaches for the church that meets at Second and Whaley streets in Longview. Mr. Wall is the pastor of the Longview Missionary Baptist Church. Hence, both were local men. This was the first debate for both men but they conducted themselves as veterans. Good attendance and interest characterized every session. Surely this proves again the fact that people will attend a debate and thus is afforded in a splendid way the opportunity to get the truth to people. The truth never shines brighter than when pitched in deadly array with error. The truth was made to stand out in this discussion in no uncertain way.

The first night Mr. Wall affirmed that "The Scriptures teach that man is so depraved in his lost state that the Holy Spirit must exercise power in his salvation in addition to the written word." It is not often that Baptist preachers will affirm their teaching on this proposition. The majority of Baptists do not even know that this is Baptist doctrine, especially in its full import. Mr. Wall tried to keep the full import of this doctrine hidden but did not succeed. Mr. Walls' first speech on this proposition was as good as any of them could do. He used about fifty-five scriptures. He asserted and assumed during his speech that they all proved his proposition. Brother Adams took up every scripture Wall mentioned and showed that not a one taught what he tried to make them teach. He showed that Wall either perverted the passage or else just read it and brazenly asserted that it proved his proposition. Brother Adams so completely tore up Wall's speech, that his (Wall's) second speech was nothing but incoherent rambling. He was lost at sea without chart or compass and everyone knew it—even Mr. Wall. He had nothing left except what his theological father, Ben Bogard, was such a master at—brass, bluster, and blow. No honest person hearing the discussion could fail to realize the truth.

The second night brother Adams affirmed "The Scriptures teach that water baptism to the penitent believer is for (in order to) the remission of past or alien sins." Brother Adams present with clarity and power several arguments to prove this proposition. Mr. Wall never did really take up a single argument presented and deal with it. He was weak in all his negative speeches. He refused to grapple with the issue. The victory for truth was too decisive for question on this proposition.

The third night Mr. Wall affirmed that "The Scriptures teach that the church of the New Testament was set up, established, during the personal ministry of Jesus on this earth." Mr. Wall used the terms "the church;" "the kingdom of heaven;" "the kingdom of God" and such like, interchangeably, yet he doesn't believe that the kingdom and church are the same. He is a premillennialist and thinks the kingdom is to be established sometime in the future. Thus anyone can see the downright dishonesty and perversion in trying to prove the establishment of the church by using verses that mention the kingdom when the person believes the kingdom to be an altogether different institution. Such is the extreme to which Baptist preachers will go in trying to uphold their false theory on the establishment of the church. If Baptists would only THINK and STUDY they could see this. Brother Adams very ably exposed all such perversion. If the kingdom passages do not apply to the proposition (and they do not if the kingdom and church are not the same) then the Baptists are only left with two or three passages that mention the church. On the other hand if Baptists were to admit that the church and kingdom are the same it would involve them in many contradictions and absurdities. For example, this would mean that the kingdom and church (Baptist Church, of course!) are the same. Hence, those who constitute the one, constitute the other. Therefore all those in the kingdom of heaven are in the Baptist Church! Believe it who can! But it is even worse. This would mean that what is necessary to enter the one is necessary to enter the other. Therefore, since baptism is necessary to enter the Baptist Church baptism is necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven! It gets even worse for not only does it take baptism to enter the Baptist Church, but this baptism must be authorized by a Baptist Church and performed by an ordained Baptist preacher! Hence, it takes all of this to enter the kingdom of God and be saved! Truly Baptist people don't know Baptist doctrine in its full import. They are deceived. Brother Adams made all of this, and more, clear to the audience. Wall was helplessly lost on the proposition.

The fourth night brother Adams affirmed that "The Scriptures teach that it is possible for a child of God, one who has been washed in the blood of Jesus, so to sin as to apostatize and be finally lost in hell." He showed many examples from the scriptures establishing his proposition, as well as many passages that teach it in clear-cut language. Mr. Wall never was able to get hold of any of the arguments. He was afraid to really deal with them. Brother Adams made it clear that not only does the Bible teach the proposition but that all reason, logic, and justice would demand that it be true.

The church of Christ is fully satisfied and humbly proud of brother Adams' fine work in this debate. He is a splendid speaker and fully capable to handle the truth on any occasion. I think he has the ability to be one of the best defenders of the faith among us. That the opposition felt the defeat he administered Baptist doctrine is easily seen. Mr. Kirkland who moderated for Wall the last night has more or less admitted to me in letters that Adams, with the truth, was victorious. In fact, he is rather "sore" about it. Also, Mr. Barr, who moderated for Wall the first three nights, was very cautious in his report of the debate. These men realize the power of truth in the hands of an able man like James Adams. Let's have more debates.


Jesse M. Kelley, 2905 Wingate Ave, Nashville, Tenn., July 23: "Began what promises to be a good meeting in Charlestown, Ind., yesterday. The congregation broke a/1 existing records at the morning services. James Lunday is the regular preacher and is doing a commendable work. Closed last week with Eulon Knox and the church at Grayville, Ill. Attendance was good. Go next to Morrison, Tenn., for ten days."


T. R. Bankhead, 1601 East 19th, Cheyenne, Wyoming, July 17: "Brother W. D. Black of Portales, New Mexico, one of our few remaining veterans of the cross of Christ, preached in our meeting here July 1-11. Three were baptized into Christ, and we trust the entire congregation was strengthened for a greater work. Cheyenne is one of the cross roads of the nation. The government maintains an Air Force school here, and through this means we are afforded an opportunity to contact many of our own, and other people now in the Armed Forces. We shall appreciate hearing from any who have sons and daughters, or friends in this section."


Guy W. Sims, Jr., Topeka, Kansas: "I began work with the Highland Park church here in Topeka on June 1. Since then attendance has built up slowly. Today one placed membership. Topeka has three loyal congregations of the Lord's church, the one in Highland Park being the smallest. However, we do have bright prospects for the future. When passing this way visit with us. The church was untouched by the recent flood."