Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 6, 1971
NUMBER 1, PAGE 10-13

The Faith In Foreign Fields

By Donald R. Givens 4349 Vassar, Port Arthur, Texas 77640

This news column will be devoted to the work of the Lord "overseas" or in foreign fields. The term "overseas" is not absolutely accurate (for example: Mexico and Canada are not "overseas,") so we have titled our column "The Faith In Foreign Fields." We use the term "foreign" only in the sense of being "foreign" to the United States. To our good brethren in Africa, Australia or elsewhere...we Americans are the foreigners!

This news column will serve a two-fold purpose: 1) To inform, and 2) to inspire. We hope to inform brethren everywhere of the progress of The Faith in areas outside the fifty states. Secondly, we desire to inspire more individuals and congregations to take a vital interest in and support of the spread of the gospel in foreign fields.

Your reporter will do an imperfect job, and will therefore need the help of readers everywhere; especially the help of sound brethren overseas. Here are four ways in which you can be of immense help to this column:

1. If you are preaching the gospel outside of the 50 states, send us pertinent information regarding the Lord's cause where you are. This includes both "native" and American evangelists.

2. If your congregation prints a "newsletter" regarding overseas work of faithful brethren — put us on your mailing list.

3. If you support or receive reports from brethren overseas — send us pertinent items.

4. And last, but not least in importance, read the column regularly (it will appear every month or so) and "lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white already unto harvest. He that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal; that he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together." (John 4:35,36) Let us rejoice together with our brethren in other lands.

This first report will necessarily be fragmentary, but as we obtain more news, following columns will be more informative. News items will be divided by continent:


Much gospel teaching has been and is being done on this continent. Especially are faithful found in Nigeria and South Africa. Wayne Payne is preaching presently in Nigeria. We understand thousands of dollars have been contributed by brethren in the U.S. for needy saints suffering from the "Biafran" conflict. Samuel Odewumi preaches in Mushin, Lagos State, supported by Thomas Blvd. church in Port Arthur, Texas. He reports baptisms every month.

Brethren Paul Williams, Ray Votaw, Pete Joubert, Gavin DuToit, and others are spreading The Faith in South Africa. We would appreciate sound brethren all over Africa sending us concise reports of their work.


Many brethren are remaining faithful to Christ in the Philippines. Several native preachers are working there; many supported by U.S. churches. Connie Adams and J. T. Smith are going to spend the month of May preaching and teaching in the Philippine Islands. Perhaps we will have a report from them after their return.

Bro. Charles Gentry, 3602 Rush Place, Hobart, Ind. 46342, is planning to leave for Japan in August for about three years. He would be happy to hear from anyone who can help financially. There are "few faithful Christians in that country" he states. Brethren W. C. Hinton, Jr., Robert Nichols, and Sewell Hall have preached in Japan in years gone by.

Brethren in Asia — contact us.


Tom Bunting returned from Norway last year after laboring faithfully in that country. Carl McCullough is going to return again to spread The Faith in Belfast, North Ireland. We need some brother in Europe to gather information and send to us.


Much gospel work has been done in Australia and The Faith continues there. Robert F. Turner has spent about three months there preaching in several meetings. Jim Sasser and Tommy Poarch labor there. Roland McDowell and other Australian evangelists are working diligently. We will have much more to say regarding our brethren in Australia in a later report.

AMERICAS (Excluding U.S.A)

Several U.S. preachers are laboring in Canada, plus many fine Canadian preachers. Among the many evangelists spreading The Faith in our northern neighbor are Dave Bradford at Calgary; Marvin Noble at Medicine Hat; and Norman Fisk at Lethbridge, all in Alberta. In Ontario Peter McPherson has done much work in Bancroft; John Wallace in Odessa; John Whitfield in Wellandport; Jerry Sayre in Haliburton; and Jim Nicholson works with the Lord's church at Jordan, Ontario. The Jordan church has sacrificially supported The Faith in many places in Canada. Bro.G.A. Corbett, an elder in the congregation at Jordan writes that Jordan is doing all they can and "if you hear of a congregation who can and would like to have a part in the work in Ontario the following men would be happy to hear from them: Peter McPherson, Box 445, Bancroft; Jerry Sayre, R.R. 1, Minden; John Wallace, Odessa; and John Whitfield, Smithville; all in Ontario. These men are doing a good job."

Much work is being done in Mexico, especially along the border. We ask all our Mexican brethren to send us newsletters and information on Mexico will appear in subsequent columns.

Mack Kercheville recently returned from a preaching tour in South America. Five meetings were held; three in Chile, and two in Argentina. Ten were baptized.

We desire to see the faith flourish in all foreign fields as well as here at home. Send us concise ( the point!) reports, and we will do our best (which will be far short of perfect) to inform and inspire.

Until our next column appears remember: "The harvest indeed is plenteous, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth laborers into his harvest." (Luke 10:2)

— D.R.G.

Preaching The Word:

California: Clyde O. Goff & John Coffman, of San Diego, at Redondo Beach, March 21-26 Luther G. Roberts, of Freeport, Texas, at Mira Loma, March 22-28 Maurice Barnett, of Phoenix, Arizona, at El Cajon, March 22-28 Dennis Kilgo, of Bellflower, at Calimesa, March 28-April 3 Gordon Wilson, of St. Louis, Missouri, at Clairemont Mesa in San Deigo, March 29-April 4 Bill Fling, of Huntington Beach, at Oceanside, April 5-11 Forrest Moyer, of Bellflower, at Napa, March 29-April 4 and at East San Diego, April 12-18 RA. Stevens, of Mt. View in San Bernardino, at Greenwood Village in Houston, Texas, April 11-16 and at Southside in Pasadena, Texas, April 18-23 Don Wilson, of Selma, at Studebaker Road in Long Beach, April 12-18 Lloyd Moyer, of El Cerrito, at the V.F.W. Hall in Ventura, April 18-23 Otis Moyer, of Fresno, at Turlock, April 18-23 Peter J. Wilson, of Salem, Oregon, at Montebello, April 19-25 Lectureship at Fontana, April 25-30 with the following speakers: Calvin Essary, George Harris, John Trokey, Ted Beever, Max Bradford, and Glen Lovelady George Harris, of Colton, at Home Gardens, May 2-7 Brent Lewis, of Studebaker Road in Long Beach, at Montclair, May 10-16.....Lectureship at Santa Susana, May 16-22 with the following speakers: Arthur Atkinson, Lalo Enriquez, Jady Copeland, John Collins, L.L. Stout, Bob Melear, Homer Walker, and Claude Worley.

Sifting The Mails:

"A new congregation will meet in Kerman, California the first Sunday in April, 1971. The membership will be made up of families from Parksdale in Madera and East Belmont in Fresno. For the time being the congregation will meet in the old City Hall building on Sundays and in the home of Bro. & Sis.Quincy Nash, 767 9th St, on Wednesday evenings. Bro. Gabriel Ortiz, who has recently moved to this area to work with the Spanish-speaking people here, will be temporarily working with these brethren as an evangelist while carrying on Bible studies with the Mexican people. His work with this new congregation is only temporary, until they are able to secure the services of an Anglo preacher. If the Spanish church starts before another preacher can be secured, Bro. Ortiz probably will, for awhile, preach for both congregations."

— Don Brown, 29111 Avenue 13 1/2 , Madera, Calif. 93637

"Last April I concluded about 5 years work of preaching at Pioneer Drive in Bakersfield. Since that time we have been worshipping with the small church in Porterville. We have been meeting in the Eagles Hall at 97 West Henderson but are starting a small building next week. We hope to be in the new building by June 1. This is a good location, just west of Highway 65 By-Pass on Linda Vista. Highway 65 is the most direct route for reaching Sequoia Park, Kings Canyon and other recreational areas in Tulare and southern Fresno counties from the South. We would appreciate any visitors worshipping with us."

— Roy E. Gulley, 1340 East Ash Avenue, Tulare, Calif. 93274


There are several changes of preachers being made in this area during the next few months. A detailed report of such moves and those involved will be forthcoming at a later date Several new songs have been written and published by R.J. Stevens, Claude Worley, and myself, in sheet form, suitable for paste-ins. They sell for .05 per sheet and free sample copies will be sent upon request. Order from: Claude E. Worley, 809 No. Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210 The elders of the church here in Ontario, where I have labored for several years, have agreed to support me in some additional "mission meetings," providing the congregation assisted is truly in need of such meeting and is worthy and deserving of such assistance. Congregations "way out west" that may be in need of my assistance in this respect, please contact me as soon as possible. — Robert A. Bolton BY THE WAY: "We often wonder just who lost all the faults that are found!"


NEW SONGS: Robert A. Bolton has sent us some samples of new songs on the market. They are printed on sheets which can be pasted in your present song book. Some of the titles: "The Love and Power of God", "A Prayer In Song", "A Sermon In Song", "Precious Communion", "The Bible Is Our Guide." For information and copies write Claude E. Worley, 809 N. Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills, California 90210.

The Smith-Miller Debate on Baptism In The Name of Jesus Only is a pamphlet selling for 50 cents. We have them in stock.

"Women Teachers In The Church" and "The Christian Woman and Her Hair" are tracts by Glenn Begley. He doesn't believe women ought to teach nor have "short hair". He sets forth his positions in these tracts. Order direct from Glenn Begley, Route 3, Xenia, Ohio 45385.

NEW AMERICAN STANDARD VERSION OF THE BIBLE: It should be ready for mailing by the time you read this. It sells for $10.95. Contains all the Bible — Old and New Testaments. Folks have been awaiting this for a long time. Publisher (Creation House, Inc.) promised it to be ready in April. We are awaiting a shipment. Place your order now, we'll probably have them when we get your order.

"We Can Do A Better Job" by Sherman L. Cannon is a new book of church leadership. Some of the subjects covered: "Why The Scarcity of Leaders", "Morale Within The Congregation — How To Improve It", "Successful Business Meetings", "Hiring a Preacher", "Response to Opposition". There are other practical and relevant subjects covered. $1.50.

KENNETH HIRSHEY: "I am moving to Omaha, Nebraska in May 1971. Anyone knowing of a sound church in or near there, or families I can contact to start a new work please write me at 5007 Wyaconda, Hannibal, Missouri 63401. All first class mail will be forwarded."

News Item: "Rockford, Illinois — A Baptist minister says, as a profession, the ministry is held highest among America's professional people, but as a person the preacher is a laughing stock. The Rev. Everett Lemay, pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, Ill., said in a speech at a ministers conference that the greatest problem 'I have in relation to other pastors is that people do not respect me because of what they know about some other pastor. They lump us all together.' Lemay said some of the ministers' shortcomings are professional incompetence, failure to meet financial obligations, laziness and dominance by outspoken parishioners. He said ministers need to be cautious in areas of ambition, public respect, personal spiritual life and moral integrity."

SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA: "Since they began meeting in January this year, attendance has grown to an average of 30. Members have enlarged the auditorium, added baptistry and dressing room. Members drive from a radius of 50 miles. Five congregations and two individuals are helping support this work in this city of 15,000. If you know of people who may be interested in meeting with this group contact: Eugene Edwards, Box 936, Aberdeen, N.C. 28315 or Marvin Kelley, Box 5512, Sanford, N.C. 27330.

PREACHER NEEDED IN MILBRIDGE, MAINE. "I will be moving to Douglas, Indiana July 1, 1971 to begin work there with this congregation. The brethren here in Milbridge need and desire a preacher to work with them. They are able to supply $200 monthly toward his support. The attendance average in the low 80's on Sundays. This is a "hard" area for the work of an Evangelist but it needs a man who is willing to work under the most trying circumstances. Denominations have "run free" in this area for years without being "buffeted" with the Truth. Any one desiring to come here and work may contact me at the address below or Mr. Owen Beal, Kansas Road, Milbridge, Maine 04658.

"I wish to thank all the congregations who have had a part in the support of the work here in Milbridge over the past 2-years. Scores of souls have been restored and 17-baptized into Christ. God richly bless each of you for your displayed concern for the souls of the lost!!

— W.C. Sandefur, Box 186, Milbridge, Maine 04658 La iglesia de Cristo that meets in 340 Nayarit St. Reynosa, Tamps., Mex. conducted a Gospel meeting during March 28 thro. April 2, with Bro. Wayne Partain doing the preaching. Three were baptized. Horary of regular services:

Sunday: 10:00 A.M. — 5:00 P.M.

Tuesday and Friday: — 7:00 P.M.

— Roberto Spencer V.