Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 17, 1971
NUMBER 7, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace. — News Editor

NOTICE — PORT ELIZABETH BOND HOLDERS The Cape Road Church of Christ in Port Elizabeth, Rep. of South Africa, requests all Bond Holders to send photostat Copies of their bonds to attorneys Markman, Cohen and Jankelowitz, P. O. Box 713, Port Elizabeth. South Africa.

Lake Road Lecture Series

Dyersburg, Tennessee AUGUST 2 — 6, 1971 (Afternoon Services August 3 — 6)

EUGENE BRITNELL — THEME: SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF OUR DAY Should we down the establishment? What about the communications gap? How tolerant should we be — what should we accept? what should we reject? Hear these and other questions answered TUESDAY thru FRIDAY at 2:00 P.M.

ROY COGDILL — THEME: I & II TIMOTHY and TITUS Preachers, when was the last time you even read these letters? I know of no man more qualified to discuss these letters with others who are dedicated to preach Christ. Hear these lessons TUESDAY thru FRIDAY at 3:00 P.M.

DOUG BURGESS SR. — THEME: THE BIBLE AND EVOLUTION A constant effort is being made by Atheists to capture the minds of our youth. Many textbooks in our public schools lead our children to question the Biblical account of creation. Strengthen your faith by hearing this scientist MONDAY thru FRIDAY at 7:00 P.M.

ROBERT JACKSON — THEME: THE WILL OF CHRIST AND ITS CONTESTANTS The world is filled with people contesting the will of Christ through their disobedience to the gospel, adherence to human opinions, loyalty to tradition, etc. Examine your own attitude by hearing this theme discussed MONDAY thru FRIDAY at 8:00 P.M.

NOTICE: A limited number of homes will be available for sleeping. Also a limited number of motel rooms will be available for $4.00 to $5.50 per person. If you plan to come, and want our help in making arrangements, please write to us at P.O. Box 154, Dyersburg, Tennessee 38024

From A Norwegian Newspaper:

The American film hero, recording artist and multimillionaire Pat Boone will, during the summer, be the drawing card for meetings of the Pentecostal Movement which is arranging around about in Sweden.

It is the Pentecostal Movements Grand Old man, editor Lewi Pethrus that persuaded Pat Boone, during a visit to Hollywood, to be with them.

Pat Boone underwent a religious conversion 2 years ago. He is no longer the teenage idol he used to be but he still belongs to the best paid branch.

NOTE: The Gospel Guardian has carried articles regarding the "The 1971 Preacher's Workshop." We are now presenting brother J. D. Thomas' evaluation of the event. It came to us as a "news release," therefore we print it here as a news report, by brother Thomas.

W. E. W.

The 1971 Preacher's Workshop J.D. Thomas

This evaluation is purposefully late because of waiting to receive expressions from brethren, and has been further delayed by illness, hospitalization, income tax season, et cetera.

The best comment of all, in our view, received about the Workshop came from one preacher in attendance, who said:

"After attending this Preachers Workshop, I am now seriously considering Abilene Christian College as the place for my two daughters to continue their educations."

Other comments do not rise to this level, yet without doubt it is one of the most appreciated events ever held by ACC on behalf of the brotherhood. Of responses received at the evaluation luncheon, 290 affirmed the workshop to be a positive contribution, 1 was negative, and 5 were undecided. Favoring a yearly Workshop session were 291, with 1 negative, and 4 undecided. From the many reactions we quote a few:

"Of more value than any meeting I've attended."

"I think this fulfills a need that we especially have at the present. It is fine!" "Finest single activity I have ever attended."

"I believe only good can come from discussing these things."

"ACC, in my opinion, made a greater contribution to mutual understanding and true brotherhood than has been made heretofore."

"Several points of difference among brethren brought out during the Workshop proved we are not as far apart as we thought."

"It has helped clear the air. I know now what was suspected of some speakers and find it easier to love them without agreeing with them."

"Though no problems completely resolved, greater understanding and communication were created or strengthened."

"A very fine spirit was manifested by practically all participants. I feel that meetings of this kind can accomplish a lot."

"Great to see this many brethren of different views able to meet in this spirit. Many said it couldn't be done."

"A real stimulant to my faith in the brotherhood."

"This study of truth has stimulated a renewed study of the Word."

"It is refreshing to exercise the application of love and consideration while honestly searching for the truth of the questions considered. It proves that Christians can differ on points and try to overcome the differences while still being Christian."

"It is the best event I have ever attended among preachers."

There was criticism, of course, but most of it was constructive, being suggestions for improvement in the details of future Workshops. Non-constructive criticism was very minor in the overall picture and was mostly directed at individual participants as to attitude or argument.

Only a very few cases did anyone reflect upon the format and conduct of the Workshop itself, in the sense that they believed that it or parts of it were "staged."

The constructive criticism calls for a more complete "thinking through" of the ground rules and a clearer communication of these to all the participants. The greatest single point of criticism was that some apparently thought this was to be a regular debate. The second point of greatest criticism was about members of the ACC Bible Faculty using the "question" period for "discussion" when others were not accorded the privilege.

Many approved the general format as is, but several others felt that we had too many topics and too little time. Their feeling was that we should in the future take more time for the papers, the reactions, and thus get closer toward solving some of the problems, and let other problems wait until another year. There was strong criticism by a few on not publishing the papers, and not permitting tape recorders, but most were in agreement with the stated purpose of using the Workshop for the re-establishment of communication and the bringing together face to face of brethren with diverse viewpoints. These were the major considerations in having the Workshop in the first place. We can never settle our differences until we learn to honestly love one another, and the scripture requires us to "be of one mind." From a view of the reactions received, it would appear that some of the brethren "don't want to love" those with whom they differ, but rather would "pound the truth into their system" and force them to swallow it. My own personal reaction to this attitude is that it is at present impossible, even if right. Surely in the light of New Testament teaching we do have the obligation to "love one another," and we ought not to knock it until we have tried it! This obligation extends to all penitent, baptized believers regardless of whether they are presently teaching the whole counsel of God with a 100% soundness.

Abilene Christian College serves the children and parents of the entire brotherhood. There is probably not any one doctrinal segment of the whole brotherhood that is not represented in our student body every year. We expect to continue to serve all the brethren, and the Lord has laid upon us the obligation to love and help all that we can. Officially, therefore, in conducting the Workshop, Abilene Christian College expects to treat all Christians with courtesy and brotherly consideration. This does not mean that the "College" endorses the views of any participant, or that any of our individual teachers endorse such views. Each man may speak for himself. In the Bible Department we are committed to standing "first, last, and all the time" for the Bible as the inspired word of God, and for the divinity of Jesus Christ, as our cornerstone reads. We will not knowingly use Bible teachers who do not agree with these principles.

The ACC Bible faculty is committed to the teaching of Biblical truth, and that only, as our rule of faith and practice. Though we teach our preacher students to know something about what modern theologians claim, we do not teach this in the sense of approving such doctrines, but we want our preacher students to understand them so that they can oppose such doctrines in their ministry. We have always taught Catholicism and Mormonism and various other denominational doctrines in order to refute them and to defend the Biblical truth against them — in much the same way that a modern medical school teaches Cancer to its student physicians, in all its gruesome details! For a minister to be an effective servant of the Lord he has to be able to recognize spiritual diseases when he finds them. All of this does not mean that we approve of our graduates going out and "quoting modern theologians authoritatively" in contrast to scripture. In the Bible Department at ACC we are committed to teaching only the word as religious authority. In the light of this basic principle, we welcome questions or constructive criticism as any time.

We will have the Preachers Workshop next year and we will publish the new format and new ground rules in another article.

Luther G. Roberts, P. O. Box 2646, Freeport, Texas 77541, May 25: "I am to serve as moderator for James B. Lusby in his debate with Dwaine E. Dunning, of the St. Louis Christian College, St. Louis, Mo., on the question of music in praise to God. The propositions for the discussion are: The Scriptures teach that the kind of music Christians are to use in worship to God in singing; and, the use of (Mechanical) instruments are justified in the praise of God by Christians. Lusby will affirm the first two nights in the debate and Dunning will affirm the last two nights.

The discussion is to be conducted in the auditorium of the Central Church of Christ in Pampa, Texas June 14, 15, 17, 18, with the sessions to begin each night at 8:00 o'clock. The building is located at 500 N. Somerville in Pampa. Brethren in Pampa will provide places for visitors to stay while attending the discussion, as far as possible. I am to preach in Pampa June the 16th.

"My schedule for the remainder of the summer includes two meetings in Oregon, one at Canby to begin July the 11th and end Sunday morning July the 18th, and one in Dallas to begin Sunday night, July the 18th and to end the night of July 25th."