Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 2, 1951

Concerning Grant's Pass, Oregon --- A Correction

Hugh S. Boydston, Breckenridge, Texas

I have just read an article from brother M. Loyd Smith of Longview, Washington, concerning the two congregations in Grants Pass, Oregon. He commends Fourth and K congregation and condemns as Anti-Bible College the congregation at Sixth and Evelyn in that city. He says that he knows something of the trials there because he was the local man there for three years. He started his work with the only congregation there at the time the Sixth and Evelyn now claimed to have clause in deed preventing any man indorsing Bible colleges from preaching there. That clause like many obsolete laws has in all probability been forgotten for lo these many years. During brother Smith's three years there, the church split and brother Smith sided with the group that started the Fourth and K church. I do not think that Bible colleges were or are any part of the issue there.

It was my good pleasure to assist the church there in a fine meeting about three years ago right after they had come together and both sides acknowledged their faults and begged God to forgive them. This congregation had every opportunity of becoming one of the truly great churches but alas "Telegraph Sermons", a mimeographed sheet published by brother Smith, began to pick it apart. Criticizing the way the elders were selected. And various other things and soon he was there holding a meeting for a new Fourth and K church. When the settlement was effected the Fourth and K church merged with the Sixth and Evelyn and the new congregation met at Sixth and Evelyn. That is where I held my meeting that had originally been scheduled for Fourth and K. During the time I was preaching in this meeting mention was made of my daughter who was a student in Abilene Christian College and no one suggested that such a thing existed as a clause that prohibited a preacher indorsing Bible colleges from preaching in that building.

The fact that the Somner Faction was once very strong in that part of the world is the explanation of the fact that clauses of this kind are sometimes found in the deeds to the building. These clauses simply mean that a congregation once met at that location that was identified with an unscriptural faction. They may in most cases also bear witness that the factional congregation has been converted to the way of the Lord more perfectly. I do not have to see the pedigrees of a congregations grandparents to know whether or not the congregation is loyal. Why hold an Anti-Bible College view of their grandparents against them anyway.

I do not know whether or not there is a scriptural ground for a congregation at Fourth and K in Grants Pass that will have NO FELLOWSHIP ABSOLUTELY with the other but I doubt either the wisdom or scripturalness of such a group.

I am sending a copy of this correction to both the Firm Foundation and Gospel Guardian since I saw the report referred to in them. I feel certain that brethren Showalter and Tant will both want to correct what was said to the hurt of a sound congregation of the Lord.