Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 26, 1951

You Name It

J. L. Hines, Dallas, Texas

A congregation of people who have been immersed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for the remission of sins, and subscribes to the following:

1. Meets upon the first day of the week to break bread.

2. Contributes upon the first day of the week.

3. Sings without the accompaniment of mechanical instruments of music.

4. Has a robed choir on special occasions, singing special songs with all the trimmings.

5. Some sing while others HUM.

6. Has a Christian (?) college in the budget.

7. Has institutional orphan homes and old folks' homes, separate and apart from the church, in the budget.

8. Has a recreational program, with recreational director.

9. Has chapel in the church meeting-house, where special meetings, marriages, and funerals, may be had—with the use of musical instruments.

10. Has fellowship program, arranged by "fellowship committee."

11. Where elders and deacons are classified together as "THE BOARD."

These are only some of the things practiced and condoned by this congregation. The preacher and elders cannot see that the principle of supporting colleges and homes, which are separate institutions from the church, is the same as supporting a Missionary Society. Neither can they see that humming at the time of singing is on a par with the use of the organ with the singing.

Any preacher today who has faith and courage enough to cry out against these apostasies is classified as a crank, ostracized, marked, and all but "cast out of the church,"—and this they would do, too, if possible. The time will come when this will be done; for such is the spirit and attitude of this "church."

You Name It.