Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 24, 1971

Our Aim

William C. Sexton

Aims or goals restrict method and activities. That is: one is governed in his activities and in the methods he employs by WHAT he is trying to accomplish. At times we are asked why we "do not" engage in a particular activity or perhaps why we "do" engage in a particular activity, in the church of Christ. Being unaware of our GOAL, people are unable to see WHY we leave something out or why we include others in our religious services. In light of this, I present here a few of our GOALS, hoping that when the goal is recognized the WHY of the act will be apparent.

1. We aim to present Christ and Him crucified to mankind. That is, we have as a goal — to present JESUS as THE CHRIST: the one sent by the Father to teach man, and to offer man a savior. Also, we seek to present JESUS as THE LORD — the ruler of man: the person who has ALL authority now; the one to whom each MUST go to find salvation. He is the one to whom each must go who would serve God today. Jesus came. He was the Son of God. He died for man. He was resurrected. He ascended to heaven. Now he resides there at the right hand of God. He shall judge each of us at the end, and He shall do it according to His word — left behind in the New Testament! Men are "Christians," in the New Testament sense of the word, ONLY when they do what Christ says men MUST do to be BORN AGAIN! Many are ignorant of this message. One of our primary goals is to get this message to as many persons as possible!

2. A second goal is to teach and persuade men to WORSHIP GOD! Significantly, man actually worships God only when he does not add to NOR take from what the scriptures authorize man to do in worship. We are aware of the fact that many are not concerned about appealing to the spiritual needs of man nor supplying the same. Most are not content to remain within the realms set by the Bible. Many are set on providing the fleshly man with food and exercises thereof; therefore, their acts and methods are in harmony with their goals. However, our aim is not to satisfy the fleshly needs but rather the spiritual and be governed completely by the scriptures. Therefore, what we do in our worship, it should be expected — comes from the New Testament; if it is not to be found therein, we leave it out; if we are doing something that many churches leave out, it is because the New Testament teaches us to do it! If we are leaving out something that many churches do, and we admit that this is true, then we ask that you bring its the passage from the New Testament that tells us to do it. If you can produce the passage, we promise to incorporate it into our services; but until we are presented the passage, we'll remain dormant relative to this activity.

3. A third goal of ours is — to SAVE SOULS. It is our conviction that if we succeed in many other things, we will utterly fail, if we do not save SOULS! Jesus came to seek and save the LOST, (Luke 19:10). His disciples were told "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mk. 16:15). That is the mission of the church, if we read the scriptures correctly. For Paul said that the church is the "pillar and ground of the truth." (I Tim. 3:15). Furthermore, Jesus said "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." (Mk. 16:16). Thus it is our duty, as the children of God, to be ruled by Jesus, the Son of God. We are in fact ruled by Him, only when we allow Him to determine the purpose for which we labor and the manner in which we labor! He specifies WE T we are to be doing; and He specifies what the results w mean. If we fail to engage in the activities that He specifies, we cannot possibly achieve the goal He has for us. Neither can we accomplish what He has for us, if we do not tell men the true story nor require them to do as He commands. This is why we leave some things UNDONE! If we had another goal, then we'd be active in other things and employing other methods. But we are restricted in our activities and methods by the goal we have in mind.

We hope that this might help some to see why we do what we do and leave other things undone. We are always open to efforts to present us with testimony from the New Testament as to the enlargement of our duty. We give opportunity to those who feel that we have strayed from the direction of the Holy Scriptures; we invite and encourage their evidence. But we repel all efforts to persuade us to GO BEYOND THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN. We believe that we are on solid ground; we are concerned with the greatest commodity ever produced — the soul; we are concerned with eternity. So, if we seem to be overly zealous and particular, try to understand. Come, consider our motives, our goals, and our destiny.