Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 22, 1971
NUMBER 49, PAGE 12-13

News — Notes — Comments

The Following Exchange Is Self-Explanatory:

Robert H. Farish Lewisville, Texas March 27, 1972

Dear Bro. Farish, I just finished reading the article that was in the April 1, issue of the "Gospel Guardian", and I was quite surprised to see the statement that you quoted of one New York Abortionist, in which the use of "H---- of a good argument for our side.", was used. I wonder how you would defend this statement? Certainly, it avails nothing as far as the point of your article is concerned. And then too, it puts us in an awkward position with regard to the world and its everyday vernacular. It is then with this letter written in Christian love, that I question your good judgment.

In Him Who Died, Ronald Anderson, Cleveland, Texas

Dear Bro. Anderson:

Thank you for your letter of March 27th. Your criticism is well taken. You are right. I apologize for the slip.

Yours in Christian Love, Robert H. Farish OFFICE NOTES — W. E. W.

Three Things New:

"Inspiration of Scripture" by Homer Hailey, "a little book on a big subject." Take one look at the name of the author ... no other commendation needed. 50 Cents.

"Speaking in Tongues" by Edward Fudge another "little book on a big subject." It contains material originally presented as a speech at the Hartford Forum, December 30, 1970. 50

"Christianity. Without Ulcers" by Edward Fudge is a book containing 61 chapters expounding the joy of a life with Christ. The author, though a young man, has grasped principles which enable one to "roll with the punches" and survive in the complicated goings-on of a troubled brotherhood and a world in turmoil. His good attitude is reflected in his observations on a variety of matters relevant to church members and of interest to non-Christians. $3.50 — worthy the money.

GRADUATION GIFT: We suggest that the "Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary" edited by Merrill C. Tenny is the thing to give. "It is designed to provide quick access to explanatory data, both by the verbal exposition of biographical, chronological, geographical and historical aspects of the Bible, and by the illustrations related to them. The more then 700 pictures have been selected for their relevance to the subject matter, for their historical value, and also with an eye to human interest. The content includes more than 5,000 entries, ...Names of persons and places, for the most part, have been taken from the King James Version, which is still more widely read than any other, but variants occurring in the American Standard Version and in the Revised Standard Version have been noted." $9.95 ($10.95 with thumb index). If you don't like it, send it back, well refund your money. And, if the one to whom you give it doesn't like it, send it back, and well still refund your money.

Delbert Mills:

"I will be in a meeting June 7 through 13 at Daniel Creek, Kentucky ... at Tomahawk, Kentucky June 14-20. The work in Mansfield, Ohio is moving along in a very fine way, having good attendance at all services. Having a different preacher each month at our 3:00 P.M. service." 1135 Seminole Ave., Mansfield, Ohio.

Carroll Fink:

After May 1st all bulletins, correspondence, et cetera, should be mailed to me at 1317 Eighth St., Arcadia, Calif. 91006."

Pride E. Hinton:

"Thomas O'Neal of Murfreesboro, Tennessee will be with Sayre congregation in a meeting, beginning June 28 continuing through July 4." Rt. 2 Box 340, Dora, Ala. 35062.

James L. Denison:

Luther Blackmon closed on March 12 the best attended meeting we've had. I closed a meeting at Palm River in Tampa, Florida on March 26. I begin one at Westside in Tallahassee, Florida on April 5, and another at Valley High in San Antonio, Texas on April 26." 3402 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, Florida.

Herbert Thornton:

"During February and March there have been 5 baptisms and 9 restorations at the congregation on Robison St. in Edna, Texas. I will be in a meeting in Panama City, Florida, April 18-25, at Tillman's Corner in Mobile, Alabama, June 6-11, and also at Peabody congregation in Edna the latter part of June."


May 17, 18, 20, 21, in Blowing Green, Kentucky, 7:30 P.M. First two nights in the Fairview Avenue Baptist Church building, the last two nights at the West End building. Weldon E. Warnock debating the Baptist preacher W. T. Russell. James P. Miller to moderate for brother Warnock. Propositions:

1. The Scriptures teach that faith in Christ is the last condition of remission of past alien sins.

W. T. Russell affirms. Weldon E. Warnock denies.

2. The Scriptures teach that baptism in water of an alien sinner is for, in order to obtain, the remission of past alien sins.

Weldon Warnock affirms. W. T. Russell denies.

Ward Hogland:

Ward Hogland, Box 166, Greenville, Texas 75401. Twelve have been baptized here at Walnut Street within the last ten days. Nine responded during our meeting with S. Leonard Tyler. Three more responded on Wednesday night following the meeting. Brother Tyler did his work well during the meeting. Dates on some of my meetings for 71 have been set, they include: Avenue B, Seminole, Texas; Springhill, La.; Huntsville, Ala.; Grand Saline, Tex.; Levelland, Texas. I am now in my tenth year with this good church. Thanks, W.H.

Herbert Knight:

Herbert Knight, 1616 Clay Street, Paducah, Ky. 42001. On May 23rd I will close almost three years of work with the Fifth and Jackson Street church in Paducah, and will move to Cardwell, Missouri, to begin work with the church there. The work in Paducah has been slow, but we have accomplished what we came here to do. We have a building that adequately serves our need, a house for the preacher to live in and the church is now completely self-supported. Brother James Chason will move to Paducah around the first of July to begin work with this good church. Correspondents please note — after June 1st — address all mail to me at Cardwell, Missouri 63829.