Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 26, 1970
NUMBER 29, PAGE 12-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Robert A. Bolton, Reporting

(All news involving churches and preachers in the Western States Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Washington, should be send to me at 126 West "E" St., Ontario, Ca. 91761).

Preaching The Word:

Arizona: R, L. (Bob) Craig, of Augstin, Texas, at Westside in Phoenix, Sept. 21-27 Tom Baker, of Orange, Calif., at First Ave. in Yuma, Nov. 23-29 Brent Lewis, of Studebaker Road in Long Beach, Calif., at Northside in Tucson, Nov. 30-Dec. 6. California: Tom, Baker of Orange, at Floral Heights in Wichita Falls, Texas, Oct. 12-18 David Harkrider of Birmingham, Ala. at East Long Beach Oct. 19-25 Ronnie Hinds, of Sacramento at Clovis, Oct. 19-25 Pete Wilson, of Salem, Oregon, at Miller Avenue in San Jose, Oct. 19-25 George Harris, of Colton, at Hemet, Oct. 26-Nov. 1 R. J. Stevens, of Mt. View in San Berardino, at Home Gardens, Oct. 26-Nov. 1 Floyd Thompson, of Fairview in Garden Grove, at Del Rose in San Bernardino, Oct. 26-Nov. 1 O. Max Bradford, of Montclair, at Madera, Nov. 2-8 Cecil Willis, of Marion, Indiana, at Brea, Nov. 2-8, and at El Cajon, Nov. 9-15...,, Robert F. Turner, of Burnet, Texas, at 50th and Univ. in San Diego, Nov. 9-15, at Mt. View in San Bernardino, Nov. 16-22, and at Bellflower, Nov. 29-Dec. 6 Robert A. Bolton, of Ontario, at Colton, Nov. 22-27, and at Calimesa, Nov. 30-Dec. 6. Oregon: Floyd Thompson, of Fairview in Garden Grove, Calif., at Hermiston, Oct, 1248. Washington: Milton Anderson, of Roseburg, Oregon, at Walla Walla, Oct. 19-25, and at Sunnyside, Oct. 26-Nov. 1.


Salem, Oregon - Oct. 6, 1970: A new congregation began meeting in South Salem, July 1, 1970. This new work is the result of several months planning on the part of the Market Street church in Salem, and began with the blessing of that good church. About 100 were in attendance at the first meeting of the new congregation. Pete Wilson, who has been working with Al Craig at Market Street, will do the preaching at South Salem. Al Craig remains at Market Street. Both congregations are made up of faithful Christians, qualified elders, and are blessed with excellent preachers. We wish them well and predict great things for the cause of Christ in Oregon's capitol city.--R.A.B.

San Jose, Calif. - Oct. 13, 1970: We are happy to report the opening of a new church building in San Jose. Two and a half years ago, the congregation in Saratoga was established with a group of saints coming out of the Sunnyvale church. Warren Cheatham has been working with this congregation since its beginning. On October 18, 1970, they met for the first time in a new church building at 1315 Miller Avenue in San Jose, and from henceforth will be known as the Miller Avenue church. Pete Wilson, of Salem, Oregon, will be with them in a gospel meeting the first week in the new building. We rejoice with them and wish them well in years to come. --R.A.B.

Sparks, Nevada - Oct. 15, 1970: Milton Anderson, of Roseburg, Oregon, reports that his son-in-law, Tarry Cluff, is now working full time with the church in Sparks, Nevada, Tarry is a fine young man and we wish him well in his work in Sparks. - By The Way: "Did you hear about the teen-ager who spent two years trying to find himself? He finally got a haircut and there he was!"

JESSE KELLEY is doing well in his recovery from major surgery. He is spending an hour or so a day in the office and is on the way to full recovery.

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CANYON, B.C., CANADA: The Church of Christ in Canyon conducted a gospel meeting, October 18-25. Dave Bradford from Calgary, Alberta did the preaching. Fifty-three names of visitors were recorded in our register. A special lesson on the "Issues" was given on Sunday afternoon. The largest crowd of the meeting (43) were present and receptive. Four families from northern Idaho attended the meeting. There was one restoration -- E. R. Roark, Evangelist.

ROBERT H. FARISH: Our meeting with Lindy McDaniel preaching was well attended and two were baptized. We were well impressed with Brother McDaniel's healthy humility, deep conviction that the Bible is the word of God and his high moral standard. Brother McDaniel is a diligent student of the Bible and gives much time to the preparation of his sermons. 507 Wonsley Drive, Austin, Texas.

SEEKS VOLUME EIGHT OF THE GOSPEL GUARDIAN - David Fraser is looking for volume eight The Gospel Guardian. Can you help him? - P. O. Box 2068, Bessemer, Ala. 35020.

PAUL PRICE WANTS 'The Certified Gospel' by Foy E. Wallace, Jr., the original edition. Anyone have a copy you would part with? 434 Lester Blvd., Duncan, Oklahoma 73533.

JULIAN R. SNELL recently moved from MacDill congregation in Tampa, Florida to North Park in Abilene Texas.

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Max Ogden: We learn of the passing of the noble Max Ogden who won the hearts and souls of so many people in a long life of gospel preaching. He was instrumental in arranging for the famous Neal — Wallace debate in Winchester, Kentucky in the 'thirties. He was a great man in the kingdom. He'll be greater in heaven. Great service here. Great reward over there. We'll miss him here, but look forward to meeting him there. He last preached in Bear Wallow, Ky.