Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 10, 1971
NUMBER 6, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor


Preaching The Word:

ARIZONA: Floyd Thompson, of Garden Grove, California, at 5th & 12th in Yuma, May 17-23 ... CALIFORNIA: Ford Carpenter, of Spring and Delta in Long Beach, conducted a Singing School at Clovis, April 19-23 ... Leroy Posey, of Turlock, at Huntington Beach, April 25-30 ... Don Wilson, of Selma, at Pioneer Drive in Bakersfield, April 25 — May 1 George Harris, of Colton, at Home Gardens in Corona, May 2-7 ... Floyd Thompson, of Garden Grove, at Belmont Avenue in Fresno, May 3-9 and at Carmichael, June 7-11. W.W. Cassio, of Sunnyvale, at Madera, May 10-16 ... Otis Moyer, of Fresno, at Colton, May 16-21 ... Cecil Willis, of Marion, Indiana, at Canoga Park, May 16-23 ... Lectureship at Del Rosa in San Bernardino, May 16-21, with the following speakers: Duane Jensen, R.J. Stevens, Randy Swain, Calvin Essary, Norman DeWeese, George Harris, and Gerald Evans ... Lectureship at Tustin-Santa Ana, June 6-13, with the following speakers: Floyd Thompson, Glen Lovelady, Ralph Reese, Bill Fling, Larry Davidson, John Butts, Tom Baker, Fred Amick, Ted Keever, David Watts .. Homer Halley, of Temple Terrace, Florida, at Ontario, June 21-30 and at Mt. View in San Bernardino, July 4-11.

OREGON: Peter J. Wilson, of Salem, at Hillsboro, May 3-9 ... Ben Shropshire, Jr. at Hermiston, April 28 — May 5 ... H. Osby Weaver, of Canoga Park, California, at Roseburg, May 12-19 .. Homer Hailey, of Temple Terrace, Florida, at Eugene, June 14-20.

Ronald G. Lovelady: May 19, 1928 To April 30, 1971

It is with sorrow and sadness that we inform our readers of the tragic death of RONALD G. LOVE-LADY, gospel preacher of Brea, California. At the time of his passing, Ron was preaching for the church in Placentia, California, which he helped to establish, as well as being engaged in the printing business with his brother, Glen, in Wilmington, California.

Circumstances surrounding his untimely death are as follows: On Saturday evening, April 24, he was cleaning his garage floor with gasoline when something caused the fuel to ignite. He was immediately engulfed in flames, as were his car and garage. By the time he managed to extinguish the flames on his body, by diving into a nearby swimming pool, he had received 3rd degree burns over 86% of his skin surface. From his hospital bed for the next six days he fought valiantly and hopefully for life, but death came about 1:30 P. M. Friday, April 30,1971. Graveside services. attended by hundreds of near and dear loved ones and brethren, were conducted on May 4, at 2:00 P. M. with Bob Melear, of Ventura, California, speaking words of encouragement and hope to the bereaved family and friends. There, in Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, California, Ron's body was laid to rest, after but 42 years of life upon the earth.

Survivors include his faithful and loving wife, Geraldine; three sons: Kelsey, Kent and Ronald, all of Brea; one daughter, Mrs. Robin Lynn Woodside, of Oakland; his mother, Lela May Machey, of Bakersfield; two brothers John, of Glendale, and Glen, of Carson; and two sisters: Mrs. Lucille Davenport, of Santa Ana, and Mrs. Martha McCurdy, of San Jose.

To this bereaved family is extended the heartfelt sympathy of the faithful saints everywhere. Yet, we "sorrow not, even as the rest, who have no hope."

A New Congregation In Little Rock

Louis J. Sharp We are happy to report the establishing of a third conservative congregation in Little Rock. We are meeting at 7115 Blount Road in the southeast section of the city in a residential area that is described as the fastest growing section of Little Rock. We have obtained 2 acres of land with a small house on a street that is programmed for a future thoroughfare running east and west through this growing area. The location is excellent.

For the first four months of the year we have averaged 46 in attendance each Lord's Day morning. The other services are near that figure also. Our weekly contribution averages $313.41. Our record attendance has been 58, and record contribution $515.60. We are proud of the consistency of our work thus far. Much zeal is manifested in the work. We hope this will continue, and we believe that it will!

We have obtained a loan for the construction of an auditorium that will seat approximately 150. We are planning this as a temporary building, with plans for permanent buildings to come later. We will use the dwelling as class rooms until better accommodations can be arranged.

Two men are serving the congregation as preachers, brethren Louis J. Sharp and Fred Shoemaker. Both of us have done this type work before, both of us earn our living in secular work. We have other men in the congregation also who are capable speakers, and have been used on occasions.

The congregation was formed by members from the Arch street church and the Mabelvale Cut-off congregations. Seven families from Arch street and eleven families from Mabelvale Cut-off make up the nucleus of this church. Others have been added through membership or restoration. Two have been baptized.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve in establishing this new work. We believe it can become a real asset for the cause of conservative Christianity in our city. We hope to accomplish much good. We strongly feel this work was needed in this area of our city. We would be happy for any passing through to stop and worship with us.

KENT, WASHINGTON: Six baptized, one restored, in a recent meeting with Jerry Bassett doing the preaching.

HELP FOR PAUL K. WILLIAMS FAMILY! A friend of the Paul K. Williams family writes that she has visited the family in Johannesburg, South Africa recently. Paul and Helen Williams have five boys. Paul is preaching and Helen is working at a public job. Because of the educational set-up in South Africa the two oldest boys must come back to the states this summer. One will start to college, the other will be a senior in High School. They will leave South Africa on June 28th. While the Williams' have not made an appeal, it is clear that they need help in the travel expense of sending the boys back home to the states. If our readers would be of mind to help in this matter address your check to Paul K. Williams, 56 Maud Street, Florida, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa. Please make the check for "travel-fund." You can be assured that any help given to this great Williams family is money well placed."

DEBATE IN PAMPA, TEXAS JUNE 14, 15, 17, 18: On Instrumental Music in Worship. James B. Lusby debating with Professor Dunning. Members of the church invite visitors to stay in their homes during debate. Contact James B. Lusby, 500 N. Somerville, Pampa, Texas 79065.

PREACHERS RECOVERING FROM ILLNESS: Arnold Johnson of Haileyville, is recovering from heart surgery experienced in March....George Welsh Tyler of San Diego, Calif. is recovering from an heart attack suffered in April.

TOMMY THORNHILL is home from Norway and is available for meetings during the next year. The congregations supporting him will continue his support while he is in the states, so he can preach wherever needed. What he receives over his monthly salary will be used for his travel fund to return to Norway. Write him at 3109 Spruce Street, Tampa, Florida, 33607.

ROBERT S. SWAIN MOVING: "I want to announce that I will be leaving the work in Pine Mountain Valley to begin working with the York Road church in Charlotte the first Sunday in June. Anyone can contact me at 5327 York Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28310.

NEWS FROM A FOUR-STATE-AREA: Donald G. Collins Since moving to Joplin, Missouri last fall, two congregations have been established, one in Springdale, Arkansas, and the other in Joplin, Mo. If you are in this area at any time we invite you to visit these congregations of the Lord's people. The congregation in Springdale meets in the Legion Hall at Spring and Johnson Streets and in Joplin we meet at 2619 S. Main Street. The congregation in Joplin is the only conservative congregation in about a 70 mile radius, and we have a lot of opposition all around us.

Our plans for the summer call for a tent meeting every other week. If you are traveling in the area, be sure to plan on being with us in these meetings as many services as possible. If you have relatives or acquainted with some one living in this area, we urge that you write and inform them of the meetings and insist they attend, whether they be saint or sinner. Also, send us their names and addresses, and we will call on them.

I will list these meetings so that you may make a note of the time and place if you plan on being in the area during the summer. Also, that you may inform any one you may know in the area as to the date and place of the meeting nearest them. Of course, those of you who live in this area that read this paper, we invite and encourage you to support these meetings. I will be preaching in all meetings unless otherwise stated.

1. May 31- June 5, Elm Springs, Arkansas 2. June 9-16, Joplin, Missouri

3. June 21-26, Pea Ridge, Arkansas 4. July 5-10, Baxter Springs, Kansas

5. July 19-24, Neosho, Missouri--W.R. Jones, preaching 6. August 2-7, Miami, Oklahoma--Keith Sharp, preaching

7. August 16-21, Carthage, Missouri 8. September 6-11, Nevada, Missouri--Billy Moore, preaching

9. September 20-25, Granby, Missouri 10. October 10-17, Joplin, Missouri--Charles Boshart , preaching

There will be some other meetings during these months when time permits.

We have been working for some time in trying to get two other congregations established, and as of now things look favorable for them to come into existence during the summer. Pray for us, and them that hear the gospel.


"For the past year I have been supported by several churches while preaching in Sweetwater, Texas. Although our present plans are incomplete, we will leave this work some time this summer. Anyone interested in this work should contact the church at Box 606, in this city."

1003 East 12th Sweetwater, Tex. 79556

Ector, Texas-June Meeting

Edward A. Brouillette, regularly working with the church in Fremont, Calif. is to be with the church in Ector, Texas in a series of meetings from Sunday, June 27, through Friday, July 2. Lloyd Butts is the regular preacher.

ROBERT WAYNE LA COSTE: After almost two years here in Hereford, Texas, I have accepted the work in Cooper, Texas and will be moving there June 1st. My address at that time will be Rt. 1, Box 144, 75432. I am happy to report that while here the attendance of the church has doubled. Eight families have been identified, five restored and three baptized. Attendance is now in the 60's. Moving here to work with the church after my departure is Bro. A. A. McInroe. I bid the brethren here God's speed, and we ask all to visit us at the work in Cooper.

LEO ROGOL: "I was in a gospel meeting at Cyclone May 3-9th. Interest was very good and attendance was high. I am to be at Hodgenville, May 24-30th. Then June 14th-19th I will be at Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, for their vacation Bible school. They are helping me with their support. Brother Caldwell is to hold our Fall meeting this year. Jim Needham is going to hold us a meeting in July and also Robert Welch will hold one later on. This will be three meeting s this year. Rt. 4, Box 39, Greensburg, Ky. 42743.