Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 12, 1951

"Truth Advance" --- And Retreat — No. 3

H. H. Dunn, Huntington, Arkansas

In two paragraphs on page 13 of the special number of Truth Advance, Mr. Chambers labors to show that Christ is not seated on David's throne but will be when he comes again and closes his remarks with these words: "David's throne is not in heaven and never was. How readest thou?' Again we will let his Star Witness, Mr. Campbell, answer him with the closing words of his answer to Mr. Anderson:

"But one fact is not seen by these neophytes who assume so much on this subject. (Pretty hard charge. H.H.D.) It is this, THAT DAVID'S THRONE WAS ORIGINALLY THE THRONE OF GOD, and David was but his representative. JEHOVAH HIMSELF WAS KING OF ISRAEL, and when Israel repudiated him, he gave them in his anger what they sought i.e. "A KING LIKE OTHER NATIONS,' but he would merely deputize him and authorize him by an unction in his name, thereby constituting him "THE LORD'S ANOINTED." This is the mystery which none of these theological adventurers have yet been taught.

The kings of Europe and the Pope are yet hugging a kindred delusion. They suppose that the Pope's Chrism is the holy oil; and that the kings of Europe are severally the Lord's anointed. A few lessons to priests and modern kings, and even to his grace of Canterbury, on this subject, might do them no harm. But as certainly as Aaron was God's high priest, alone and exclusively, so David and his sons were God's only anointed kings, and just as exclusively and alone, as Jesus of Nazareth is his only begotten son and heir of the throne in the heavens—- therefore with literal and exact truth after his resurrection, he said, all sacerdotal, political, regal and divine authority, in heaven and earth, were his, and only his, and his forever. God reigned on earth in the persons of Judah's kings on David's throne. But after the Jews said, —"This is the heir, come let us kill him and seize the inheritance," he translated the Throne of David to heaven and placed his son upon it, and there it will continue as the seat of the Lord Jesus Christ till all his enemies fall before him.

And here we shall pause for the present. A.C."

Now, I am sure that Mr. Campbell was too might in the scriptures for such beginners as Editor Chambers and those like him of this day just as he was too mighty for the neophytes a hundred years ago. If I were a premillennialist, I would stay just as far away from Mr. Campbell as possible. The mighty truths that he taught will ruin their theory.

Another paragraph of Editor Chambers writing on page 13, Sp. No. T. A. "Does not the premillennial view involve a second chance?' Note his answer. "Never." "Second chance' means a chance to repent after death- WANTED: The name of any representative man of premillennial views who teaches that."

Well, here is the name: Herbert W. Armstrong. Address, Box 111, Eugene, Oregon. Is he premillennial? He certainly avows that he is. Is he representative? From the amount of his writing and radio preaching over a national network, he would surely be so considered. Does he teach Mr. Chambers second chance, i.e. a chance to repent after death? Let him say: "The amazing, startling TRUTH is that this is NOT the age in which God is trying to save all the world! It is not the ONLY day of salvation! Rather, we are nearing, now, the end of the six working days of the millennial week allotted '. O Satan!' Predestination, p. 4. Now again, p. 3. "Thousands are grieving over departed loved ones who had never made a profession of Christ. Perhaps over one who really lived wickedly; perhaps over one who lived a good life in the worldly sense, but still had never accepted Christ or been converted. Still others grieve because of doubt—they are not sure whether some loved one died saved. If this article does no more than dispel some of this needless grief, and bring a little more enlightenment and COMFORT to some of our readers, it will have been worth while.' Again, p. 13 "And so it follows, now, that most of our loved ones who have died unsaved in all probability did not die LOST! In all probability they were not called, during this age. But their call is coming later. They shall be resurrected back to life, and given their fair chance!" Did Mr. Armstrong speak of those who had never heard while they first lived here? Let him answer: "They may have heard it preached. Hundreds of thousands hear it every week through "THE WORLD TOMORROW' broadcast. But most of them do not really grasp it—they do not really UNDERSTAND! p. 12. Editor Chambers asked for the name of one representative man of premillennial views who teaches that one will have a chance to repent after death. He has the name. The two make a very good team of neophytes. Selah.