Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 12, 1951
NUMBER 10, PAGE 14-15


Garnie Atkisson, Lovington, New Mexico, June 28: "We closed a Vacation Bible School and meeting last Sunday night: Dean Brookshire of Plainview, Texas, assisted in the school and preached each evening: One was baptized. Brother Brookshire will return next year- A lady was baptized last night.'

Floyd Embree, 412 W. Centre, Artesia, New Mexico June 26: "Of late, there have been five to respond to the invitation, four were baptized and one restored: We are on station KSVP an average of four times a week: We have a large listening audience.'

Robert P: Cooper, 2201 Gordon St., Hopewell, Virginia, June 25: "Three have been baptized here since last report. June 10-21 Charles G. Lemons of Rockwood, Tennessee, was with us in a meeting. We had the best attendance from the outside world that we have ever had. Cooperation from nearby congregations was splendid: Brother Lemons is a sound preacher and will do any congregation good: Our Vacation Bible School will be conducted July 9-20. Several from nearby Fort Lee have been attending our services. The church meets at 300 West Cawson St.'

W: Clinton Brazle, 119 W: Lamme. Bozeman, Montana, June 22: "We were strengthened by gospel preaching in a recent exchange of meetings with the church in Helena, Montana. Brother Jack Church is fearless in his stand for the truth. One lady returned to her first love: Previous to the meeting two were baptized. A history of the church in Montana has been prepared and is available upon request. We would urge you to help in this wide area where only thirteen scattered congregations of the church are meeting. Four of the Montana preachers of the church are working for their own support. If you pass through Yellowstone Park this summer we urge you to worship with us.'

Archie L: Gee, 725 - 13th, Douglas, Arizona: "Attention Fort Huachuca, Arizona, members: Brother Joe Dees, 5048-A Knoxville, Ft. Huachuca, Ariz., is interested in meeting members of the church in that area, for the purpose of sharing rides to church services in Douglas, or to otherwise further the Cause of the Lord in that district. Write him if you know of a member there.'

W: Earl Mansur, Aurora, Mo., June 24: "Today marks the close of about six months work with this church. Although the time has been short we hope at least some good has been done. The church is enjoying peace and harmony. Next Sunday we will resume our labor with the young congregation in Montebello, California."

Jesse M: Kelley, 2905 Wingate, Nashville, Tenn: "Closed at Glenwood, Ark, the 5th with two baptisms. Am now in a meeting at Hopper, Ark., with two having been baptized to date. Go next to Grayville, Ill., for ten days beginning July 1.'

Chester M: Hill, Box 11, McGregor, Texas: "The work continues in a fine way. Three have been baptized since the last report. Our summer meeting begins July 6th with brother D. L. Ashly doing the preaching. Brother Dwight Warley will lead the singing. I will be in a meeting at Gould, Okla., starting the 20th of July and will lead the singing at Moody, Texas, in a meting starting August 5th."

John G: Bills, 4133 Middlesex Drive, San Diego 16, Calif-, June 18: "The work at Linda Vista corgregation of the Lord's church is going along fine. One baptized and three restored in last week. Two of our men out of the Men's Training Class did the preaching, which was well done: I preached at Imperial Beach where Linda Vista has established the work: Sunday was the first or opening day. We had three place membership with the work there and one, formally a Lutheran, was baptized. This group meets in the V.F.W. building, 123 Calla St., Imperial Beach. Please send names of any who live in Imperial. Beach, Palm City, or Coronado. Imperial Beach is in South Bay area, which is one of the fastest growing near here:'

W. D: Black, Box 592, Portales, N: M:, June 18: "The work at Forrest, N. M., is doing fine: One baptized by young brother Reagan of Tucumcari since last report: I preached in a meeting here; East State St. Church (new congregation in a new building) June 4th through 10th. Good crowds and fine interest. One restored. I am to be with T: R. Bankhead and the church in Cheyenne, Wyo:, July 1 through the 11th. Then on July 15th and 22nd 1 am to preach in Littlefield, Texas, while brother Harold Collard is out in meeting: I want to be kept busy in the Lord's work: If I can serve you in a meeting write me at the above address:"

James R: Lundy, Jr:, Box 87, Charlestown, Ind., June 26: "I am in contact with a preacher with 25 years experience both in located and evangelistic work. He desires to locate in South Texas. Write me and I will put you in touch with him. One was baptized in a recent meeting I conducted with the Jeffersonville, Ind., church. B: C: Morton, Jr., is the evangelist for that fine congregation. The work here continues about as usual. Our meeting is to be held July 22-August 2, with brother Jesse M: Kelley, Nashville, Tenn., doing the preaching. If you haven't made any arrangements for your meetings in 1952, write me at the above address. I can furnish recommendations."

Hoyt Bailey, 517 West State, Enid, Okla.: "We had near record attendance June 24 and three restored.'

J: L: Hines, 611 S. Mont Clair, Dallas, Texas: "Just in from Dayton, Ohio, where I had a good meeting—thirteen responses, five baptized. Great church at Haynes and Parrott streets, with brother Arther Atkinson, Jr., as the local preacher. Begin the 25th with Wisenburger church, Dallas."

Chester A: Gray: "Fine meeting at Philippi, W: Va., May 8th through 20th; three precious souls responded to heaven's invitation: I am now in a good meeting at Cameron, Ohio.'

W: 0. Hall, Albuquerque, N. M.: "One baptized recently at 5th and Marble. Have just concluded a meeting at Fritch, Texas, with four baptisms.'

Paul N. Jackson, Fort Cobb, Okla.: "The church at Fort Cobb, Okla., is in need of a full time preacher—would prefer a young married man. Anyone interested in the work here contact the elders of the church:'


Frank W: Swanson, 124 S. "G' St., Lompoc, Calif., June 25: "I began regular work with the church here June 3. Brother James Galbraith was the regular minister here before I came. Two young ladies were baptized June 11. If anyone knows of members who are at Camp Cook, which is ten miles from Lompoc, please write and let them know our meeting place in Lompoc is at Alpha Clubhouse, E. Ocean Ave. at "B' Street.'


C: G: Caldwell, Sr:, 1203 S. Green St., Glasgow, Ky., June 25: "The meeting at Hickory Grove was well attended. Five were baptized: Our meeting here at the Glasgow church will begin next Lord's day, July 1st. Brother Roy E. Cogdill will do the preaching, and brother Thomas L. Salmons of Chattanooga will direct the song service. One of the largest audiences we have had on Sunday evening was present last Sunday night. I spoke on the subject "Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ.' As a result, I baptized a baptist preacher and his wife last night. Too, a husband and wife, confessed wrongs and were restored last week.'


Sidney Astin, Box 452, Elizabethtown, Ky., June 28: "Frank Van Dyke recently closed a good meeting with the church in Elizabethtown, Ky. Arrangements were made with the local radio station and the evening services of the entire meeting were broadcast. Brother Van Dyke also spoke each morning over the local station for a fifteen minute period. There were two baptisms in the meeting. More people heard the truth in the meeting with brother Van Dyke than in any other previous meeting in the history of the congregation. At the present I am in good meeting with the congregation at Clarkson, Ky. I go next to Greensburg, Ky., to lead singing in a meeting with C. W. Scott. July 15th I begin with the congregation at French Camp, Miss.; July 30th at Big Clifty, Ky.; August 20th I will begin at Gladeville, Tenn.; and the second Sunday in September I will begin at New Hope, Ky. Recently in Elizabethtown there have been five baptisms. All of them adults and all of them left denominational error to come to the truth. Attendance, contributions and interest at Elizabethtown is at an all time high. We just completed a new four room addition and will begin using it this coming Sunday. Visit with us when passing through Elizabethtown via U. S. 31-W. I have time for two or three meetings in '52 that I'd like to fill. Contact me as above.'


W: N: Bohannon, Box 102 Fullerton, Calif., June 15: "The cause of Christ has been given great impetus for growth since brother Elbert Garretson began regular work for the church here. There have been several baptisms, some responses otherwise, and a number of funerals and marriages since his coming about six weeks ago. Brother Garretson is a fine teacher and preacher of the New Testament scriptures. He is yet in the younger class of preachers, though he has had ten or more successful years in evangelistic work, as well as regular congregational evangelism. He has the same approach to gospel themes as did most of the pioneers of our land. The one thing in common is their being more or less self made preachers, a thing lending much to their success in wielding the sword of the Spirit, the word of God. He, with his wife and three small children reside in the home by the church building and are anxious to contact or to be contacted by any and all who may be able to appreciate his counsel and assistance. My wife and I now reside at 242 E. Commonwealth Ave. just one block from the place of worship where we have experienced many ups and downs the last 24 years. The present church house doors have never been locked; and it is here we wish to enjoy a happy and successful finish in the worship and service of the Lord'


W: Curtis Porter, Monette, Ark., June 17: "Recently I moderated for brother Harold F. Sharp in his debate with Mr. Jim Balch, Baptist, at Dyess, Ark. This was brother Sharp's fourth debate, and he did a splendid job with Mr. Balch. He did not have as much competition as is necessary to make a debate what it should be, but even so, the debate was interesting and good should result from it. I see no reason why brother Sharp, with the experience that will come in debating, should not be among our best debaters. I predict that for him and hope that he may have many opportunities to defend the truth against false teaching . . . From May 29 to June 1 I was engaged in debate at Gleason, Tenn., with L. R. Riley, Missionary Baptist. Good crowds attended and we feel that good will result from this discussion. Many interesting things happened during this discussion. Perhaps someone else will report this debate . . : I returned home from Tennessee: filed my Sunday appointment nearby, and then headed for California for my check up with my doctors. I am now in California and have been getting my examinations for several days. My examinations are about complete, but I shall remain over for a four nights' debate in Oakland with Mr. A. G. Canada, Pentecostal. The discussion will be on the subjects of water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism. The first session will be held in the East Oakland church building and the next three sessions will be the large Oakland theatre auditorium. This auditorium could be secured for three nights only. Large crowds are expected . . . As soon as this debate is over I shall likely go to Southern California to remain over Sunday and then home again. I am to begin a meeting with the church in Holland, Mo., on Monday night, July 2. After that I shall assist in a meeting at the Union Central congregation between Faragould and Marbaduke, Ark. These meetings will be near enough home that I can drive back and forth each night.'


Hoyt Bailey, 517 West State, Enid, Okla.: "During my first twelve months with the congregation here, we have increased attendance, membership, and contributions, also started a weekly bulletin, a weekly radio program, appointed five more deacons, and on January 1, we began construction of a new building which will provide adequate room for 600 in Bible study and for between 500 and 600 in the auditorium. My meeting with Belview Heights. Birmingham, Ala., resulted in three baptisms and two restorations. The Belview congregation is about two years old, has grown to approximately 230 in membership, has built and paid for a $45,000 brick building, and it has bought one of the nicest homes that I have seen provided for a preacher. The many friends coming from various sections of Alabama to attend the meeting helped to make it one of the most enjoyable of my life. Flavil H. Nichols had been preaching for Fairview until part of the congregation went to start Belview, and he has been with Belview since its beginning.'