Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 22, 1971

Some Thoughts On The Lord's Supper

Wayne McDaniel

It is important to every sincere Christian that he have meaningful participation with Christ in His supper (Mt. 26:29). Some frustration comes when the mind can not find fulfilling thoughts. A number of facts may be contemplated with profit. May I suggest some reflections on the supper that call appreciation from my heart and help me share in His sacrificial spirit.

The bread represents His body and calls to mind the extreme physical pain He accepted in bearing our sins. In this suffering He did for us what we would not have done for ourselves. What man would have accepted the dreadful "death of the cross," even to cleanse his own soul? But now, with the hope of immortality He has brought to light, many who claim Christ would suffer and die rather than renounce Him.

The fruit of the vine represents His blood and calls to mind the offering of His sinless life. In this Christ did for us what we could not have done for ourselves. Our sins have separated us from God. Even if one would pour out his life, it would not suffice as a sin offering, for we all are blemished and separated from God by our sins. Only His life-blood can cover our guilty souls.

When we acknowledge our fearful selfishness and total dependence upon His sacrifice, our thanks flow freely and we are led to partake of His sacrificial spirit. Thus strengthened, we go forth as living sacrifices that show forth his glory and love.

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