Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 24, 1970
NUMBER 33, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

Used Song Books Available:

"We have several copies of Christian Hymns I and II. We would like to send these free and postage paid to anyone who needs them. We will give preference to groups of servicemen who want these books. Please have them send their request, specifying number of books desired to: James D. Hensley, 1518 E. Third St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452."

James P. Needham To Edit "Torch":

"Torch" was originally published and edited by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. in 1950-1951. In the 1960's, William E. Wallace picked it up and published it for awhile. Jack L. Holt and Billy K. Farris have edited it recently. Now comes James P. Needham. He will do a fine job with it. His address: 1600 Oneco Avenue, Winter Park, 32789 zip code, Florida.

Christian Baptist Wanted:

W. F. Jackson writes, "I have the Christian Baptist 7th volume, 1854. The type is so small I would like to have the 7th volume in reprint. The one I have is a collectors edition. Do you know some one that would give me the reprint edition for this one?" P. O. Box 3316, Little Rock, Arkansas.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BIBLE ARCHAEOLOGY, here is a bargain for you. "The Biblical World, A Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology" by Charles F. Pfeiffer usually sells for $8.95. We have a few copies left we will let go for $6.95. Limited number available at this price. Over 600 pages. Many pictures and illustrations.

ALEXANDER CAMPBELL AS A PREACHER by Archibald McLean is an interesting little volume. $1.00.

Herbert Thornton:

Since my last report on November 6, we have had one restored and two to become identified with the Spring Branch congregation. This brings the total responses for the 13 months I have been here to 57. I plan to move by June 1, 1971 to begin work with another congregation. Anyone desiring to contact me may do so by writing me at 8602 Lupton Lane, Houston, Texas 77055 or calling 468-1221, area code 713.


As a boy I heard my father say many times that a fellow without a sense of humour didn't have much of any kind. Don't complain about the following!

"A preacher recently announced that there are 726 different kinds of sin. He is now being besieged with requests for the list, mostly from people who think they are missing something."

"A young preacher came to one of the distant settlements and started in to reform the people. Among other things to which he objected was smoking by women. He stopped one day at Old Nancy's cabin and and found her enjoying an after-dinner smoke on her corncob pipe.

"'Aunt Nancy,' he said, 'when your time comes to go and you apply for admission at the gate of Heaven, do you expect that you will be allowed to go in if the odor of tobacco is on your breath?'

The old woman took the pipe out of her mouth and said: "Young man, when I go to Heaven I expect to leave my breath behind.' " wew

Bulletin Article Of The Month "Auditing" Bible Classes

"Auditing" a class in college courses is when one simply "sits and listens in" on a class. He is not a student of the class; he is not taking the course "for credit." Usually such a one is taking all the "hours" he can properly carry, but because of his interest in this class (perhaps contemplating taking the course the next semester) he hopes to learn a "smattering" via "absorption by exposure" in listening. Under such circumstances this is permissible and proper.

But as pertaining to Bible classes as generally conducted by churches, such procedure is not at all proper. In the first place, no member of the church is loaded with "hours" of courses. Even those who attend all services are only "carrying two hours" per week (while Ladies Class is in session they have three). Such ones already are "auditing" two Sunday A.M. and P.M. preaching. The point of this article is — I fear that even some of these are not "carrying two hours" as the expression pertains to a student — a "disciple;" too many are merely auditing the classes! They but sit and listen; they do not participate in recitation. Proper pre-study. Glancing over the lesson late Saturday night hardly qualifies as "study."

In the second place, when we became Christians we are disciples and we are to be "disciples indeed" (Jno. 8:31). Among our Christian responsibilities is our disciple-matriculation in Bible study. Admittedly, one could fulfill this responsibility if he had no opportunity of class-studies. But I almost dogmatically assert that such a one who would so apply himself without such an opportunity will avail himself of every opportunity for guidance in a systematic study and the "mutual edification" by mutual recitation as afforded in class studies!

In the third place, while it is permissible to "audit Bible classes" (my, what would Bible school attendance be if it were not), surely "the more excellent way" is to — TAKE THE COURSES "FOR CREDIT" — credit from God — "Study to show thyself APPROVED UNTO GOD, a WORKMAN that needeth not to be ashamed, . . ." (2 Tim. 2:15)!! Yes, you may learn a "smattering" via a sit and listen exposure, and for that reason we do encourage your presence. But more so, we urge your fore-study and your participation in recitation.

Brethren and friends, let's get serious about studying the Bible, and let's be zealous in study before, attendance for, and citation in ALL BIBLE CLASSES!

J. W. Evans, Editor, "Stand" — Annandale, Va.

Hallucinations Of Joseph Smith:

Young Joseph Smith of New York State, A Prophet Claimed to be of late.

He took a walk into the grove And there he said the spirits strove.

He had a vision there alone, And couldn't talk but only moan.

Some powerful being; yet unseen Would overpower him might and main.

And just before he had despaired A shining light before him flared,

`Twas brighter than the sun could shine, And so he knew it was divine.

And in this vision, persons, two, Hap come to tell him what to do.

The Father pointed to the Son And said; hear him, his will be done.

There's not a church in all the land That isn't held by satan's hand;

So I'll reveal to you the truth Since, you're just an ignorant youth.

There Joe got his revelations, But they were hallucinations.

For the Lord as we all know Did not appear to little Joe.

For Paul has said in language bold, Believe the gospel as of old.

Hear not what men nor Angels say; (Gal. 1:6-9 For they will surely lead astray.

Again in Peter's book we read The Lord supplied our every need. II Pet. 1:3

And then in Jude, the verse, is three,

'Twas once for all delivered thee.

By J. W. Middleton, Azale, Texas New Year's Page 1971

Hello, New Year! We're glad you're here!

Come in and stay awhile!

Seems good to be with you and see The sunshine of your smile!

The Old Year's way was not so gay;

He seemed a bit unkind.

Now you are here we feel new cheer, And easier in the mind!

Our hopes are high, and that is why We say with happy smile,

Hello, New Year! We're glad you're here!

Come in and stay awhile!

— Author unknown

The Way To A Happy New Year

To leave the old with a burst of song;

To recall the right and forgive the wrong;

To forget the things that bind you fast To the vain regrets of the year that's past;

To have the strength to let go your hold Of the not worthwhile of the days grown old;

To dare go forth with a purpose true, To the unknown task of the year that's new;

To help your brother along the road, To do his work and lift his load;

To add your gift to the world's good cheer, Is to have and to give a Happy New Year.

— Author Unknown

I Am The New Year

I am the New Year. I am unused, unspotted, without blemish. I stretch before you three hundred and sixty-five days long. I will present each day in its turn, a new leaf in the Book of Life, for you to place upon it your imprint.

It remains for you to make of me what you will; if you write with firm, steady strokes, my pages will be a joy to look upon when the next New Year comes. If the pen falters, if uncertainty or doubt should mar the page, it will become a day to remember with pain.

I am the New Year. Each hour of the three hundred and sixty-five days, I will give you sixty minutes that have never known the use of man. White and pure, I present them; it remains for you to fill them with sixty jeweled seconds of love, hope, endeavor, patience, and trust in God.

I am the New Year. I am here — but once past, I can never be recalled. Make me your best.

— Author Unknown.