Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 7, 1971

God's Family

F. A. Smiddy

Just what do you think of your family? No, I don't mean God's family. For the moment I want you to consider your earthly family. Who of you have not known feelings of the deepest love toward your parents? The happiness shared with brothers and sisters at family reunions? How close you felt when faced by a common crisis such as a death in the family?

How about the love between husband and wife? The joy felt by one at some triumph of the other? or the tender love for a baby? Can you think of a sacrifice too great to protect and ensure the health and happiness of such a one?

In short, you and I know that we place great value on our earthly family. It is of great value. But it does not begin to compare with God's family. We shall enjoy our earthly family for some three score and ten years. Then those who were not also in our Father's family will be gone. Never to be seen again.

Just what do you think of God's family? Aren't many of us guilty of placing less value on it than our earthly family? Remember, Jesus said, "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me."

We shall spend eternity with our Heavenly family. What should our attitude toward each and every one of them be? Do you show a tender concern when misfortune befalls your spiritual brother?

Or suppose a member of your spiritual family has a skin different to yours? Do you acknowledge that he is your brother for a couple of hours on Sunday morning and look the other way when you pass him on the street during the week? Perhaps on Sunday morning he was told to sit in the back. (I have attended meetings when a child and have actually seen areas roped off for the "coloured." ) Or perhaps he was told to go and start his own congregation and ignored completely.

Do you think that God meant for His family to so treat each other? Do you not think that God's family is more important than an earthly family? If it is then you should at least admit that every member of that family is due the respect, understanding, companionship and love that you give to those bound to you only by earthly ties?

I have been told that issue is too hot to handle. As a matter of fact once a preacher told me that he would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

I have only this to say. If you are not willing to suffer, if need be, even death, for preaching the entire counsel of God then you may be assured that you will suffer death of a far more serious nature for failing to do so.

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