Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 10, 1971

A Red Man Looks At Vinson

F. A. Smiddy

It is hard for me to unemotionally answer an article such as that printed in The Gospel Guardian under the title, "The Racial Problem in America." I, as a Christian may not return evil for evil. I must turn the other cheek. The strongest language I may use is, "The Lord rebuke thee."

I must apologize for my clothing I'm wearing, as no doubt they may make my article appear to be that of a buffoon, but I'm fresh out of blankets and beads.

I've always felt sorry for the white man and I know my black brother does too. After all, when he first came to this country and brought his culture (small pox and syphilis) we were most ungrateful. We gave him food to help him get through a hard winter. And when he killed and took our land and captured us for slaves, do you think we showed the proper appreciation? To our everlasting shame we made very poor slaves. We died under the kind treatment and the poor white man was forced to look for hardier specimens. He had to go all the way to Africa and capture the black man. And they didn't appreciate it either. Why, sometimes nearly all of them were so ungrateful that they died below decks before they could even get to America to enjoy all the good things the beneficent white man had in store for them.

The editor and the much put upon journalist think that the black man should be sent back to the lands of their forefathers. Can you give me any reason why the white man shouldn't go back to where he came from? We didn't invite you. You are even now living on land over which you shed much Indian blood to steal. Do you think might makes right?

You speak of and quote what you call great men. How great they are might be a matter of viewpoint! I won't call him great because I don't think he would want me to, but I would also like to quote something from a very good man. Booker T. Washington, the founder of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama once said something I like. He said, "I will allow no man to bring me so low as to make me hate him." So Brother Vinson I will be a brother to you even if you are not one to me. If you will tell me how much money you think we have stolen from you, I will try to replace it. It I have to make it out in payments, I will return it to you. I will send it to you via THE GOSPEL GUARDIAN so that everyone may know that we are returning that which we stole.

And as far as your being superior to me or my black brother, why that's alright with me. This world is not my home any way. I'm content to wait for heaven. And if you .are superior to me there also, why its still alright. I'm perfectly willing to submit myself to my Father because I will be judged by things other than color.

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