Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 15, 1971

Sex Education Confederate Money

Bennie P. Ener

What possible connection can confederate money and sex education have? None as far as I know. But the old saying, "save your Confederate money, the South will rise again," did remind me of an incident that happened a while back.

While sitting in my study my eyes came to rest on an attach case. I knew the case was overstuffed with material pertaining to the controversy concerning "Sex Education in the School." Across most of the nation a little more than a year ago this was a mighty hot religious and political issue. As I looked at the attach case I pondered doing away with its contents. The case could be put to a more active use; and after all, "Sex Education" is a dead issue — or so I thought.

My life is governed generally by the philosophy, "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow." So, consequently, I did not destroy the material at the thought of doing so. As a whole, the aforementioned philosophy is not the most advisable; however, this is one time it reaped beneficial results. That very evening the local television news stated that the Dallas Public Schools were instituting a program of sex education beginning in January, 1971. This was followed by an announcement in the daily papers of this fact.

It is doubtful if any true Son of Dixie would suggest, "keep your Confederate money, the South will rise again;" but based on experience, may we suggest "keep your sex education material?" THE ISSUE IS NOT DEAD! - Greenville, Texas