Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 11, 1970
NUMBER 6, PAGE 5a,6a

Why Marry A Christian?

Robert Wayne Lacoste

There comes a time in the lives of most individuals to leave the "roofs" of their parents to make one of the more important steps of their lives. Perhaps the most important step! Choosing a mate for life.

From the conscientious parent who is in Christ comes the admonition, "Please find a nice Christian and marry him." And usually the parent which gives forth such encouragement, continues to worry and fret until the deed is done. I have noticed much to my chagrin, that the plea goes without notice, or perhaps just plain unconcern!

From the parents that care, may we say "Thank You" and for the parents who do not care, may we say "You had better start caring." Why?? Because from all the statistics which are now quite evident in the Body of Christ, two out of five young married couples are on the brink of disaster, simply because either one mate or the other "couldn't care less" about things pertaining to the church! Two out of five is a great ratio! In fact almost half! This then is a very important matter that behooves us to teach our children and friends to marry one who is a member of the church!

For a marriage to be successful there must be a common ground of understanding on all virtually important matters. Without a doubt our spiritual condition is the more important. When one marries an individual who is not in Christ and the person not in Christ is of the attitude of not ever wanting to know of Christ — that relationship has failed, before it has even begun!! Many times young people are of the attitude, "Well, I'm sure I can convert him after we are married." All these people are doing are deceiving themselves. If two people are continually fighting and bickering before they are married, do they think there shall be peace after marriage? Nothing could be more erroneous. Such is true in relationship to becoming a Christian. If one is not desirous of obeying Christ before marriage, you can be pretty sure, they shall not be desirous of obeying Him after marriage!

Obviously, there is simply more to consider than just the two people getting married. Children will inevitably come, forcing the parents to make a decision concerning their spiritual education. At times, to one who is not a member of the church, there will not be much objection as to their attendance of the church. But to a mate which has been reared in a denomination, there will be trouble! It is a basic breakdown of truth opposing error, and when it happens to two individuals which are suppose to be "One flesh," there is an outright division. Perhaps this division will not be of the two people themselves at first. But it is not long in coming. Where there is truth, there is unity, but where there is error, division is a certain destiny. This is true in all spiritual matters. It can be said of two people also.

Why marry a Christian? Simple. So that love, truth and unity will abound. So that the two people involved may lead tranquil, peaceable, and lives of servitude together unto Almighty God! I can't think of anything more pacifying than that!

And as the Apostle Paul so aptly put it, "So ought also men to love their wives as their own bodies. For no man ever yet hateth his own flesh but nourisheth and cherish; eth it, Even As The Lord The Church." (Eph. 5:28-29)

Jesus was the groom and the church was his bride and they had all things in common! When two people, as the church and Christ, are compatible, then there is a wonderful spiritual relationship! But think of what would have happened if Christ and His bride (the Church) were not compatible spiritually! But they were compatible and so were "One!" If a man and woman are to be "One", they too must be compatible spiritually. Only then is there a true happy relationship.

I plead with all young people and old alike everywhere! Start life right! Marry A Christian!!

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