Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 15, 1971

News And Notes

BOOKS NEEDED: "I have great need for copies of the following books: "Millions Now Living Shall Never Die;" "Children," "Harp of God;" "Studies in the Scriptures" (by C. T. Russell); "Reconciliation;" "Jehovah;" "Make Sure of all Things;" "Salvation;" "Government;" "Deliverance," "New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures." (All these are Jehovah's Witness publications).

Also needed are: "Doctrine and Covenants;" "Pearl of Great Price;" "Articles of Faith" (Talmage). (All Mormon publications).

I find that members of these two sects will not always accept a "quote" from their publications, unless the book can be produced containing the quotation. If any of the readers can help me obtain any or all of these books, it will help me greatly. Darwin Chandler, 611 S. Lee Street, Alvin, Texas 77511.

"FOR SALE: Preacher's personal library. Everything must go: Will sell entire library for $500.00 plus shipping costs. Write: Marshall Norman, 313 Magnolia, T or C, New Mexico 87901."

PREACHER NEEDED: "We will be looking for a preacher to work with the church that meets in Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia after June 1st. We have a three bedroom house and are self-supporting. If interested write Robert E. Cook RFD No. 2, Hamilton, Georgia 31811 or call 404-628-4652."

EVANGELIST NEEDED: "Small self supporting South Arkansas congregation needs an Evangelist to work and help spread the gospel in Arkansas. If you are a good man interested in moving to South Arkansas, please write or call Donavan D. Parsons, Jr. or John H. Storey, P. O. Box 434 El Dorado, Arkansas, 71730 Area Code 501-862-5963 or 501-862.4396."

ARKANSAS MEETINGS: Marked Tree, Ark. July 26 to August 1st preacher, Olin Kern. Blytheville, Ark. 13th and Main church of Christ August 2-8 preacher, Wayne Earnest.

NEW ELDERS: The church in Mira Loma, California is happy to announce that as of June 20th, 1971, Bill Aldridge and Hillary Swindell were appointed elders of the congregation.

JOHN M. TROKEY, SR: As of the first of August, 1971, I will begin work with the church in Bay City, Texas. The church there has been meeting for about five years. They have a new and adequate meeting house which was completed about two years ago. There are approximately 25 members. The average attendance has been around 45 for the Lord's day Morning worship. The City of Bay City has a population of about 14,000. There is good potential for growth in the church and I am looking forward to working with them as they have a zeal for God and His work. The last two preachers for the church have been Dean Bullock and Lanny Parish. As of this writing I do not have all the support I need, If any church is capable of having fellowship with me in the work there I would appreciate your help. My new address will be in care of the Matthew St. church of Christ Box 1522 Bay City, Texas.

M. F. MANCHESTER: "We baptized two ladies at Westside and a brother restored on May the 30th. Two others came back to their first love the last two Lord's Days. We had been having cottage Bible study with the two who were baptized for sometime. Best wishes to the Gospel Guardian." — Box 43 Pocahontas, Arkansas.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: All Correspondents — "I continue to do appointment preaching. To you who would have me fill in for your preacher, of for special occasions. Call 769-2474 or 769-2745 Hawkins, Texas. If you prefer, write me at this address Route 1, Big Sandy, Texas 75755." John Bullock DECATUR, TEXAS: Edward A. Brouillette, who is now preaching for the church in Fremont, California is scheduled to preach in a meeting with the church in Decatur, Texas from July 12th through July 16th, 1971. Eual G. "Jack" Davis is the preacher regularly working with them." Edward A. Bouillette

PREACHER NEEDED: "We will be needing a preacher at Grandview about August 16th. Brother Jerry Hale will be leaving at that time. We would consider a young man starting out. We are completely organized with elders and deacons. We have a modern house three bedrooms, centrally heated and air-conditioned for the preacher and a modern building for services. Any preacher that might be available can contact Harold Ray 412 W. 45th St., Tompkinsville, Ky 42167, phone 502-487-5455 or Frank Richardson, Jr. RR 4, Tompkinsville Ky. 42167 phone 402-487-6675."