Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 25, 1971
NUMBER 45, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

List Of Tracts. . 100 Plus. . Ready For Mailing!

THE OLD TRACT OF THE MONTH SERIES - $12.50 Per Hundred 1. The Holy Spirit and The Sacred Scriptures, by Robert H. Farish

2. Can Eternal Life Be Forfeited? by Hoyt H. Houchen 3. The Holy Spirit In Conviction and Conversation by James W. Adams

4. The Problem of Suffering by Homer Hailey 5. Jesus, A Divine Being, Fact or Fiction? by Robert H. Farish

6. The Work of The Church by George T. Jones 7. Will Only Members of The Church of Christ Be Saved? by Sewell Hall

8. Who Split The Log? John W. Hedge 9. Is There A Pattern? by Yater Tant

10. What Every Christian Should Know About Giving, by "Oldtimer" Daniel Sommer 11. When Is A New Testament Example Binding by Robert H. Farish

12. The Bible of Divine or Human Origin? by Yater Tant 13. You Can Understand The Bible by Robert C. Welch

14. The Saviour's Invitation by A. Hugh Clark 15. Saviour, Intercessor and Judge by Robert H. Farish

16. M'Ilvaines Review of Hume on Miracles by Charles Pettit Mcllvaine 17. Justification By Faith, Elijah Goodwin

18. Toward 200 A. D., True Church vs. Ecumenism, by Wm. E. Wallace ''(Special Discount - $5.00 per hundred)

19. Dancing Is Sex Bait by Wm. E. Wallace NEW TRACT OF THE MONTH Edited By Robert H. Farish - $6.00 Per Hundred

20. What Is Truth? by Robert H. Farish and Wm. E. Wallace 21. Are You Disenchanted With The Church? by Wm..E. Wallace

22. How To Study The Bible by Robert H. Farish 23. This Is Right By Patrick Farish

24. A Christian Only by Lindy McDaniel 25. We Are A Holy Priesthood by Robert C. Welch (Ready In April)

NEW LAMPLIGHTER EDITION - $10.00 Per Hundred 26. Except Ye Be Converted by R. L. Morrison

27. Tongues They Shall Cease by Jerry F. Bassett 28. To Whom Shall We Go? by E. C. Stillings

29. Repentance by R. L. Morrison 30. The Jews, Jerusalem, Prophecy by R. L. Morrison

31. The Church and The Lodge by Jesse G. Jenkins 32. Salvation By Grace by Jesse G. Jenkins

33. What Must I Do To Be Saved? by Luther Blackmon 34. Calling Upon The Name of The Lord by Jerry F. Bassett

35. The Indwelling of The Holy Spirit by Jerry F. Bassett 36. Is The Bible The Inspired Word of God? by R. L. Morrison

37. Baptism by Jerry F. Bassett 38. The Sabbath Question, by R. L. Morrison

39. Sin And Its Cure by R. L. Morrison (Ready In April)

THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER EDITIONS - Limited Supply $5.00 Per Hundred 40. Tongues They Shall Cease by Jerry F. Bassett

41. To Whom Shall We Go? by E. C. Stillings 42. Repentance by R. L. Morrison

43. The Jews, Jerusalem, Prophecy by R. L. Morrison 44. The Church and The Lodge by Jesse G. Jenkins 46. Salvation By Grace by Jesse G. Jenkins

46. Calling Upon The Name of The Lord, Jerry F. Bassett 47. Baptism by Jerry F. Bassett

48. The Sabbath Question, by R. L. Morrison 49. The Indwelling of The Spirit by Jerry F. Bassett

KNOW THE TRUTH SERIES - $10.00 Per Hundred 50. Christianity a Taught Religion by Lloyd Moyer

51. Mark Ye Well Her Bulwarks by Forrest D. Moyer 52. Instrumental Music by Wm. S. Irvine

53. Masonry, A. False Religion by Jimmy Thomas 54 The Unique Body by Robert H. Parish 55. The Mormon Faith Or A Study In Infidelity by Robert H. We.

56. Is Man Saved By Works by Jady Copeland 57. Baptism by Wright Randolph

58. What Church Shall I Join by R. G. Lovelady 59. The Tipton Home Story by Cecil Willis

60. The Good Confession by John W. Wilson 61. Belief by Robert H. Farish

62. Bible Study by Bob Lelear 63. Denominationalism by Gordon Wilson

64. Church Discipline by Cecil Willis 65.. The Word of God or The Watchtower by John W. Wilson

66. Reviewing a Baptist Tract by Cecil Willis 67. Dancing by Cecil Willis

68. Mormonism by Billy Dollar and Donald Willis 69. Medical Science and The Bible by Curtis J. Torno, M.D.

70. The Church of God's Choice by Glen W. Lovelady 71. The Law of Moses and Christ, Cecil Willis

72. Why I Do Not Observe The Sabbath by Glen W. Lovelady 73. What Is The Church of Christ? by R. G. Lovelady

74. Unsaved Believers by Luther Blackmon 75. Repentance by Robert H. Farish

76. Can We Understand The Bible Alike? by Cecil Willis 77. Why I Left The Baptist Church by Jesse Brookshire

78. Why We Exist As A Church by Lloyd Moyer 79. What Must One Do To Be Saved? by Cecil Willis

80. Bible Baptism by John W. Wilson 81. What Is Wrong With The Church Of Christ? by Glen W. Lovelady

82. Benevolence The Brethren and The Bible by Luther Blackmon 83. Missionary and Benevolent Societies by Eugene Britnell

SOWER SERIES - Phasing Out - Limited Series $5.00 Per Hundred 84. Unity by H. C. Edwards

85. Soundness, Its Requirements and What It Produces by George T. Jones 86. Restoring The True Church, Danny Brown

87. Masonry, Is It Religion? by Robert L. MacDonald 88. Faith A Condition of Salvation by Charles Boshart

89. Confession A Condition of Salvation by Charles Boshart 90. Conscience, Court or Guide Which? by Arlie J. Brown, Jr.

91. The Action of Baptism by Charles Boshart

Other Tracts And Booklets

92. The Herald of Truth Discontinues by Tom M. Roberts $8.00 Per Hundred 93. Bible Answers by Guthrie Davis Dean 25 each

94. Moyer Bible Check Book by Lloyd Moyer 400 each 95. Revolt From Parental Authority by Lloyd Moyer 250 each

96. United We Stand by Robert C. Welch $5.00 Per Hundred 97. Conversion by Joe H. Blue 350 each

98. Our Neighbor's Questions by Judson Woodbridge 350 each 99. Sex Education: Church, School, Home? By Kenneth Green 35 each

100. Congregational Cooperation by Earl Irvin West $12.50 Per Hundred (Reduced From Former Price)

101. Benevolent Societies by W. Curtis Porter 25 each 102. What Constitutes Obedience? by Roy E. Cogdill $15.00 Per Hundred

103. Emergence of The Church of Christ Denomination by David Edwin Harrell, Jr. Ph.D 25 each 104. What Is The Herald of Truth, Grider

105. The Gospel by Robert H. Farish - $5.00 Per Hundred 106. Remission of Sins by Robert H. Farish - $5.00 Per Hundred

107. Answering The Sabbatarians By Wm. E. Wallace - 25 each 108. Bible Classes, J. R. Pope - 15

110. The Changing Image by Luther Blackmon - $15.00 Per Hundred

And We Are Printing More! - For Your Needs - Roger M. Hendricks:

"I am scheduled to be in meetings at Spring Branch in Houston (March 28-April 2) and in Refugio (April 5-11)." (Texas).

Reply To Suit Filed Against Church In Macon, Georgia:

In a recent issue of The Gospel Guardian we printed in this news section a bulletin notice about a legal action in Macon, Georgia. One of the "disorderly nine" mentioned in the item writes contending that a suit has not been filed against anyone, but rather a petition to the court has been presented in order to establish title (not "gain," he says) to the property.


R. B. Rankin, Sr. in Hereford, Texas, March 8-14 for a meeting. Robert Wayne La Coste in Las Cruces, New Mexico, April 11-17 for a meeting.

Preacher Wanted:

"Congregation in Dallas area seeks preacher - reply to Josey Lane church of Christ, 1833 East Crosby Road, Carrollton, Texas 75006 or phone W. W. Ragains (214) 247-7171."

Mansfield, Ohio:

"We are having good attendance at our worship services. Now that we have two sound congregations here in Mansfield, the work looks much better than in the past. . . If any of the Gospel Guardian readers have those whom they would like for us to contact we would be happy to do so if they would call or write. . . We have a Gospel Meeting coming up with Earl Robertson doing the preaching April 26 -May 2, services 7:30. Bill Reeves will be with us for a meeting August 25th through 29th." Delbert 1135 Seminole Avenue, Mansfield, Ohio 44906 (Telephone 747-7498).

ROY L. FOUTZ, 2301 Franklin Drive, Texarkana, Arkansas:

"On Sunday, March 14, I will terminate my work with the Franklin Drive congregation here. It has been a most enjoyable and profitable work for these 20 months, and my move after so short a time is necessitated by circumstances involving my family. On Sunday, April 4, I will begin work with the Northeast church in Gainesville, Florida. This is a very fine congregation, meeting at 1433 NE 16th Avenue, and the prospects for the future are very good in the city where the University of Florida is located. My home address there will be 1503 NE 12th Street. Before my move, I will be with the Southside church in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and the Highway 14 congregation in Lake Charles, Louisiana for meetings. I preached five nights for the faithful brethren in Magnolia, Arkansas, February 22-26. May the Lord's richest blessings be on all, and visit with us when you are in Florida."

Raford J. Petty:

"Beginning sometime in July, 1971, I will move to Haynesville, La., to labor with the church there. I will have finished two years with the University Hills Church in Denver, Colorado. My address will be: Box 705, Haynesville, La. 71038.

"Brother David Harkrider will be moving here to labor with the University Hills Church at my departure.

"The Church has been encouraged recently with the prospects of buying a larger meeting house which is in the area in which we now meet."

Denver, Colorado:

"Last year's meetings were held by Bro. Richard Holloway of McAlister, Oklahoma and Bro. Henry Smith of Spencer, Indiana, with one soul being added to the Lord's body. Since then, three families have identified themselves with the University Hills congregation, making a total of eleven families. Our meetings for 1971 are as follows: April 4-11, Bro. Gordon Pennock of Aurora, Illinois — July 25-Aug. 1, Bro. Jimmy Thomas of Hueytown, Alabama — Fall meeting Bro. Ken Stamper of Redwood City, Calif.

"We are looking forward to these meetings with enthusiasm.

"On March 12, we are starting a training class for the young men of the congregation. We hope that these classes will benefit not only the young, but the older as well.

"We are looking forward to having Bro. David Harkrider of Ensley, Alabama, come and labour with us this summer." — University Hills Church of Christ, 3098 South Glencoe, Denver, Colorado 80222.